New York Return For 1916 Societies

The 1916 Societies welcome the interest shown in New York towards One Ireland One Vote.

In response to popular interest and demand, Kevin Martin, National Treasurer of the 1916 Societies, will return to New York on November 28th and there be joined by Derek Warfield, former leader of the Wolfe Tones, in a major presentation on the One Ireland One Vote initiative to unite Ireland.

The event will combine speeches and songs explaining the new strategy of our organisation, which began in Tyrone and is rapidly spreading across Ireland. The evening will be hosted by Hugh O’Lunney on Saturday November 28th, beginning at 8pm at O’Lunney’s Times Square Pub, 145 West 45th Street, in Midtown New York.

In announcing the event Mr. Martin said:

‘We were surprised and impressed by the number of requests which the 1916 Societies have received for a follow-up American visit. Many individuals and representatives of Irish-American organisations that we met urged us to come back quickly. They said Americans are recognising that the promises of a United Ireland by 2003, or 2014, or 2016 did not come true and will not come true without new initiatives like One Ireland One Vote.
We are proposing peaceful alternative strategies to revive the campaign for a United Ireland and to rebuild momentum towards that end. We contend that current British strategy gives nationalists the trappings of power at Stormont while ring-fencing a permanent unionist veto over constitutional change.

As such, we see our campaign as a challenge to the same and consider engagement with the Diaspora, with other sympathetic bodies outside Ireland, as an important part of that process going forward. Meetings such as that upcoming are a crucial part of rebuilding the republican struggle as we approach the centenary of the 1916 Rising.

Because of this interest the 1916 Societies will return to America in November. We are grateful that one of Ireland’s best known entertainers, Derek Warfield, who called our initiative ‘the most important initiative he has seen to unite Ireland in many years’, will sing and speak as part of our presentation.

This will be our second visit in only two short months to introduce our initiative to the Irish Diaspora in America. Last month we held a well-attended public meeting in Manhattan, at the fashionable Wolfe Tone Irish Pub, and gave a live radio interview with the influential Radio Free Eireann program, along with briefings to journalists and to officers of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.

For information about the upcoming tour please get in touch via the Contact Us facility on-site.

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