Daniel Bradley reflects on the British Government report on militia activity in the North. Daniel Bradly is a justice campaigner in Derry.

What is the meaning of a true soldier? Well that’s easy shared. A true soldier believes in his country and goes to any length to protect his country including death.

What is the meaning of a terrorist? A terrorist is a man or woman who does not believe in anything but seeks financial gain, power and uses murder, blackmail and control to gain what he or she wants of any country.

Yesterday we heard the news that the Provisional IRA, UVF and UDA have held the British government under their control over the last 40 years and are still doing so. And these people were put into power by deceit and fear.

Sadly the volunteers and the true soldiers of the Provisional IRA that fell did not know this. They believed they were fighting to free Ireland.

To the terrorists who did know this, McGuinness, Adams and others – you are well cursed. You can only get away with it for so long. What was published last night was disgusting. To believe that our country is now ruled by gangsters and mafia and that the so called PSNI and the British government are held to ransom by these terrorists. And that is now being shared in black and white.

Hopefully people can wake up if there is a new election and decide to vote for honest people who can overcome these terrorists and change our system.

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