Sandy Boyer with details of Cabtivist, in which the world is viewed through the eyes of his fellow Radio Free Eireann host, John McDonagh.

After the overwhelming success of the sold-out world premier, Nancy Manocherian’s the Cell Theatre has announced two additional fall dates for Cabtivist.

Directed by Kira Simring, Cabtivist is a hilarious, pithy social commentary from behind the wheel of New York’s most recognizable cab driver, John McDonagh.

McDonagh has condensed thirty plus years of activism and observation into an hour of side splitting comedy and heart-rendering stories. Here’s what people are saying about Cabtivist:

John's NYC is the one you wished you got to live in. Lucky us - we get to experience it vicariously through him. Funny and poignant as hell. Check it out - Melissa Plaut, author of Hack

He has stories that resonate politically and socially . . . it is New York Folklore at it’s best . . . so funny and inventive . . . I loved it, should be seen by everyone. - David Rothenberg, Founder of the Fortune Society, Broadway publicist and producer.

The bit about England’s Stephen Fry had me crying with laughter - Ginger Adams Otis Reporter New York Daily News.

McDonagh has an incisive wit, is keenly observant and has never lost his sense of wonder at the aberrations of the human race. The man is a superb sorry teller never lacking in humor. When the cell books this show again, gallop down there and get your tix for a good evening of comedy/theatre - Malachy McCourt, Actor, Activist, author of A Monk Swimming.

The premier of Cabtivist sold out quickly - don’t miss the opportunity to see it - tickets now available on-line only at for two performances on Friday October 30th and Thursday November 12th at 7:00 p.m.


Sandy Boyer

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