Republican Prisoner Singled Out For Forced Strip Search

Via the IRPWA a statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners – 20/09/15.

Statement – Republican Prisoner singled out for forced strip search – 20/09/15
Strip searching
While returning from a legal visit on Friday 18th September, a number of Republican Prisoners arrived at the search box area which is controlled by the Jail Riot Squad.  One Republican Prisoner, who is soon to be released, was actively signalled out for humiliation.  Despite having undertaken the standard search procedure, which includes a further rub down search and a metal detector wand search, he was thereafter ordered to sit repeatedly on the boss scanning chair and told to hold his arms in the air by an individual who claimed he was not properly sitting on the chair.

Once the Republican Prisoner made in clear that he was sitting the same way he has sat on the boss chair for the previous 5 years without an issue and therefore would not willingly participate in his own humiliation. Security Governor, Brian Armour and 8 other members of the Jail Riot Squad arrived.  The Roe 4 Republican Prisoner stated that he would sit on the boss chair for a third time provided the procedure was recorded on video for the benefit of the Prison Ombudsman and despite having no indication from the boss chair this was flatly refused by notorious Security Governor Brian Armour.

Regardless of there being absolutely no indication from the boss chair the Republican Prisoner in question was taken from the search box and isolated in a cell before being degradingly forcibly strip searched.  He has also since, been ridiculously charged under archaic prison rules with “offending good order.”

This was a clearly contrived incident in a long line of such instances involving petty restrictions and belligerent behaviour against Republican Prisoners.  These actions are designed to provoke actions and fuel conflict which are then followed by allegations of threatening behaviour against staff to retrospectively justify and give cover to malign and bigoted Jail Staff.  Such falsified threats are subsequently used as a pretext for impeding progress, by Security Governors in particular, who then have the audacity to claim that Republican Prisoners are orchestrating intimidation.

Attempts to cover up all such actions of this nature have been clearly articulated by Roe 4 Republican Prisoners for all to see including new Number One Governor Phil Wragg, the Prisoner Ombudsman, Human Right Organisations, Prison Oversight bodies, Church Leaders, Politicians and Legal Representatives.  Roe 4 Republican Prisoners have nothing to fear from the facts being publicised. No one can question the bona fides of Republican Prisoners in attempting to create a Conflict Free Environment.  The same cannot be said of those who administer Maghaberry Jail and the securocrats that direct them.  Turning a blind eye to such wrong doing only emboldens those central to it.


  1. From Ronnie Austin

    I see stuff on strip searching constantly. Isn't it time something is done to combat it? The Provos quit. How can they be so low-life and know their brothers are being humiliated?!

    The RAs need to XXXX There are four or five branches of them, and not much is accomplished ... XXXX. I get agitated. I know it's difficult for the freedom fighters. FORCED strip searching! The thought of it...something must be done. Support the republican XXXX. Young Irishmen and women should XXXX Get the queen's boys out of the Six Counties

  2. TPQ has published as much of the above lunacy as it was possible to do without having the blog closed down and those running it charged. TPQ will not be set up to take a hit from someone who risks absolutely nothing.

  3. I risk nothing? My country says the Republican Armies are terrorists, but I constantly support the RAs and the Irish cause. I'm monitored, and have received a warning, but I continue my support. Print this, or are you afraid?

    Ronnie Austin

  4. This is to you, AM. Just go ahead and remove my post that you Xed out, and remove your reply because called me a lunatic.

    Ronnie Austin

  5. AM, you have not removed my post nor your response, so, go ahead and leave it. In this way, you can suck up to officials by belittling me...and you refuse to print my response.

    Ronnie Austin

  6. If you want pipe bombs thrown, toss them yourself rather than urge the young to their graves or prison to satiate your bloodlust. You'll hit plenty of your targets from the safety of America.

  7. I assumed I would hear something like that. I know what pipe bombs or grenades are. I am a Marine Corps veteran.

    During the American Revolution, our ancestors defeated British imperialism, but it took guns to do it. That's the only way British soldiers will leave the Six Counties, or haven't you learned this in 900 years of your history.

    I don't like war, but I know the peace initiative is a failure. British soldiers and the RUC/PSNI still break into Irish homes. I'm not blood thirsty, but I vehemently disapprove of foreign troops in my neighborhood.

    Ronnie Austin

  8. Anthony,

    as much as possible was too much although it was mildly amusing reading what the computer revolutionary did not have to say.

    Could not think of a better way to waste away a Sunday than bending the ear of a computer revolutionary, first thing that came to mind was if Steve Austin the bionic man and Joe Austin had a hybrid child it would be Ronnie Austin though he is mainly computer.

    You must be shaking in your boots mate a featherweight is dictating on the Quill.

  9. Ronnie Austin,

    Bionic Man, stayed tuned to this station as this gurning of yours is hilarious and is easily flushed down the bog.

    Hollywood &

    Not Hollywood

    There is more than enough wrong with your own thought process it is of no consequence unashamedly you wish to see the young do what you will not do yourself. Convince me with your ultraistic vision preferably in Irish.

    I will have more on your inane glory moments, as you need educated away from YouTube or pinting it up to rebel songs far away from the streets of the north.

  10. What you assumed you would hear is what you deserved to hear. No one in this country should risk their lives or that of anyone else just so you can derive psychological satisfaction from actions you will never be accountable for. The idea of someone taking your advice to throw pipe bombs as a means of resolving prison problems conjures up that World War 1 phrase, lions led by donkeys. Enough people here listened to military morons banging the martial drum and paid for it dearly and caused others to do so as well. 900 years of history has left a legacy - it is one of being extremely wary of incurable imbeciles eager to drown out intelligent discussion by means of bangs from pipe bombs or whatever. Very few will follow the pied pipebomber.

  11. Ronnie

    If elements within the Native American Tribes engaged in guerrilla actions would you support that violence too?
    Did you support the violent methods as advocated by some within the 'Black Panther' movement?

    Would your support for such campaigns be unequivocal, for continued military action regardless of the expressed and contrary wishes of a majority within the tribes or the coloured community?
    Would you continue to afford support for violence unquestioningly if there were other peaceful (albeit imperfect) alternatives?

  12. Ronnie Austin,

    The Quill runs on a healthy balance I could pen a comment in the manner you did, it would receive the same scrutiny, and knowing AM, he would probably not be so nice as to call me a lunatic.
    It would not be chopped up it would just be sent to the interweb scrapheap.

    Are you defending republican prisoners or just using them as an advantage to justify your less than knowledgeable appeal to the young to seek blood.

    You are not certain if there are four or five different branches does that not tell you something about disunity rather than moan about their inefficiency and how much they disappoint you with their lack of accomplishments.

    You get agitated and ignore your own agitation how does that help the prisoners. Prison protests can only go so far until they reach the critical meltdown that is the last and potentially deadly resort of Hunger Strike.

    I you wish to help the prisoners click on this link

    I assume you are as unfamiliar with the Pensive Quill as you are with the history of Norn Iron. Arguments can get heated here resulting in nothing more substantial than a bruised ego though I am certain we leave with all limbs intact.

    You claim you are monitored and I claim I am certifiably insane did you consider in your pipe bomb dreams the reality that eventually innocent people will die or be maimed. Death and disfigurement are both more permanent than a stint in jail.

    You are a former US Marine so you should understand that smart bombs, right down to crude pipe bombs do not discriminate they kill, wound, and destroy.

    I think many younger people would want a pipe of marijuana preferring to get high and not to be blown sky high. Perhaps, you might indulge and relax a bit as being an armchair computer general only gets you agitated, bad for the old ticker.

    All is not lost it is the interweb I am sure if you look about you will find a place to fit in and talk about killing the young in Norn Iron.

  13. Henry...You said this "Would you continue to afford support for violence unquestioningly if there were other peaceful (albeit imperfect) alternatives?`

    No one like using violence Henry (not rational people), but as it stands today in 2015 there is a law on British Statue books that anyone who is Republican can end up in jail. It doesn't matter if you are an Irish, Welsh, Scottish or English Republican...And once the State feels threatened enough by whoever, they are going to jail. It doesn't matter if whoever used violence or not. Once anyone sticks their head above the crowd and people start listening..They run the real risk of going to jail...

  14. Life is a riskey business Frankie.
    Its seldom fair.
    Risks need to be measured and managed accordingly.


  15. Henry, in laymans terms today in the UK, which the six counties are under, there is a law that's says if you are a Republican and you make too much "noise", even if you don't resort to violence you will be jailed if you suggest in over throwing the monarchy.

    Now how is that fair, the peoples interests?

  16. OK Frankie, so there's still some piece of archaic legislation on the statute books ... there's probably loads of such archaic stuff in most of the old European colonial powers' laws ... how's that relevant in the current context to the lives of most ordinary citizens?

    Most people will regard this information as nothing more than an interesting historical anecdote. Others perhaps for, as what I believe it to be, merely a scaremongering and positional move on your behalf.

    Time to get with the programme Frankie and face life on life's terms.
    The terms and conditions indicate that republicanism as we once practiced it is a beaten docket.

    That some insist that it still has collateral value is delusional and rather sad. Ultimately we all have to live with the consequences of our decisions. Our decisions tend to be better when dispassionately weighed for risk. Those who continue to choose the thorny way can expect some discomfort!

  17. Henry and Tain Bo,
    Evidently, you have accepted British imperialism in your country, and sit back, reposed, and are satisfied to do nothing about their brutality against Irish citizens.

    You speak of archaic legislation, but it remains, and is still effective. Your pitiful excuses to accept all this is frightening to the innocent prisoners.

    You are fast asleep while your brothers and sisters suffer. Dream on.

    Ronnie Austin

  18. Sorry Ronnie

    I have no regard for your opinions about me nor your views on Irish affairs.
    If you're a regular follower of the Quill you'll know where I stand on these matters.

    I note too that you've conveniently failed to address the hypothetical scenarios I proposed to you earlier in this thread. Have a go at them and I might reconsider conversing with you.

  19. Ronnie Austin,

    it is best to address the points of individuals instead of throwing three different comments into one.

    You being modest did not mention exactly how you help the prisoners. Oh right, I forgot you are monitored so you keep a low profile and are the leader of American Distanced Dissident Republicans.

    I appreciate the education a few simple questions, how many times has your home been raided, how many times have you been arrested, how long did you spend in a Brit jail or how long are you willing to spend in a Brit jail, will you die for Irish freedom?

    You are not a convincing speaker you do manage to insult former and present prisoners and their families and friends.

    Your bravado aside on the issues facing the prisoners finding a peaceful solution is necessary not because I agree with the Brits but I do not wish to hear of a new hunger strike based in the recent memory of 1980/1981.

    Given your ineptitude churning in your bravado for blood claims I sincerely question you concern for the prisoners, after all these are the same prisoners whose accomplishments did not fill your warlord belly, in fact you frowned upon them. Much the same as you frown upon the Irish as a whole.

    You can insult me all you want but do not insult the people and the prisoners with your crocodile tears.
    Stop pissing in your own porridge and blaming someone else, it does not taste as bad as the bitterness of defeat.

    Happily I have met a few extremely intelligent Americans and regrettably there are many barroom donators whose shirt sleeves are always wet from wiping away the tears for the auld sod as long as they don’t have to die or go to jail for it.

    Not a thought for the innocent noncombatants when you are drowning in your false Irish pride but do not let that interrupt you from wishing more innocents dead.

    Anyways, I see you have bored the balls of Henry and now Jarhead your audience is me and I enjoy a good scrap though I suggest you remove the jar of your head and read up on Irish history.

    You should start your own Branch, Ronnie Austin’s Republican Army or RARA for short do not take it personal I would still buy you a pint under one condition no shite talk about occupied Ireland.


    Semper Fidelis or Semper Infidelis

  20. Henry,

    " how's that relevant in the current context to the lives of most ordinary citizens?

    Stephen Murney is classic case of an ordinary citizen going about his daily life and in between hi-lighting police brutality in his own area and making sure people knew by simply taking photos and getting them to "print." Had Stephen Murney been an investigative journalist for working for the Disney Channel for example, exposing state sponsored terrorism. Do you think he would have been imprisoned?

    Martin Corey had more restrictions on his license from prison than most kiddie fiddlers get!

    " Martin Corey was out on license in 2010 when the Secretary of State recommended his return to jail, claiming he was a key dissident leader and a danger to the public.

    Question Henry

    Who do you think is a bigger danger to society Terence McCafferty "The Northern Ireland secretary, Theresa Villiers, has applied for a partially secret court hearing to prevent a prominent dissident republican from discovering on what grounds he was returned to prison."

    Or people recently named on exaronews?

    "so there's still some piece of archaic legislation on the statute books ... there's probably loads of such archaic stuff in most of the old European colonial powers' laws ... how's that relevant in the current context to the lives of most ordinary citizens? "

    Henry it doesn't matter if you are an Irish, Welsh, Scottish or English Republican. Once hte State feels threatened enough they will put who behind bars, even if they use peaceful democratic means...

    PressTV Videos

    Published on Feb 13, 2014

    A Simple Question part 1

    A Simple Question part 2

    The government has confirmed that republicanism is still punishable by life imprisonment and that it remains illegal to even 'imagine' overthrowing the Queen. According to the law, to "imagine" overthrowing the British crown or waging war against Queen Elizabeth II is punishable by life imprisonment.

    In "part 2" at around 5mins 27seconds Adrian Cousin's from Counterfire explains that while the 1843 law hasn't been used in "modern times" on the UK mainland, there is precedents for draconian laws to be used when the state feels threatened enough. Such as in the miners strike when Parliament re-enacted a law from the 17th/18th century that prohibited "Besetting." Basically meant if you are on strike and someone crossed the picket line and you called them a scab, you can be brought before a court and jailed.

    Calling for abolition of monarchy is still illegal, UK justice ministry admits

  21. Interesting stuff Frankie, I watched those videos the other day when you posted them on the other thread. The legislation of course serves a purpose, thus the refusal to even debate removing it off the books - in case it should ever be needed. On reading the comments I seen two references to Hungerstrike. Liam Hannaway has been on a Hungerstrike for a month ongoing in Maghaberry, unless he has ended his fast, which if so I haven't heard as yet

  22. Tain Bo,
    I must have hit hard telling the truth in my last comment to have you slur me the way you have. You are not proud of yourself by not fighting for the courageous prisoners. It bothers you, doesn't it?

    If I wasn't 72 years old and disabled, I would fight with the Irish freedom fighters, and face death if it would come to that. It wouldn't be the first time.

    Now, go ahead and slur me. That's all you do. I love the prisoners and valiant Republican Armies. I will always honor and respect them, and pray for them.

    Ronnie Austin,

  23. Description of Ronnie Austins yahoo group :

    "As long as the British government remains in Ireland, there will be resistance to it, and there will always be a revolutionary movement in Ireland. That is the teaching of Irish history. Anyone who bothers to study it will see that."
    These eloquent words were spoken by Ruairi O Bradaigh. We believe it is basic Irish Republicanism. The PIRA doesn't believe it, and has decommissioned its weapons, and surrendered. It has succumbed to the British sponsored Belfast Agreement.
    Our Group believes British soldiers, loyalist thugs and the ruc/psni should be defeated and driven into the Irish Sea. We are anti-GFA, anti-RUC/PSNI and anti-PSF, but we are pro-32CSM, pro-RSF, pro-ClanNaGael, and pro-National Irish Freedom Committee.
    We support the RAs: the CIRA, the RIRA, the INLA,and the New IRA not necessarily in that order. We stand for freedom from British tyranny in the 6 Counties. Our ultimate goal is the unity of the 32 counties. We are strengthened by the 1916 Rising. Ireland belongs to the people

    Ronnie, You will get people in trouble with things like this,setting it private does not put it beyond security service reach. Is that your intention?

  24. Frankie

    though your argument is well presented and does pose legitimate questions I doubt if any of these issues are likely to gain serious traction with any sizable number the general public.

    Civil society depends on cohesiveness. In an autocratic model that cohesiveness is implemented and maintained somewhat differently than it is in a liberal democratic one but where-ever an individual society may fall on that spectrum there's going to be ebb and flow in either direction dependent on environmental or contextual changes. In a sustainable system the corrective homeostasis function kicks in order to avoid fragmentation and possible descent into civil strife.

    In a liberal democracy cohesiveness is maintained by consensual agreement to be governed with citizens participating in electoral systems. The laws are enacted or repealed by the representatives the people elect. The UK system is a parliamentary monarchy. The sovereign reigns and is a symbol for national unity but parliament rules. The British parliament is largely representative of the British people.

    We all have to tread carefully and responsibly if pushing for fragmentation over cohesiveness. How can we predict where the bottom is? Its a risky strategy which most will reject. Its far more prudent to avoid acting from or advocating for binary, all or nothing, type thinking. Those who operate out of such paradigms ought not be surprised if they end up with nothing. Far better to learn to accept consensual incremental small victories than demanding illusory perfectionist outcomes.

  25. Henry I am having problems in understand what you are saying....

    "Most people will regard this information as nothing more than an interesting historical anecdote. Others perhaps for, as what I believe it to be, merely a scaremongering and positional move on your behalf."

    Even though I have shown clear examples where "interesting historical anecdote's" can and have been used in modern times to quell unrest, jail people for no other reason than their political views. Republicans (violent or peaceful) by and large get jailed not because The British SOS says "whoever is a threat to society" but because The State sees Republicans as threat to their status quo.

    Time to get with the programme Frankie and face life on life's terms.

    Henry, what program/s would you like me to "get with?" The banking program? Do you think Common Purpose is a good program Henry? Do you honestly expect me to sign up to a program that agrees with welfare reform? I have no problem in facing life on life's terms Henry. The biggest problem with life is people make it complicate. Life on it's own is easy to navigate.

    "The terms and conditions indicate that republicanism as we once practiced it is a beaten docket."

    You never practiced Republicanism Henry. I'd go further saying most volunteers who joined the PRM didn't practice Republicanism. They (like yourself Henry) followed Provisionalism, similar in lot's of ways but ultimately a very different beast. Provisionalism is more like an Oligarchy than anything else. For example, if the Provisionals practiced Republicanism, volunteers such as Anthony Braniff, would probably be alive today and bouncing his grandkids on his knees. Instead the Provisionals took a democratic vote (a kin to mob rule) and shot him dead. Republicanism, if practiced would have meant the Anthony Braniff's of this world would have had a fair trial and judged by their peers.

    "That some insist that it still has collateral value is delusional and rather sad. Ultimately we all have to live with the consequences of our decisions. Our decisions tend to be better when dispassionately weighed for risk. Those who continue to choose the thorny way can expect some discomfort! "

    Unfortunately Henry I have to live with the decisions other people make and juggle the consequences they made to the best of my ability. I have never voted in my life and as things stand today, I don't see any reason to vote. I suppose if Thomas Paine was around today talking Common Sense, I could easily be motivated enough to walk to a booth and give him my 'X'.

    Henry, people today (in the western world at least) are "dumbed down" from drinking, of all things too much tap water. Lenin, Stalin & Hilter knew the secret about controlling people and the Corporate States of America got in on the act just after WW2 when they employed and gave amnesties for Nazi war criminals and their scientist's (who helped carry out the human experiments in the death camps)

  26. DaithiD,
    Thanks for checking out my site. Would you like to join?

    As you can see, we have existed for eleven years. Of course, we know about security service reach. The privacy setting is, basically, to help cull out unwanted individuals.

    We have a certain amount of freedom of speech here. Thus far, we have been able to express our perspectives.

    Ronnie Austin

  27. Ronnie, I would not join. Furthermore, I would urge you to close down the group. There is no such thing as freedom of speech any more.There is just the time until prosecutions.

  28. Ronnie Austin,

    you are unsure if you hit hard or delusional with I must have hit hard telling the truth, you did, you hit so hard I fell asleep.

    I am not using the prisoners to gain an advantage but again I sincerely doubt your motivations. You resemble Sinn Fein piggybacking on prisoners in order to gain support for your Mickey Mouse Internet Club.

    Explain how the gathering of the clueless on some Yahoo website will drive the Brits into the sea or as you affectionately call them British soldiers. It will not and that is the simplest of truth but walt away until your nose bleeds.

    Perhaps you are misleading when you speak of security levels on the site I have seen many of these sites before were only those who favour the position are allowed to post. I have no interest in closed off places were a Provo war cry is used and abbreviated down to TAL.

    I would not advise you to close it down but let you continue with assisting those you claim to be at war with not that it matters to you as long as young people are scooped far away from Yahoo to entertain your war-site in cyberspace.

    In 1969, you were not 72 and disabled yet I do not recall you leading the charge. Perhaps you missed the message of the Holy Father on his visit in America.

    Explain how disunity inspires unity as you listed a number of groups or factions and why you claim to support them all and in the same breath belittle them with lack of accomplishment.

    It is a tough audience here I do not think you will find many takers the Quill offers a variety of topics and allows a variety of opinions your sledgehammer introduction is not impressive nor inspiring.

    Ronnie, make yourself at home, the offer of a pint still stands, and you will find a Leprechaun before you ever come close to finding truth in Norn Iron.

    The Kesh’74
    Have a read and get back to me on prison issues.

    A few educational videos on the Irish and Norn Iron a bit of good craic.

    The North Vs The South

    Why you should move to Norn Iron

    The above two links are funny the link below contains graphic imagery of war and should not be viewed by those with a sensitive disposition.

    Ronnie’s Dream for Ireland
    I am sure you would be delighted to see helicopter gunships pitted against Mickey Mouse pipe bombs you would have something to watch from the safe distance of America.
    Just in case you failed to notice, we are quite capable of ballsing up the place again without your useless advice to our young.

    Let them educate themselves and decide what path they should tread.

  29. TheKesh'74,

    You people must like Mickey Mouse. Your comments attest to that's about your standard. You must like Goofy, too.

    I'm out of here. My time is to valuable to read your nonsense and ridicule.

    God bless the prisoners. I still pray for them.

    Ronnie Austin. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

  30. Ronnie,

    try sacrificing a goat. That might work better than praying.

  31. Ronnie Austin,

    You’re a melter, you should dig in and not leave the frontline trench of your Yahoo bunker.

    Mission Accomplished!

    Some inspiring words for your Yahoo brigade
    Slán abhaile

  32. Ronnie, your concern for the prisoners isnt the issue. You are getting people to publically advocate for what America classes as Foreign Terror Organizations:

    Legally no different to al-Qaida. The rights or wrongs of the label is irrelevant compared to the very real prison sentences handed down for saying anything remebling the blurb on your front page, that you would be facilitating. You are actually damaging the movement you claim to support.And being blunt , its touts recruiting ground surely?

  33. Ronnie
    So the INLA, the New IRA, the Real IRA, the Continuity IRA and the I can't believe it's not the IRA are going to push the British Army into the Irish Sea? While you cheer them on from a wheelchair in Yankland? As the kids say ROFL.

  34. The Six Counties will never have freedom from British imperialism, RUC/PSNI brutality, nor Unionist/Prod domination without fighting for it. You trust what you refer to as the GFA, but all it has done is copper fasten partition. It involves a Unionist veto privilege to negate any Irish endeavor. That's what I am saying.


  35. It's an honor to be associated with your bravery, Anthony, but I don't believe in sacrificing goats. That's satanic. I believe the Lord Jesus Christ shed His blood on the cross of Calvary for my sins. I have accepted Him as my savior. I pray in Jesus' Name for the innocent Prisoners languishing in British/Loyalist dungeons hoping you will rescue them.


  36. DaithiD,

    You are so enlightened, Daithi, what should be written on my front page?


  37. That Jesus is a cross sort of guy.

  38. Ronnie, I am coming from a place of love.You ostensibly care about the same things I care about, but this isnt the way to go about it. That David Rupert was turned before he set foot on Irish soil and look at the damage he did. The security services might appear to missed your little site, but as soon as any member wishes to take a more active role in Republicanism, they will be reminded of things that are potentially on your site. To answer your question I would put "Closed until further notice"

  39. Ronnie Austin,

    Sectarianism is an unpleasant business we understand it all too well so there is no need for your manure using it as you use the prisoners to add a wee gold star to your tin hat.

    You still have not mentioned how you help the prisoners.

    Eleven years of copying and pasting and not an original thought. I suggest you use the video I posted to greet the other Eegit who enters into your bunker.

    I will join your group if you join mine-my agenda is to return America to its rightful owners the Native Americans.

    How about, Abandoned All Hope Ye Who Enter Here

    With a subscript of, if I do not upload your post it is because I am busy having a coronary aneurism.

    Indoctrination is not education your target audience is disenchanted youth and you have admitted that what is on your site is not drawing in many suckers. Sarcastically, you want Daithi to write you a better script a wee bit a backhanded recruiting no doubt.

    Are you questioning your own ineffectiveness it must be confusing running as so-called Irish site in English. Ronnie says no to any small creatures with a different opinion from entering his bunker.

    I missed that one about Satanic Jesus would have eat goat meat.

    Ár nAthair — Our Father

    Ár nAthair atá ar neamh,
    go naofar d’ainm
    Go dtaga do ríocht
    Go ndéantar do thoil
    ar an talamh mar a dhéantar ar neamh. ár n-arán laethúil tabhair dúinn inniu
    Agus maith dúinn ár bhfiacha
    Mar a mhaithimidne ár bhféichiúnaithe féin
    Agus ná lig sinn i gcathú
    ach saor sinn ó olc. (Amen ).

    óir is leatsa an ríocht
    agus an chumhacht agus an ghlóir
    Trí shaol na saol. Amen.

    If you prefer it in Latin give me a shout a born again republican should not be praying in a heathen language.

  40. Daithi,

    You guys are hilarious. Provisional Sinn Fein and the Provisional IRA are proud of you. All of you do nothing together.

    So long. Try Jesus. He never fails.


  41. Video linked at message left at 10.04 pm is absolutely gross and deeply disturbing. What on earth???

  42. For anyone who is upset at above two videos listen to this. May His Peace and Healing pour down on troubled Eriu.

  43. Thanks, Anthony, for the good music. The "Amen Jesus" and then the "Jump For Jesus" is like being changed from sin to salvation. The Lord Jesus gives you a new song, and new life through His plan of redemption. Thank you, Sir.

    Ronnie, God help the innocent, Irish prisoners.

  44. you are welcome Ronnie - our god is a good god and anybody who thinks otherwise can burn in hell forever and ever amen .... because Jesus loves them. We can't let them away with it. They will be telling us next there are no unicorns. Fools

  45. No one has to burn in hell, Anthony. There is one way to escape it, and that is to accept the one mediator between God and men, the Lord Jesus Christ. He said, "You must be born again." That applies to a spiritual rebirth. When you believe and pray to God to forgive you of your sins with a contrite heart, you become a Christian, and eternal life in heaven is your reward. God bless you, Anthony.


  46. Censor Offender! More like Christian Offender. Slan agus Beannacht.

  47. Lions deserve much better than to be fed Christians

  48. Ronnie,

    Jesus saves but I can't. I spend every cent I get.

  49. Lions deserve much better than to be fed Christians. What a comment. Christians are being slaughtered and that is the best you can come up with. Utterly pathetic and hurtful comment. To think you are actually in charge of this blog. Very sad.

  50. Lions are being slaughtered too and not much concern about it.

    You could always feed them Muslims or Jews as well but as they are just as full of shit the lion would suffer severe cramps. And if Mormons had been around at the time of the lion feasts in the Coliseum, the lions would be extinct as a species by now. Mormons are even more full of more shit than the other Christians.

  51. AM, I dont think you ever asked to be the benchmark for us, and when you say things i dont understand, the onus is usually on me to learn more, but : what the f are you on about ??

  52. A reading from the book of Romans:
    Romans one Jesus nil

    I located hell on Google maps it showed your bunker born again prayers for prisoners and bombs for all the kids at Christmas. Jesus done a right number on saving you perhaps you misunderstand the word.

    The Word

    The Next Last Supper

  53. DaithiD,

    we are just talking about crap ... religious bollix and that sort of stuff

  54. Jerome G..

    Video linked at message left at 10.04 pm is absolutely gross and deeply disturbing.

    I couldn't agree more. I'm not sure what I disturbed me the most. Maybe it was Clay being consumed with pussy in the house of the lord or the scene at 34 seconds when Clay looks over to a prisoner who was a ringer for young Danny Morrison.

  55. Wow! You have clearly lost your marbles. This is getting worse and worse. Has someone hacked your computer identity, are you on the drink, or are you suffering some existential ego crisis. Whatever it is, i dont think i will be checking out Pensive Q. again. Shame on you. Those comments are deeply disturbing and you could lose a lot of credibility and respect with them, which i indeed think will be the case. You are presented as some kind of intellectual/guru/writer/historian. Those comments and videos indicate otherwise. Good luck to you Mr. Mac Intyre.

  56. Hahaha AM, i guess it says more about my stress levels than your writing in that case, It had me panicked I was missing something.Someone of us pour over your every word.

  57. you worship some zombie dude and I'm supposed to have lost my marbles

  58. worship some zombie dude....

    Christianity in 5 words!

  59. DaitihD,

    every word? whatever for? There are no gurus here! That zombie guy thought he was one and look what happened to him. He ended up one very cross guy. Ronnie at least, seems to have a sense of humour.

  60. These people worshipped "some zombie dude" too:
    Hundreds of Christians being murdered every day,for not denying Christ.

    As well as the legion of ordinary people who worshipped "some zombie dude" who were martyred for their faith because they refused food on this island in the 1840s.

  61. And do you think your funny Mr Mac Intyre. You and your little cabal of internet followers have just written some of the most pathetic comments i have ever come across. "That zombie guy thought he was one and look what happened to him. He ended up one very cross guy." Is this your attempt at word play humour. Not good enough Mr. Mac Intyre. This is all getting a bit embarassing/unwholesome/scary now. I'm sorry i got involved.

  62. How many times is that you have come back after leaving us? You just here to tell us that you are not here?

    Jesus goes into a hotel and hands three nails to the cashier and asks "can you put me up for the night?"

  63. Ah Jayus give Jerome a break .... long good-byes are nothing new round here!

  64. H.J. - Judging by the amount of articles with zero comments on this site, it looks like im not the only one who has said goodbye, maybe the joke is on Mr. Mac Intyre, and I dont think George Carlin is shaking in his coffin either. Now he was funny.

  65. I suppose when he does go he can reside on the island of Saordonia

  66. "Lions are being slaughtered too and not much concern about it.

    You could always feed them Muslims or Jews as well but as they are just as full of shit the lion would suffer severe cramps. And if Mormons had been around at the time of the lion feasts in the Coliseum, the lions would be extinct as a species by now. Mormons are even more full of more shit than the other Christians. "

    These are your words Mr. Mac Intyre. As i say Zero comments.

  67. as long as we have the return of the man who would never come back keeping the comments going, we don't have to worry

  68. Now, argue as we might with Ronnie Austin, his goodwill towards a site that generally does not share his views is admirable.

    Thank you Ronnie. It is very much appreciated.

  69. Your comments above are full of 'goodwill'.

  70. They are now full of goodbye