Just Pilau Please, No Byrani

Sean Mallory casts his sceptical eye over the shenanigans in British Stormont. Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican and regular Pensive Quill columnist.

  • This policy of accelerated disposals seems reckless to me - 04/04/14 Sinn Féin's finance spokesperson, Pearse Doherty TD.
“You've got to pick-a-pocket or two” - There is more than one Fagin running the corridors of the Stormont and there is more than one pocket that has been picked. Especially where the OFMDFM is concerned.

McGuinness, ever eager to portray himself and SF as the poor unfortunate underdog who is forever struggling to escape the boot of adversity (Unionism’s boot that is), was at pains to point out his innocence and annoyance at the behaviour of the OFM at keeping him in the dark from such a ‘lucrative deal’ and away from meeting a Mr D Qualye.

Quayle, Chairman of Cerberus Global Investments – a private equity firm, displayed the characteristics that won him this position when he was quoted as saying: “Bank failures are caused by depositors who don't deposit enough money to cover losses due to mismanagement.”

Also a former Vice-President of the USA (in this case ‘vice’ being the opportune word) who also stated: "The Holocaust was an obscene period in our nation's history. I mean in this century's history. But we all lived in this century. I didn't live in this century."

And, “We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur.”

As for a gambling man betting on the exact reasons as to the cause of Martin’s disgruntlement, surely judging by Quayle’s remarks as an indicator of the level of intelligent conversation a person would expect if he happen to be unfortunate enough to find himself marooned in Quayle’s company, he would hedge his bets on the former.

McGuinness, perhaps initially annoyed that he didn’t get a slice of the cake, must now secretly be well pleased that this mud won’t stick, and he can sit back and watch Robinson squirm. But like all prior scandals surrounding Robinson he’ll no doubt squirm his way out of this one too.

During questioning and denying any knowledge of the said deal he expressed his displeasure at the attack by J Wells of the DUP and an ardent Arkright, on his testimony while giving evidence to the Stormont committee chaired by his erstwhile SF colleague D Mckay.

A committee, charged to investigate if anything untoward had occurred in the biggest property deal in Ireland - aka the NAMA affair.

A committee, also made up of people who are quite tainted by Stormont and its mechanisms and therefor are judged to be ideal to sit on and chair such a charge – it takes one to know one!

Much to Jim Wells consternation, McGuinness on being confronted with an e-mail stating the opposite, he was at pains to point out that he never received it. This, even though one of his ‘advisory staff’ had and never passed it on. Therefore continuing his stance that he had any prior knowledge of the deal or more precise, knowledge of the OFM’s involvement, as all correspondence from that hallowed office, the OFMDFM, requires both parties signatures.

Further questioning led Wells to point out the protocols of such an investigation and that he would ask the questions and McGuinness would provide the answers to such questions. McGuinness’ rebuke of “don’t be a smart Alec” left Wells in no doubt as to who was still in charge irrespective what side of the table they sat at!

To lighten the mood Jamie Bryson, entered the affray, not to entertain the committee with his ‘norn iron’ mascot routine during a break, but after threatening court action if he wasn’t allowed to speak, was permitted by the committee to give his evidence, albeit without the support of those members of the DUP who sit on the committee.

Bryson, who stated that he had no love for all things DUP – past treacheries were about to catch up with Robinson – went on to name those who were to benefit from the £7m stored away in an off-shore account.

Thanking D McKay of SF, chair of the committee, for his support, (something which I’m sure his auld comrade in arms Willie Fraser would be aghast at), eloquently conveyed his evidence and answering all questions succinctly, leaving no room for ambiguity, he finished off by robustly defending his sources and informing the committee that he was quite willing to return if required.

Robinson, on hearing his evidence denounced the whole procedure as a pantomime and reiterated his innocence in the whole affair plus threatening to sue Bryson just as he is M Wallace TD.

Let’s hope he is a ruthless with these two as he was the BBC’s Spotlight coverage of his role in handling Iris’ affair ...... the public are still waiting on that court action!

All in all the investigation continues. The public can rest assured that a committee that is composed of DUP sycophants will uphold all things judicial while holding charge and will not disparage the good character or authority of such committee by secretly informing their master Robinson of any unfavourable matters privately discussed by the committee thus forewarning him and forearming him.

As for McGuinness, for some unexplainable reason on this one, he does seem to be comfortable in that ‘agents’ were not mentioned, nor not even a ‘securocrat’ to undermine the Peace Process was given. And most unusual he does seem to be telling the truth!

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  1. It must be the laugh of the year ,Mick Wallace and Jamie Bryson know more about whats going on in the OFMDFM than the quisling $inn £eind micro minister does, mind you with a spad like Berniebroy O Hagan and the dirty secrets her family witheld it comes as no surprise