Greek Elections: Message of Solidarity to Laïkí Enótita

Support from the International Department of Republican Sinn Féin for progressive forces in Greece.

Republican Sinn Féin sends greetings and a message of solidarity to all progressive forces participating in the upcoming Greek elections on Sunday, September 20.

In particular, we wish our comrades of Laïkí Enótita (Popular Unity) and its leader Panagiotis Lafazanis success in the upcoming elections.

Laïkí Enótita is the voice of the successful OXI campaign during the referendum in summer and its leader Panagiotis Lafazanis is a staunch anti-imperialist activist for many decades. Due to their anti-imperialist policy and their unswerving stance against austerity and EU, Laïkí Enótita shares the politics and values of Republican Sinn Féin.

In a statement welcoming the OXI on July 5, entitled “July 5: A good day for Europe,” the International PRO of Republican Sinn Féin outlined the position of the Irish Republican organization in regards to austerity and EU:

We as Irish Republicans are of the opinion that only a complete break with the anti-democratic EU and the establishment of an association of free nations based on the values of prosperity, democracy, justice, solidarity, peace, and equality of all people in Europe will provide a peaceful and prosperous future for us, the people of Europe and the coming generations.

In January 2015, Republican Sinn Féin welcomed the electoral success of Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA and analysed it as qualitative step forward for the people of Greece. However, during the months of spring and summer, the Greek people were shamefully betrayed by Tsipras and a clique in SYRIZA. The departure of anti-austerity activists from this party and the formation of a new radical force in Greek politics in August was a necessary step to continue the progressive path taken by the Greece people in January 2015.

Republican Sinn Féin is of the opinion that Laïkí Enótita is the only force in Greek politics that reflects the anti-imperialist and anti-austerity sentiments of the majority of the Greek people. Furthermore, as current polls show, only Laïkí Enótita has the potential to stop the fascist Golden Dawn party from becoming the third largest party in the next Greek government.

The sole solution to the ongoing financial crisis, social inequality, migration, and unemployment in the EU is a complete break with the corrupt political establishments in Brussels, Paris, Munich, and London. The imperialist project of the EU needs to be abolished and replaced by a community of free nations based on true democracy, anti-imperialism, and solidarity. In Greek politics, it is Laïkí Enótita that represents these values. Therefore, Republican Sinn Féin wishes its comrades in Laïkí Enótita all the best for the future and a successful election on Sunday, September 22.

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