Cross River Gorillas

Steven Katsineris in a letter draws attention to the plight of gorillas in Cameroon. Steven Katsineris is a Melbourne based writer and activist.

Dear Editor,

I write to draw reader’s attention to the dire situation of Cross River Gorillas in Cameroon in the hope that publicity and a petition can stop the killing of the critically endangered gorillas. The recent death of a male Cross River Gorilla in southwest Cameroon has highlighted the critical plight of this threatened species.

Please write letters or sign the petition urging the Government of Cameroon to accelerate the creation of Great Ape Reserves. Additionally, we ask that you expand sensitization programmes to increase community awareness in border areas of local wildlife reserves.

Most importantly, as a short term, tactical solution to avoid more incidents, we strongly request that:

1. Police and other armed authorities receive training and sensitization concerning Cross River Gorillas and other critically endangered species.

2. The Government of Cameroon define a procedure for local authorities to follow in responding to wildlife.

3. The Government of Cameroon implement fines and penalties for the murder of Cross River Gorillas.

The Cross River Gorilla is ranked among the Top 25 Critically Endangered Species, and as such, is a priceless part of Cameroon's natural heritage. Hopefully our combined efforts can together make a positive change to help the continued existence of Cross River Gorillas.

Thank you.

Steven Katsineris.

Please sign the petition and share it with everyone.

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