Ulster’s Unbiblical Anger, Orange Disorder

A poem from Dublin poet Louis Hemmings that featured on Cowbird.

civil anarchy seems typical Northern news:
sectarian-hatred, scripture-warped views;
septic sermons encouraging unbiblical wrath:
fighting for colonial, Union-coloured cloth.
does Queen Elizabeth truly, kindly care?
quite cool that distant legal tender stare;
is loyalty misplaced? do dark skies thunder?
Lambeg drums boom, pulling Ulster asunder.
Ulster’s unbelief arms truth’s evil traitors:
secret societies spawn self-righteous haters;
decommission proud patriotic notions, 
smash old idols, break hard hearts open.
salvation starts with biblical repentance,
legalism is a lifeless, life long sentence;
murder and mayhem, both hard to forgive,
heaven’s harvest only Christ should sieve.
Protestants brandishing flags, shouting brash
obscenities, hurling insults, beer bottles smash;
such proud apartheid has no redeeming use,
God’s sacrifice the only true covenenantal truce.

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