Attempted Murder In Ardoyne

Phoebe Clawson Family Statement 14 July 2015

My name is Tricia McAuley and I am the aunt of Phoebe Clawson. Phoebe is 16 years old and last night she was the victim of a deliberate attack when an Orange Order member drove his car at her and other residents on the front of the Crumlin Road.

Phoebe was trapped underneath the car and has suffered a broken collarbone, broken ankle and a shattered pelvis. She is in extreme pain and is unable to have any surgery until next week. While her physical injuries are severe, the psychological scars may never heal.

Our family would like to thank the people of Ardoyne, and those from across Ireland and beyond, who have sent their best wishes to Phoebe and those who have thought and prayed for her well being. We would like to thank local residents who assisted Phoebe in the immediate aftermath of this attack, and GARC for ensuring the young people were kept fully informed on the ground. I also want to thank all the young people of the area for their restraint while Phoebe waited on an ambulance.

This would not have happened if there was no demand to march through our area. This would not have happened if the PSNI had did what GARC asked them to do prior to the attempted murder of Phoebe and closed the road to prevent sectarian abuse from passing cars. It is time for an end to parades in the morning and evening if the result is a teenage girl lying in hospital with bones shattered by a bigot that tried to kill her.

It is our family's opinion that this was attempted murder. Not an accident or the result of a man panicking. He wasn't trying to save himself, he was trying to kill people and very nearly succeeded. His refusal to get out of the car so Phoebe could be freed from underneath shows what type of bigot he is.

This community watched as loyalists threw everything at school girls going to Holy Cross. This included members of our family. Now we have had to watch Phoebe run over by a loyalist in his car. Enough is enough. The parades through this area have to stop, And the violence that accompanies them has to stop too.

Once more thank you to everyone.


  1. In trying to overtly project their Britishness, they are projecting an ugly side the British like to keep hidden. Peculiarly un-British! With this and shearing a policeman's ear off with masonry, the “Mainland” drifts further away.

  2. There was a JG Ballard quote that seems apt:

    "I wanted to rub the human race in its own vomit, and force it to look in the mirror."

    The OO are the mirror unto the British face in this case.

  3. "she was the victim of a deliberate attack when an Orange Order member drove his car at her and other residents on the front of the Crumlin Road."

    I thought it was the job of the courts to decide whether or not this was the case? Hung drawn and quartered before the case is even heard?

  4. Sad old bigot tries to murder a child over the "right" to march on a street and attempt to intimidate those in the nationalist community. Pathetic.

  5. Cue Bono,

    stop whining, hung drawn and quartered. Correct the courts will decide, yet you show no regard for the young victim of the attack that received OO justice.

    A statement from the family and a few comments does not amount to trial by media. Would you feel better if there was silence on the matter or is it that your own opinion is the only worthy one as you mask your own bigotry behind the law and exaggerate the response to the attack.

    If anything, I am surprised at the lack of comments, which eliminates your heartfelt moan of street justice being applied, hung drawn and quartered before his right to a day in court. What a joke!
    You make it sound as if the driver is the victim even if there was some mechanical failure (highly unlikely) you show no concern for those struck by the car.

  6. I noticed that when the driver appeared in court his solicitor offered no "excuse" for why the driver took the action he did,He did however say his client was sorry for what had took place.
    From my understanding from reading various reports is that the driver drove past the residents and a verbal altercation took place between both the driver and residents, He then turned and drove towards the residents,drove slightly past them and the psni..Stopped and reversed into the young girl and others,I have seen a picture posted on twitter of the driver in his car turning to head towards the residents and the psni which supports the case that it was a deliberate act.

  7. The priest at the scene said that the driver panicked which is understandable given the way he was dressed. We've seen before what a republican lynch mob is capable of. Twin bo says that the courts will decide but is happy enough to declare the accused guilty beforehand. Rank hypocrisy surely?

  8. Cui bono,

    I was waiting to see if any reinforcements arrived to back up your ridiculous comments.

    My comment was addressed to you and your reply is not only spineless but you lie as at no time did I state the man is guilty.
    You cry out for others to agree with you on my rank hypocrisy and refer to me in the third party much like your information on the attack.

    The peelers believe they have enough evidence to charge the man with attempted murder. With your legal moniker you would know that the onus is on them to prove intent as for public opinion that has no seat in the courts.

    You accuse me of saying he is guilty yet your feeble stance is he must be innocent after all he was dressed in an undisclosed way that made him panic.
    His future is a bit of legal bother, which he brought on himself either, intentionally, or recklessly the result of his actions left a youngster with an uncertain future.

    Many people panicked not just your hero and tossing in a republican lynch mob has no relevance nor does it justify your callous bigotry.

    The people acted with concern a person was run over and trapped underneath a car their attention was not on your precious flegs or marches but on assisting the seriously injured person that turned out to be a youngster.

    Just so, you do not have to make up a yarn. You are a proud sectarian bigot.

    No one was lynched, no one was stitched up by the peelers one youngster was seriously injured but I am sure as your myth goes she will be responsible for attacking a decent orange mans property.

    On this one it is checkmate you couldn’t dig a deep enough hole to burry you’re inane perception on this one.

    Ask about how the young girl is doing I am sure the driver has a new set of worries to deal with.
    Debate the issue without any hyperbole.

  9. "Debate the issue without any hyperbole."

    A very interesting finish to a rant in which you resort to nothing but hyperbole. The man is innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law. The very title of this piece declares him guilty of attempted murder. Your only complaint is that I had the temerity to point that out, which sort of suggests that you agree with the post in question which has him hung drawn and quartered before getting to trial.

    It was the police who saved the girl's life. They also saved the life of the driver, because the mob was trying very hard to drag him out of the car. The whole world watched in horror what that can entail, in republican Belfast, when they saw on TV what happened to the two corporals.

    I won't lower myself to your level of ad hominem, but would just point out that the contradictions in your spittle flecked rant are mildly amusing.

  10. Cui bono,

    a wee bit of Latin does not elevate you from your staunch absurd position answering my comment would suggest you lowered yourself even if it is just to clarify my rant.

    Applaud yourself and award yourself for pointing out that you were gallant to express a worthless opinion. Whether I am in agreement with the statement of the family or not is not for you to presume or suggest that I agree the driver is guilty of attempted murder.

    Referring back to my original question were did I state he was? The answer is nowhere am I sympathetic to the injured girl and her family undoubtedly I am.
    You are sympathetic to the driver whom whether you agree or not is responsible just like any member of the public driving they are responsible to operate a vehicle as safely as they can.

    The post in question does not have the man up Shit Street as you keep repeating. It is an emotional response to an avoidable incident, which resulted in two families facing different dilemmas. You refuse to acknowledge the welfare of the seriously injured party. Going even lower as to condemn the author of the article as some vigilante out for blood which shows how blinkered you are.

    Yes, the peelers assisted in freeing the trapped victim but let us say the doctors and medical staff that saved her life.

    They also arrested the driver and charged him with attempted murder. There was no mob trying to extricate him from the car, there was anger and frustration given the circumstances justifiable. You would have to have evidence to prove the intent of the imaginary mob, which you do not have the peelers may have enough evidence to proceed with the attempted murder charge.
    Chances are the charges may be reduced regardless what sort of man sits in his car whilst a person if trapped underneath? One with a cowardly character and one who lacks in humanity or a scared wee sewer rat, you are not helping his case one thing he can be happy about is you are not his brief.

    Yes, I assumed that was the republican lynch mob you moan about not to bring you down from your happy cloud do you remember the names of the two young SAS men without having to look them up.
    Not to disappoint you but the whole world does not watch what went on or goes on in NI.

    Was there a loyalist attack in the cemetery before the driver of the car was arrested? None of the imaginary scenarios happened so what relevance do they have here apart from your sectarian hyperbole.

    The only truth is one girl was seriously injured and one man was arrested but keep on weaving and believing that driver is the victim as your hypothetical would could have happened to him did not so it is not worth the paper typed on.

    The man’s actions caused his own problems, and mime, yours, or any uninvolved parties’ opinions have no bearing on his innocence or guilt.

    Stop moaning about hung drawn and quartered that is what the English used to do… have yet to see a republican lynch mob sink that low.

  11. Howes and Woods were in the Royal Signals and not the SAS, but the lynch mob thought that calling them SAS might make them (the lynch mob) look a bit better. It didn't.

    I've yet to see anyone hung drawn and quartered, but I have seen what a republican lynch mob can do and I think that was about as low as it is possible to go.

    The man remains innocent in the eyes of the law until the completion of his trial finds one way or the other.

  12. Cui bono,

    congratulations, I was not expecting an answer for the obvious reason that an incident from 27 years ago under very different circumstances has no bearing on the recent incident,
    On the deaths of the two Brits, you do them no justice yet insist on using them to justify your bitterly insane logic.

    I will not go into detail, as this thread is not about the two soldiers as your version of the events is so condensed there is no oxygen for truth to breathe.
    There was no lynch mob that day there were people attending a funeral for a victim of the well-documented attack in Milltown Cemetery, which left three dead, and over 60 injured.
    The cowardly loyalist attack at the graveyard played a significant role in the deaths of the two Brits

    Even if I were to believe that these two highly trained soldiers strayed into an IRA volunteers funeral I would have to believe that these were the only two members of the security forces that were not briefed on steering clear of that area of west Belfast. The British version of the event is untrustworthy but they too were quick to use the propaganda of a lynch mob as a possible cover for the suspicious reason that two soldiers in civilian attire and a non-military vehicle just happened to end up at a funeral.

    The reality is as one family was burying their son, two other families were getting the knock on the door informing them their sons were brutally killed though that news was a reality for many families that week.

    You stick with your story of lynch mobs and block out the circumstances and facts.

    Again, you fail to point out where I stated the man is guilty. You lost this one before it began with your uninformed inane distorted time morphing logic.

    You display absolutely no consideration for the victim and feebly defend a man who sat in his car throughout the incident a coward. Your justification is lynch mob and the girl was a midst the imaginary lynch mob.

    The victim was not yet born in 1988 but you tar her with the same brush as being part of your imaginary lynch mob.
    You are doing a great job of exposing how the twisted logic of the OO operates. Try raising your standards and ask the author how the young girl is doing?

    It is not that difficult after all you lowered your standards to moan at me. Sadly, I have to say yes we can go lower than the two Brits as brutal as it was they pale in comparison to the actions of those other proud sons of Ulster The Shankill Butchers I suppose their premeditated killing spree falls under for gawd and Ulstir.

    They were extremely violent times but I sincerely doubt the Judge will take into consideration Cui Bono’ argument that an imaginary lynch mob caused this man’s actions.

    Go raibh maith agat

  13. Cue Bono

    "Howes and Woods were in the Royal Signals and not the SAS, but the lynch mob thought that calling them SAS might make them (the lynch mob) look a bit better. It didn't. ... I have seen what a republican lynch mob can do and I think that was about as low as it is possible to go."

    SAS/Signals? Irrelevant. They drove at speed at a funeral and produced guns a matter of days after Michael Stone attacked and killed and wounded unarmed nationalists/republicans with guns and grenades.

    However if you think that frightened unarmed civilians disarming two well armed would be attackers amounts to lynch mob (and I am making no judgment on whether you are right or wrong) But how then would you describe the loyalists who killed Anne Marie Smith and Margret Wright? These 2 young women were neither members of the SAS nor Signals and most certainly not armed. Nevertheless, they died slower more brutal deaths than Howes or Woods (and I am not in anyway downplaying how Howes or Woods were killed).

    But if the best explanation you can give to defend the sectarian yob -who drove past, returned to drive by then reverse over a teenage girl is that the death more than a generation ago of Howes and Wood must have been upper most in his mind and caused him to fear for his life -there is not enough rubber in Burma to stretch that one.

  14. Tain Bo, Tierna,

    Leaving aside all the whataboutery (I'm surprised the famine didn't get a run out yet)you'll need more than the rubber in Burma to stretch that lynch mob out to be heroes. The world watched in horror what they did that day. They watched two armed men restrain themselves from opening fire on the mob because the rules of engagement did not allow them to do so, and they watched them being brutalised, stripped and murdered. All on live television and beamed all around the world. That demonstrated the true ugly face of republicanism and the world saw it in all its glory. I doubt that anyone would ever allow themselves to be caught out in that position again.

  15. Cue bono.
    Your are very funny guy.
    Firstly you talk about Whataboutery...It was you who first engaged the Whataboutery card. by spurious comparsions to events in Milltown and Orange ram raiding in Ardoyne.
    Second, You talk about filming of the funeral and the World Watching.
    Tell me this BritBoy..Why didn't the World get to see the film that a British Army helicopter took over Derry in 1972???? Bloody Sunday.

    Seems the British only show on TV..what they want to be shown on TV.
    For easily led Orange plebians like yourself.
    Your type of Faux Moral high tone are a card.
    I just laugh at you.
    You are fooling nobody...But it's the only tactic left of Free Staters and Orange revisionists.
    Everybody, who has half a brain know that Orangists have a dual attitute to violence.
    IRA bad.
    UVF/UFF good.
    You have ZERO morality.
    Whether it is Basil McCrea sharing a platform with Billy Wright sectarian murderer scumbag.
    Or Paisley/ Robinson with Ulster Resistance.
    Or Craig with the orignal UVF back in 1913..And Bonar Law with his "things mightier than a parliamentary democracy " And several scumbags in between.
    Unionism is up to it's neck in violence.
    So your Faux just simply that.False.
    Get a grip. Grow some balls And face up to it.
    Or continue with your fantasy Orangist Ruth Dudley Edwards Pamplets.

  16. Ozzy

    LOL, another brilliant post! Let the hatred out young man, better out than in. Give it to "Britboy" with both barrels and give us all a chuckle. Oh and could you provide evidence of Basil sharing a platform with King Rat? That would be interesting to see.

  17. Cube ono

    My point exactly, your use of Howes and Wood was disconnected whataboutry in defence of sectarian bigotry inflicted on a teenage girl. I just thought that in your flash back you might have unintentionally overlooked that your loyalist brethren have done worse off screen. Now I know your sectarian rant was intentional; you defend vicious brutality against unarmed defenseless women more than a generation ago and to a young girl in current times.

  18. Cue Bono,your whataboutery and complete lack of concern or empathy for Phoebe Clawson says it all about you.


  19. Anything for you Peter.
    Try turning a blind eye to this

  20. Ofc it's William McCrea not Basil is whom I was thinking of.

    And Cue Bonio.
    The Quinn Family Jason, Richard and Mark Quinn are a much more pertinent example in this case than your silly Corporal or RottenFurher example as the Germans' have it.

    Remember them?? Or are they people Unionists would rather forget.
    After Quinn family massacre Unionists lost whatever argument they ever had.
    And their actions in Ardoyne will have the same result.
    You'd think they'd learn wouldn't you?
    No chance

  21. Ozzy
    That is not Basil McCrea. Last month you were telling us the Irainians were supplying Sunnis in Fallujah, this month you're smearing an innocent politician. You are a hate filled keyboard warrior who is clearly as mad as a box of frogs.

  22. Peter,

    as always, you are doing a great job but get your haircut. Enjoying the banter and the expected head butting on this one but what is your opinion on the incident.

  23. Cui bono,

    as I said before which did not sink in the whole world does not watch what goes on in NI. I added a few details on the death of the two dummy tits for the benefit of those readers who are not familiar with the incident.

    Who was watching that day was a Brit helicopter it is slightly difficult to believe they did not immediately call for the riot squads to move in right away and attempt to save the two unknown people in the car? Who decided to wait it out?
    A long time passed until the Brits moved in that is a red flag. I will not go into detail as all this talk of separate incidents is removing the focus from the recent attack.

    Much like your accusation that I said the man is guilty you are now twisting what I said about the 1988 incident. I did not state any one acted heroically. I did state there was no lynch mob there would have to be an agreement and a definite understanding that all involved were extrasensory and predicted that two Brits in a hatchback silver car would drive into the funeral procession at the exact moment they did.

    It would take a fair bit of glue sniffing to get as high as that story.

    I believe there was one round discharged either as a warning or accidently in panic that nullifies your no shots fired under the rules of restraint. The same rules of restraint were absent on the streets of Gibraltar when the SAS displayed no restraint assassinated three un-armed people. That makes your restraint point a load of ballix

    The cowardly loyalist attack in the graveyard without doubt would have been on the minds of all attending the funeral. It would be a no brainer that PIRA rethought security, as the sanctuary of a graveyard was not off limits to loyalists. Did you know there are WW1 soldiers buried in that cemetery?

    Thon dirt bag Stone was and is hailed as a hero by loyalists and you have the ineptitude of twisting my words to suit your lies.
    In chaos, those individuals were not acting as one they acted out of fear of another attack on a funeral. There was no plan of action and probably the thought that the loyalists would not be brave enough to try the same thing twice.

    The unmarked car mysteriously arriving on the scene set of a chain of events many took action to prevent another bloodbath. No sign of the pigs or meat-wagons no hope of rescue at that point it could have been two taigs, two Huns, two cops in the car. They probably would have met the same fate due in large part to the attack by Stone as the people were not going to allow another attack on a funeral.

    Unfortunately for the two Brits when the Ra took them that was lights out. They showed the same mercy the SAS showed in Gibraltar or dirtball Stone showed in the graveyard.
    Still a very questionable period arises as to why the Brits and cops who knew exactly where the two unfortunate Brits from the moment they ran into the funeral right up to the end of their lives.

    If I could describe anyone a hero that day it would be the priest who offered aid and comfort and tried to prevent the deaths at that point he put his own life in danger. His compassion is overlooked.

    I don’t recall my mate nor I watching it live nor do I recall any of us cheering or celebrating instead the well established pattern was one of who is next that and there was going to be a lot of people scooped and jailed.

    I will make you an offer, I will write an article on the incidents, you write one they can run side by side, and the readers can decide what sounds more reasonable.

    Again, none of the above has anything to do with the attack on the young girl not even in a parallel universe.

    Slan a chara

  24. Cui bono,

    my arse does not fair so well when it comes to the Queens English but your understanding of it is pitiful.

    Firstly, I appreciate you asking how the youngster is doing, that demonstrates you are not a raving sectarian goon.

    Secondly, I am still waiting on you to point out where I stated the man is guilty. (Me One, You Zero) you have established lying is not beneath you. I will reduce that to unconstrained exaggerations.

    No wonder others laughed as you introduced the two Brits not out of any genuine sympathy or concern but with great disrespect to them and their families, you attempt to use it as a cover for your pathetic self-serving sectarian nonsense.
    I sincerely doubt you lost any sleep over them nor do you suffer the hurt and loss their families do. How do you sleep at all knowing imaginary republican lynch mobs are on the prowl?

    Your hatred will not allow you to display common decency to the young girl or her family. We have established that only a coward would sit in his car as a person was trapped underneath due to his actions. You might suffer from the same superficiality you sound frightened of a seriously injured young girl. Was she part of your imaginary lynch mobs?

    No, she is an innocent bystander having a nosy but you cannot separate your demonstrated hatred from the facts. Politics and Law aside, the driver’s actions left a young girl severely injured your reality is no bother one less imaginary lynch mob fenian to worry about.
    You are as cowardly as your hero the driver if he is banged up you can always go and cheer him up the kind generous soul you are.

    The lynch mob perspective does not apply it is a pathetic excuse all you have accomplished with your twisted logic is to expose yourself as a sectarian hate monger.

    Is mise le meas

  25. Peter. Nice to see you are still fighting Yesterdays battles. Today.zzz
    If you recall I already answered your questions for you.
    Maybe you missed it.
    But As I see it..It is pointless filling up comments on this topic about previous comments on other topic.
    So perhaps you will enlighten us as to how you view this , here episode..And Whether or not you believe in cuo Bonio's arguments about phantom Lynch Mobs with bell's on etc?

  26. Tain Bo
    I don't know enough about the incident to comment. I dont like the OO much, as an atheist the order has too many new earth eejits and bigots. My grandfather was the Grandmaster of the Orange and Black on the Shankill and I think if he were alive today he would be disgusted at the antics of the Belfast OO especially. There seems a world of difference between the bretheren in Rossknowlagh and North Belfast. That being said the Ardoyne is infested with republican bigots too and each side is feeding the other in a race to the bottom. I'm fed up with the situation in Ardoyne so I tend to switch off when it's on the news, I have no idea who was involved in the incident or what happened so excuse me for not commenting. I'd rather have fun with thon eejit Ozzy now that the other eejit Larry has left the scene.

  27. Peter,

    my apology, as I was not trying to bring you into the mix. I assumed you would have a more level perspective as opposed to the Cui bono fellow with his blinkered view.

    Good luck with the flat earth brigade one day they might come to terms with their beliefs and let us live in peace.
    I don’t mind them telling me I am going to hell as I couldn’t afford a holiday this year so a free trip is something to look forward too.

    Ozzy is sound in my book you both can duke it out no harm done. No comment on the other bin lid, anyway enjoy the craic.