Take Action Today

Socialist Youth announce a Day of Action and appeal for numbers for this evening demos in Belfast and Derry.

  • From the Tories or Stormont: No to Five More Years of Austerity!

Belfast - 5pm, City Hall - Derry - 5.30pm, Guildhall

Socialist Youth has organised anti-austerity protests in Belfast and Derry this Wednesday as part of a day of action to coincide with the official opening of parliament and the Queen's speech, which will see the Tory government outline its plans for another five years of cuts to public services. Protests will be taking place across the UK, including at Downing Street.

Socialist Youth representative Seán Burns said:

This illegitimate Tory government were backed by less than 37% of those who turned out in the election and only 24% of registered voters.They have no mandate for their agenda of brutal austerity, yet it's clear they intend to engage in an all-out assault on public services and democratic rights, including the right to strike. Despite grandstanding on this or that issue, all the Assembly Executive parties are signed up to implementing the cuts on the Tories' behalf. We can't let them away with it or our generation will face a future of mass unemployment, poverty and division. Enough is enough - workers and young people need to stand up and fight back!

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