Prince Charles Denies IRA Membership – Washington Post

Ed Moloney with a brief look at Washington Post claim that Prince Charles denied ever having been a member of the IRA. Ed Moloney blogs at The Broken Elbow.

Here, courtesy of Gawker, is one claim about never having been in the IRA that is really believable (hat tip to SB):


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  1. One has only to read the comment section of that GAWKER so called Media Site to see that there are many Pro british trolls around .
    Take the poster PootMcFruitcakes

    Who claims to have been "evacuated dozens of times..and to have been within minutes of been blown up in Birmingham!!!!!!!

    I maen it's completely Walter Mitty stuff.
    The British are going into overdrive to gain sympathy for themselves in the USA.
    It reminds me of paid trolls that Israel uses when it's killing civilians in Gaza and elsewhere.
    I am not suggesting the Brits are paying these. These could be volunteers from the Daily Mail.
    Who can't understand why Britain is despised Worldwide.