Christy Walsh Hunger Strike: Day 17

Christy Walsh on Day 17 of his hunger strike with a copy of an email he sent this morning to Stormont First Minister Peter Robinson and his deputy, Martin McGuinness.

Dear Mr Robinson and Mr McGuinness

Today is my 17th day on Hunger-strike.

Below is copy of the note Kevin Winter's clerk took on 12th January 2012:

12. Counsel for the Applicant highlighted to the court that this was not the only ground on which the Applicant was seeking to advance his case and that we had firm instructions to pursue all issues as part of this Judicial Review challenge
13. Weatherup J indicated that we can restructure the case to take account of all grounds in the new Notice of Motion and that the court will deal with all of these issues on 24/1/12.13

A list of all the issues referred to by Weatherup J were attached to my letter to you both dated 12th February 2015.   I have for your convenience attached 2 documents my lawyers lodged with the court on 16th February 2012 and although "we had firm instructions to pursue all issues" not a single one of the issues was raised during the actual Hearing on 31st May 2012Kevin Winters has insisted that he had no idea Karen Quinlivan was going to sabotage them all.

On 22 February David Ford's lawyer tried to have all the grounds struck out to make the Hearing about a single issue around compensation.  The Judge, agreed to consider any compensation arguments the Minister wished to make, but informed David Ford that he would still have to address the issues that the judicial review was about.  My lawyers recorded the exchange between Weatherup J and David Ford's lawyer as follows:

The Judge agreed but stated there were additional matters that were raised by the Applicant – and also papers before the Court that were not relevant to the compensation issue itself but were relevant to the other complaints

There was discussion about how the issue of the Ministers refusal to exercise his statutory powers to refer the misconduct of the PPS to the CJI be dealt with and whether that was a free standing challenge – unconnected to the JR about the refusal of compensation.

David Ford, with the First and Deputy First Ministers' approval, continues to refuse to exercise his statutory powers and refer the prosecutorial misconduct to the CJI.

The question for you Mr Robinson, and for you Mr McGuinness, is this, have you both decided that you would each rather see me dead than have David Ford do what he is lawfully obliged to do? 

Yours Sincerely
Christy Walsh

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  1. God bless you Christy. To do time for something you did is bad enough but to do it for nothing must be the worst thing a man can come through. You probably realise that the Brit murder machine never does anything wrong,in their own eyes. I wouldn't hold out any great hope of any worthwhile support from peter the punt or Lizzie's newest bestest friend Marty. They are part and parcel of the establishment now,us plebs don't count. As for what's his name,ford all you have to do is look at him to see the utter useless cunt that he is. I can still recall limp dick denning,I think it was,spewing about the 'terrible vista' that would occur if British justice was shown to be a farce. Nothing has changed. Best of luck. You do have support.

  2. Christy you will either break and come of your H strike. Or you will compromise what you would want to attain.

    I am sorry mate but I have to tell u that u r fucked. Unfortunately we have SF who were supposed to be the champions of republicanism, but it has turned into. SF defending,(at all costs), the big plan. Some people used to call it the big picture. Republicans no longer have a voice because a man whom covered up for his peodoe dad and rapist brother rules and commands the minds of those who are only to willing to sell themselves for less than, dignaty.

    The brits broke republican revolution through Gerry Adams and agent Mc Guinness. gerry has got too old, and has made some wHoppers. But what he has is a steady stream of leamings, all to willing to throw themselves on the fires of sacrifice.

    It is up to each and every republican who is truly republican to oppose brit rule. SF administer it but they cant take us irish men and women with them. if we say no more to them.

    You live with yourself, I will live with me.

  3. Christy, im sure you have enough but some advice if i may. Can you detail how your life isnt worth living at present because of the injustice in some of these letters. We are dealing with politicians, so its worth considering whether they truly believe your intention is to die if your demands are not met, or they are banking on your withdrawal from hunger strike. You just need to convince them the fallout of your protest will be worse for them than yielding now, so that means convincing them that death is preferable to continued living in the present situation, and convincing them that they will be seen to be responsible (not an office, the courts or a Ministry). It might go into areas you would rather of kept private, but even shame is better than death.