Sean Heuston Society Dublin Challenge Planned ‘Love Ulster’ Parade And Vow To Oppose It On The Streets

The 1916 Societies vow to oppose the planned Love Ulster march through Dublin city centre.

Sean Heuston Society
The 1916 Societies note with interest the proposed ‘Love Ulster’ parade through Dublin has not been banned by the authorities of the 26-County state. The aforementioned parade intends to pass through Dublin City Centre, including the GPO.

March organiser Willie Frazer, an ardent supporter of Loyalist paramilitaries, such as notorious mass-murderer Billy Wright, has previously attempted to march through our nation’s capital carrying placards of an individual said to be involved in the terrorist attacks on Dublin and Monaghan in 1974.

Mr. Frazer claims the parade is in support of victims’ rights. The Sean Heuston Society reject this claim on the basis that Frazer and his followers appear only to be concerned about victims who come from a Unionist background. On these grounds, we call this parade for what it is; a spectacle of bigotry and an attempt at provocation.

The previous ‘Love Ulster’ parade consisted of banners stating members of the Orange Order could ‘March the Queen’s Highway – Why not Garvaghy Road?’ – an indication in itself of how other parts of this country, such as the community of Ardoyne every 12th July, play host to similar provocative displays.

With that in mind, we as Dublin republicans must consider how a parade passing through our city can and will be used by regressive elements as a yardstick for Orange parades in the North of Ireland, basically as an excuse to force such unwanted parades on host communities elsewhere.

So while we oppose this march on the basis it is being held under the false pretence of ‘victims’ rights’, we are also opposed, and believe it must be prohibited, on the principle that the people of Dublin do not want this parade to take place for the same reason as the people of the Garvaghy Road and Ardoyne – they do not want incursions into their areas by bigots. The people of Dublin have in numerous polls rejected this parade at an astounding average of 80%.

With all that in mind, the Sean Heuston Society will oppose this parade on the streets if it is allowed to take place and we call on others to do likewise and ensure Dublin is not used as a stick with which to beat besieged Irish citizens in other parts of our country.

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  1. The Constitution of the Irish Republic is our "yard stick" not Dublin.