Commie in Out of Cold! Sinners Are on Red Alert.

John Coulter with his weekly Irish Daily Star column. John Coulter is a radical right wing unionist writer and an evangelical Christian.

Bring back the Stickies, all is forgiven!

The spirits of leading Irish commies James Connolly and Cathal Goulding must be chuckling hysterically after the Greeks elected Red Alex as its new Prime Minister.

Alexis Tsipras is an open communist and his Hard Left party, Syriza, has formed the new Greek government along with MPs from the Centre Right Independent Greeks party.

If Southern Irish voters follow the Greek example, their protest vote will see Shinner boss Gerry Adams become the new Taoiseach with the rising Iron Lady of Irish politics, Lucinda Creighton and her new planned Centre Right party, taking over as Tanaiste.

What Red Alex has achieved is to make the daft politics of looney Marxism a trendy vote winner when protesting against austerity cuts.

If Sinn Fein can keep its nerve, avoid any more IRA scandals, and get its vote out, Adams will at least be moving into the Tanaiste’s office in Leinster House.

But if Gerry was to ditch the green shamrock for the openly red hammer and sickle, would the Irish people be so pissed off with King Kenny and his cuts regime that they could give Red Gerry the top job in the Dail?

Republican pensioners would then be mumbling through their false teeth – where’s the Workers’ Party when you need it?

After the disastrous IRA border campaign finally flopped in 1962, Goulding wanted republicans to adopt a purely political agenda and an avowedly communist one at that.

In this respect, he was trying to copy the antics of Scottish communist turned Irish republican James Connolly, who by 1916 had launched his Hard Left Irish Socialist Republican Party – until the Brits shot him!

Ironically, the Provies split from what became known as the Stickies in the late Sixties because they thought Commie Cathal had become too Red!

But if Red Alex’s Greek onslaught is a benchmark, looks like Commie Cathal was right all along.

What Ireland now needs to cure its austerity nightmare is a good dose of idiotic Marxism washed down with a hopefully healthy dose of Irish Lady Lucy’s Centre Right honey!

The Stickies tried a number of brands to sell Marxism to the Irish people, including Official Sinn Fein, Republican Clubs, the Workers’ Party, and Democratic Left.

But the good old staunch Catholic voters were having none of this commie crap and the iron grip of the Irish bishops held firm.

However, all that was before the child sex abuse scandals rocked the Irish Catholic Church.

Commies may be Godless atheists, but at least they weren’t using their Marxist cloaks as a cover to abuse children.

If Red Alex can persuade the Greek middle class to go communist, could Red Gerry nudge the Southern Catholic middle class to make Sinn Fein the largest party in the next Dail?

And this would be the perfect excuse for Stormont’s Deputy First Minister, the dark green Mr McGuinness to become the Assembly’s Red Marty, ruling alongside a Red Robbo from the Unionist camp.

Working class loyalists are constantly moaning they have been abandoned by the middle class run Unionist parties.

Red Alex has certainly proved it’s cool to be a commie. No wonder British Labour boss Red Ed Miliband was in the North trying to court Northern MPs.

The Christian Churches have failed to give proper leadership, so maybe it’s time to revamp the old Communist Party of Northern Ireland.

Just call me Comrade Coulter from now on! After all, judging by His Sermon on the Mount manifesto in the Biblical New Testament, Jesus Christ was the first real communist.

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