Outside The Box: Take 5

Sean Mallory challenges the notion of there being absolute free speech.

  • Paris may change all this. But a lot of true stories have been spiked because of Britain’s absurdly costly libel laws rather than any threat of violence - Robert Fisk, Independent, Sunday 11th Jan 2015.
Charlie Hebdo cartoon

An attack on freedom of speech, an attack on democracy and an attack on humanity, are all descriptive statements about the attack on the staff of Charlie Hebdo.

“A heinous act of inexcusable and unjustifiable murder”...these are my words.

The world reacted with global condemnation and the bitterness of each consecutive denouncement was intensified by adjectives I’d seldom heard. I watched and read how journalists around the world stood in defiance at the horror, praised the courage of the Hebdo journalists and judged as cowards of freedom of speech, those journalists who ‘spiked’ their reports of Jihadism in fear of reprisals.

I watched and read how thousands and then millions marched and gathered to express their contempt for these murderers, to show empathy to the deceased’s families, but most of all to demonstrate their defiance to the perpetrators masters. And I watched as they were all lead through the streets of Paris by the world’s leaders or their representatives, linked arm in arm.

World leaders, who between them have murdered thousands, who have transgressed international criminal laws, who have twisted and remoulded the destruction of countless lives to suit their interpretation of history, who’s systematic butchery of women and children is explained away as necessary for national security, who excuse their acts of violence as working for the better good, who’s acts of piracy and murder on the high seas is excused by their funding of carefully chosen personnel to write favourable reports, and who describe their wanton destruction of lives with the sickening term of ‘collateral damage’......

But when does satire become racist and propaganda? Did the likes of Charlie Hebdo invite this response by its witty mockery of something held very dear to a particular group of people but which it would seem, held in contempt? Would we sit and mutter our contempt, ringed within the concept of freedom of speech, if such satire was continually referencing the hunger strikers? How many agree with the condemnation of the attack on the Belfast Telegraph or with Michael Collins purported act against a British supporting newspaper recently brought to light by Adams? Freedom of speech in its true essence is a fine and mighty concept and many have been sent to their deaths in its defense but very, very few have ever been allowed to fully express it. Is it an ideal that is unrealistic? Is it utopian to believe that it actually exists? If not attacks such as that on Charlie Hebdo thwarts the expressing of this concept then in our modern world fear of libel does for libel costs money.

We live in a western society that has gone to war on all occasions, not for the interests of the few or greed for another’s resources, but for democracy and freedom! We live in a society that constantly informs us how much freedom we actually have by comparing us to a despot in some far of flung corner of the world, albeit never a friendly one! Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. Our civil liberties have slowly been whittled away under the guise of keeping us safe with odd bursts of erosion occurring around attacks such as this. Is freedom of speech an illusory ideal used by those in control to dispel the truth of reality? Is it an ideal worth defending or worse still dying for?

The Jihadist brothers, having been disposed of, had in their own way been censored by the very people who spent the previous days screaming about the right to freedom of speech. The brothers attack, carried out with elite military precision, was never meant to end in this manner. Careful to hide their identity (damn that auld ID card) and the presence of a getaway vehicle signals quite clearly that this wasn’t the usual Jihadist attack. Unlike that other Paris Jihadist whose murdered victims were chosen by their religion and who had no intention of running, the brothers were the complete opposite. Then the condemnation began to flow and flow and flow. An attack on the right to freedom of speech being the most lauded statement of them all and rightly so. All culminating in the Paris march where world leaders or their representatives, leading arm in arm, marched with the bourgeoisie.

And alas poor Yorick, at that hypocritical sight my sympathies began to wane.

In the hub of global decision making, Stormont, those wily MLAs, free for a while from the public eye analysing their treacherous and weasel-like agreements and expense accounts, also unleashed their vehement disapproval by alluding to their victimised past and how they too, have suffered at the hands of terrorism, Irish terrorism – no mention of British State terrorism, but somehow survived and showed their defiance to PIRA by also marching to their no-surrender drum beat.

Such occasions as this always allow a freehand to the British Unionists to cast further aspersions on the Provisional IRA’s campaign of murder with reference to their murderous attack on the Belfast Telegraph Offices decades upon decades ago, in a vain attempt to equate it with Charlie Hebdo and of course followed with a whimper of reference to Unionist paramilitary acts of violence but no mention of any hideous specific attack. A pathetic and derisory attempt to emulate their pain on to the world stage of Charlie Hebdo ... my heart bleeds. A covert message to Parisians that defiance will win the day ... not logic.

The Nationalist MLA’s kept to their political tight-rope act of not offending Britain by carefully balancing their own condemnation in such a manner as not only does it not represent a true reflection of history, it doesn’t even represent the feelings of their electorate, but only succeeds to further the revisionist interpretation of Irish history – Britain is not to blame. i.e., they ‘spiked’ their own statements. Although to be fair, McDonnell of the SDLP did refer to the demise of Martin O’Hagan. Terrorist acts like plaster of Paris stick so best to keep your head down!

No condemnation of Britain’s allies Saudi Arabia who have imprisoned and executed journalists. No condemnation of America’s allies Egypt who have imprisoned, tortured and executed journalists. No mention of the abuses of freedom of speech carried out in these countries by authorities who at times sit and sip tea with Her Majesty and talk horses.

All condemn, but few use logic to ask why?


  1. Did the likes of Charlie Hebdo invite this response by its witty mockery of something held very dear to a particular group of people but which it would seem, held in contempt?

    Quite Sean, and do shorts skirts encourage rapists? The truth is axiomatic to the unbiased, the fact its repeatedly asked implies something in itself though. (Did six million really die? Is another example)

    ...at that hypocritical sight my sympathies began to wane.

    World leaders are hypocrites etc. Its hardly the most important facet of the Paris attacks though (or the the most offensive example of hypocrasy in the aftermath) , and shouldnt reflect on what had taken place to those victims who had your sympathy.Its just a media event, you aren't unduly moved by the corporate media are you?

  2. Daithi,
    In a way the hypocriscy of the west is quite important as it would be used as justification for such acts. We can't ignore the link between western imperialism and the radicalisation of a number of muslims. I know you believe the koran encourages violence, and maybe it does, but as long as you have civilian casualties as a result of imperialist wars, then revenge attacks, whatever way they manifest themselves, are inevitable. 50 civilians were killed in a western backed air strike the day after Paris, where is the outrage for they people, where is the million people march. For if we don't show compassion to te victims of western aggression and show resistane to such actions the numbers of jihadis will swell and attacks such as paris become evermore common place. It is all intertwined.

  3. For if we don't show compassion to te victims of western aggression and show resistane to such actions the numbers of jihadis will swell and attacks such as paris become evermore common place. It is all intertwined.

    And the banking cartels will sell arms and fund both sides and make millions in the process while the human race eliminates itself, until there are only a million or so of us left and the NWO win...

    I often wonder how much is staged managed (the carnage on TV everyday)..

    West Africa is in a bigger mess than the middle East at present... Lucky if the brothers get lip service..

  4. David, the supermarket attack could, at first glance (or traditional Leftard myopia) be attributed to anti-imperialist sentiment, being a member of ISIS who are being bombed by France etc. Except the guy was plotting attacks as early as 2010. The brothers of the Charlie attack have said themselves they were implementing the penalty for blasphemy. Its incredible the religious aspect is routinely dismissed by all but a few commentators (Douglas Murray, Maajid Nawaz come to mind initially). But ive explained this elsewhere, and I don’t want to hijack the thread with off topic stuff. This article interested me because of the parallels to notions that are rightly seen as abhorrent.

  5. Frankie,
    The banking elite have been benefiting from War ever since the Rothschilds used the Napoleonian wars to manipulate and seize control of the bank of England. Longer. What I mean with resistance is a serious movement against imperialist expansions. We can go to all the anti war parades you want but it does no good. It carries on as usual. What you need is prolonged non-compliance with the ruling elite no matter how much it costs us, but that wont happen for it is easier to blame immigration, muslims,jews whoever than it is to accept that our compliance with the status quo in the west results in the deaths of millons.
    I often dream of a day when young men all around the globe tell their respective governments to fight their own wars. That is all it will be a dream. Hope everything is well with you and yours amid all the mistrust and suspicion.

  6. Daithi,
    You're right you have covered your opinions on this before but it's tiring, the west will point to Paris and scream " they are out to smash your freedoms" the muslim clerics will point to Iraq and say " this is their democracy, genocide" and on and on the cycle of hate, killing and finger pointing goes. It is to easy for me to blame it all on religious fascists. They only exist on the scale they do thanks to western intervention.

  7. That was a refreshing read. I had almost become numb with the tsunami of hypocrisy of late.

    Nationalist MLAs these days keeping their heads down not wanting to upset London is as embarrassing as the Vichy French.

    Unionists simply ape their masters in taking the unending standpoint that imperialism and colonialism is a virtue and those who oppose it are the only terrorists and criminals. There is no admission that bombing and murdering 3rd world civies and terrorising communities around the globe can possibly be responsible for attacks at 'home' There is never a connection. Merely a result of an inferior criminal mind-set. Nothing else. They are perpetual innocent victims.

    I think the journalists had every right to print whatever they saw fit in jest. Sometimes the ability to laugh, especially at ones self is a blessing, I have had plenty cause in that department. Slander or false accusation on the other hand is an ugly business and libel laws as pointed out in this excellent article can deal with that. And should!

    But freedom of speech does not apply any more than our 'leaders' actually intend applying it. They are a collective of professional liars and criminals and murderers of the foreign masses, who understand each other and draw comfort from that fact. But as long as they control The Sun, The Star-s and the Mirror we look in, they will have nothing to fear.

  8. I'm with you David.. I want people to wake up and the the governments fight their own wars. And like you, Grouch, Sean bres and others...

    Tell the bankers to go and fuck themselves.

    There is a name that says loads, 'Goldman-sachs'.... Basically a Man with Sacks of Gold...GoldSmith, kinda like a Blacksmith only he works with Gold..

    If you (anyone) calls themselves Republican (Irish or other) then tell they banks to sling their hook and print interest free money..

  9. Thanks David, its not so much tiring but I detect my analysis is about as welcome as diarrhoea in a spacesuit on this subject. I find some of the discourse from others utterly baffling too. If its not following the anti-imperialist, anti-racist narrative, its talking of the religious aspect in utterly false terminology like “Islamist” extremism, and I have compared the accuracy of this term to “dissident” republicanism before.(Hint: It disingenuous). Yet implicit in what you and most others write, you think are in some vanguard, defending Muslims from an onslaught from politicians and the media. This onslaught exists nowhere of importance, every major media outlet and every mainstream politician discounts the potential motive for the attacks to have a basis in Islamic doctrine. I myself pray for the fracking revolution to grow exponentially, so that we in the West have no strategic interests in that region anymore. This is probably why Leftards are so in favour of fracking too…wait,er…*quenelles*.

  10. From Sean Mallory


    Actually yes, I would imagine that short skirts would encourage those with a sick propensity to commit rape, to commit rape...it certainly doesn’t discourage them!
    As regards the ‘media event’ afterwards – it’s what results from such events that is sickening. Those world leaders who in lead the march from 200 yards in front of main body of people, surrounded by their aides, secretaries and personal assistants, created the impression with the help of the world media that they were one with the people, that they act with the best interests of the people in mind, and that they feel their pain too, when in fact they as they usually are, are completely distant from the people......a false impression propagated by the media who could be accused of encouraging a particular viewpoint that teeters on propaganda.....results of this hi-jacking of the people will see more civil liberties erased and the freedom to shoot first and ask questions later!
    Where is the sincerity when, as a show of strength and unity against the Jihadists, a world leader links arms with another world leader who murdered hundreds of men, women and children in the summer before and should be awaiting trial for crimes against humanity?

  11. Regarding the media, the girl who had her face plastered all over TV globally by the same said media and who was basically already tried and convicted as a massive hunt was launched for her throughout France should possibly take legal action , should she not? She wasn't even in the country. I think the term is guilty by association. And how many did the sectarian RUC sling into jail here in full and deliberate knowledge they were not the people responsible for particular incidents/actions.

    She wasn't even in the country, but had she been present in France and then eventually 'captured' by the authorities, would she have received justice?

    The media are not simply upholders of free speech and democracy, they are agents of the state, facilitators, propagandist and all too often spies.

    The case of the woman I mention reminds me of the obsession Lurgan RUC have with Collie Duffy, it defies all reason and logic at times and is beyond doubt a personal vendetta. I'm surprised they didn't put out an arrest warrant for Collie for the Paris shootings, media assisted of course!

  12. One other thought that came to me was that it is dangerous to let journalists wrap themselves in the cloak of free speech and democracy and all things 'good'. Did not child rapists wear dog-collars for centuries?

  13. Sean, I didint dispute the leaders hypocrasy, I questioned you as to why this affected your feelings towards the victims. And as i stated in previous comments, marching policiticans were not the only hypocrites. Here is a comment from a news article about Wednesdays edition of the magazine, it shows that not everyone got the memo on what “Je Suis Charlie” was about, it was not an anti-violence message, it was a pro-free speech message, but people chose to view a Muslim presence as proof of their acceptance of free speech principle , and the media certianly trumpeted this:

    “They had the chance to calm things down but instead they decided to pour oil on the fire,” said Bab, a 31-year-old Algerian working in a mobile phone shop in the mostly north African district of L’Epeule.
    “I went on the ‘unity march’ [called in reaction to last week’s deadly attacks on Charlie Hebdo] here on Sunday, and I condemn the violence. But the magazine just goes ahead and puts this blasphemy on its front page. I feel betrayed.

    Listen carefully to evey condemnation of the Paris attacks from this constituency, its very nuanced, and never implies the acceptance of the principle of being able to draw the cartoons. it never repudiates the penalties from the blasphemy law trangression.But people hear what they need to hear in these things, comfort of the herd and self deception are so powerful.

  14. Another thing that's gone off the radar is the world elite who met in Paris the other day for a free photo shoot.. These are some (if not all) of the same people who go to places like Bohemian Grove and dress up like the KKK and preform sexual satantic rituals in front of a huge wooden owl.. They also preform mock human sacrifices (some say there have been real human sacrifices)..

    I believe it's all inter-connected and if Irish republicans are serious about wanting a 32 democratic republic, I hope their finance minister doesn't accept an invitation to Bilderberg like Ireland’s Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan accepted in 2012.. At the bottom rung of the NWO ladder it's all about common purpose.....

    What was it Connolly said 100 yrs or so ago...

    "If you remove the English army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain. England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs. "

    The man was well a head of pack... He knew the score.

  15. Daithi,
    Thanks for the reply. Couple of things. First for me it is not about the left-right paradigm. For me both wings of the establishment are as corrupt as each other. The whole system has to go, in particular, the failed, corrupt banking system. People might argue what would you replace it with, well surely any intelligent society can put in place a functioning system that doesn't rely on misrepresentation, theft and destruction as a basis of income. That is assuming an intelligent society exists.
    Secondly, I don't think I am blindly defending muslims, especially those who kill for god, they disgust me if I am being honest. Shooting people because they insulted some historical figure is beyond my comprehension. I do believe however that most muslims left to their own devices would be level headed human beings, maybe I am wrong and they all want to launch a crusade if you will, but I don't believe that. The biggest recruiting seargent for any movement, islamist or other will be the persecution of their people, you remove that, you remove much of their determination.
    Thirdly, I believe their is an assualt on Islam, particuarly by fox news, You had judge Jeanine screaming "kill them all" Sean Hannity asking a Muslim civil rights lawyer if he supportted I.S, and on and on. I think that is a disgrace. Being a purist on free speech I believe they have a right to say it. It would be nice if it was a bit more balanced and it was debates instead of rants but there you are.
    Lasty rearding your analysis, I quite enjoy it. We,ve had a to and fro on here before about the stock market, I think, but that is the whole point of it no? to put your point across, debate and who knows maybe learn something. P.s my spellcheck is broke so forgive any typos.

  16. In a 'democratic' society where the voices of the people are heard it's imperative to ensure that the people say the 'right' thing. For more on this see Lasswell's "The Strategy of Revolutionary War and Propoganda" (1933. Chicago University Press) It seems even more relevant now than in 1933 and is a sort of forerunner to Chomsky and Herman's "Manufacturing Consent".

  17. From Sean Mallory


    We don’t understand the Muslim world because it doesn’t fit in with our Western interpretation of the world and the Muslim world doesn’t understand us for the same reason. Thus the rise of the theocrat. Until we do, Charlie Hebdo’s will happen again and again and again. Telling them that it’s only a joke and to take it easy just doesn’t wash with them as borne out by this and countless other attacks.

    I recently watched a TV series on the rise and fall of the Inca Empire ( I know, I know, I really need to that previously Western archaeologists adapted Western concepts and ideas of what an ‘empire’ is and how they rise and fall in their application of understanding the Inca Empire.

    The episode went on to explain the major differences between how the Inca perceived the world and built their societies and how the West perceived the world and built their societies.....they were very, very different. When this alternative Inca view was employed in their archaeological investigations a completely different understanding of the Inca Empire was revealed. In actual fact, a more enlightened one for the archaeologists which changed their preconceived ideas of the Inca.

    The West declaring this as an attack on ‘Freedom of Speech’ is a pointless exercise if the Muslim world isn’t listening or doesn’t care. It only becomes poignant when the response we receive is reciprocated. Failing that, only through proper understanding of each other can we progress to a state where cartoons don’t become blasphemous and are accepted for what they are - satire.

    I was going to go on and talk about respect but then I realised that I was beginning to sound like an MLA regurgitating all those stomach churning clich├ęs.

    So, Daithi, it’s enough to know that my heart goes out to the families of the deceased for they are truly the only ones who will genuinely miss them.

  18. Well we are screwed then, because the world is with us right now, for example we all eat unlabled halal meat in the UK now.
    As some witty poster (whose name escapes me) on the quill said, thank God for IRA putting horsemeat into the beef burgers making them un-halal, it saved us Catholics from honouring Ballah.

  19. @ Sean Mallory..
    We don’t understand the Muslim world because it doesn’t fit in with our Western interpretation of the world and the Muslim world doesn’t understand us for the same reason.

    I can't buy into that line for a few reasons... firstly, people don't understand their local taliban because they don't engage with them. People try it sometime.. Secondly, RELGION doesn't fit in with 21 century values.

    When you start stipping things down to the bare bones the only real difference between a practising (or not) European/Western Christian and a practising (or not ) Muslim... The taliban genernally have a better sun tan. Whats the difference between a god fearing Christian living south of the Mason Dixon in rural Arkansas preaching 'hell fire and brimstone' and a god fearing Muslim in sunny Saudia preaching about Momo? All the same bollicks..

    All we have today is a 21st century version of the crusades.. In full blown 1080 hd...

    @ Larry,
    Regarding the media, the girl who had her face plastered all over TV globally by the same said media and who was basically already tried and convicted as a massive hunt was launched for her throughout France should possibly take legal action , should she not? She wasn't even in the country

    If she is in Syria... Chances are she'll become another 'White Widow' or poster girl...I think there is a very frightened vunerable young woman who is lost.....

    But she did live in the leafy suburbs and worked in place called Juvisy-sur-Orge up until 2009/10 and then dropped of the French intel radar.. And became radicalized. Last week when I first heard she worked in Juvisy I messaged someone and said 'I wonder how long Grigny takes to show up on the radar" (the link is basically a top 10 of 'hot spots' in the leafy suburbs).. and low and behold last night/early this morning the French police raided.. Montrouge, Grigny, Chatenay-Malabry, Epinay-sur-Seine and Fleury-Merogis overnight,. If anyone ever goes to the leafy suburbs, take the RER C/D south and get of at Juvisy and take the DM4 bus to the Grande Bourne or the DM5 bus to Fleury and ask the heads what do they think about events over the past week and La france in general and you'll end up with a reply similar to asking someone from Ardoyne, Falls, South Armagh, Derry or East Tryrone about what do they think about the PSNI getting killed...... Today's press reports reckon there is 120,000 police and soldiers out patroling and keeping people safe... All for the optics.. France can't afford to keep the place in a lock down. France want the postcard back and , I've been saying for while, the postcard is history (it got lost under Chiracs 2nd term)....

  20. Sorry David, Id missed your point first time around.I dont trust the media at all, especially on subjects like this, I'll believe they are critical when they dont censor quoting of Islamic verses, I was kicked off a BBC 5-Live phone in once for it. And anyway, who cares what the media say, when this sort of dis-ingenuity and sycophancy goes on amongst our rulers :

    Mr Henry Bellingham (North West Norfolk) (Con): Is the Home Secretary aware that when the Prophet Mohammed moved from Mecca to Medina all those years ago to establish the first Islamic state, he did not set up a sectarian caliphate, such as that demanded by the Paris murderers, but rather, under the charter of Medina, he created a multi-faith society, where Jews and Christians had the right to worship and were able to proclaim their faiths?

    Mrs May: I am grateful to my hon. Friend for elucidating that fact for the House. It is very clear — everybody is very clear — that the attacks were not about Islam. The voices of Muslim communities and Muslim leaders in the United Kingdom, France and across the world have made it very clear that the attacks were not undertaken in their name. We should reiterate that very clear message.

  21. David Cameron says young UK Muslims becoming radicalised is an issue that must be dealt with. Unfortunately he deliberately refuses to draw the connection between drone strikes mutilating and killing their relatives back in their home countries not to mention illegal wars and the ruination of Muslim nations.

    Once again, Cameron and the West start from a position of denial of any notion of wrong doing on their part. The 'problem' came out of nowhere obviously.

  22. With Islamic terrorism reaching the shores of Europe and taking world headlines, I think we should step back and concentrate on the plight of millions of babies through-out the world who, through no fault of their own are are born like this

  23. A completely bogus diecussion when the reality of, liabel laws, incitement laws, social acceptance and a whole raft of considerations are usually at play before one opens their mouth. There is freedom of speach as long as the appropriate internal filters are functioning.

    In democrotised countries, almost all aspects of an individuals life is being shaped/moulded into doing the, (right) things. For many a journey through the education system is deemed a success if you come out of it a tax paying consumer, cos you are making a positive contribution to society. You fall through the education system. end up on the dole and very many will regard you as a waster.

    Society does not just censor what we say, it shapes what you will be regarded as within its community.

    Its a hard job these days staying on the dole, you really have to work hard at it. Not being materalistic is my saviour in most things. Being on the dole means you dont have as much as some others but it does mean you can spend your days with those who are dearest to you. I will take that over a soul destroying 9 to 5 anytime. Those who have jobs they love doing, are truly fotunate.

    Life seems at times to be one big morgage paying scheme, whether it is paying for a home, a car, phones, home/life insurance, rates,lecky,gas,oil,water, the list is endless.

    The slavery of the modern world goes under the radar for most people and to these folks I offer my sincerest sympathy. For no other reason than what they are has been manufactured by others.

    It would not be realistic to say I liked Adolf, for that I would have needed to know him. Though I do like the thrust of what he was trying to achieve. Pol pot just did, nt go far enough, where was the international dimension to policy. If I said I would love to destroy every human on this planet, I am a header and by n large ignored but I narrow that down to, say arabs, then I am racist, and obviously still a header, I am not a racist if I say that, I want to kill Jews, no, I am anti semteic.

    Point, you have freedom to die and that is only because nobody can control it. Although that time is fast approaching with genetic engineering.

    Now, it is Sunday about the most easy going day of the week. You folks all have a nice day. I am going to put the feet up and look out the window!.