Anne Devlin Society To Host Talk On The Burning Of Long Kesh

The Anne Devlin Society with an announcement about the talk it will be hosting on the burning of Long Kesh forty years ago.  The announcement also featured on the web page of the 1916 Societies.

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On Thursday 6th November the Anne Devlin Society Belfast will be hosting a talk on the Burning of Long Kesh in the Red Devil Bar on the Falls Road at 8pm.

Speakers will include those who were sentenced prisoners and internees at the time – who witnessed the brutality and subsequent burning first hand.

Eibhlinn Brady, a sentenced prisoner in Armagh at the time, will also provide an account of the women’s response to the unfolding events in Long Kesh.

Everyone welcome and those looking further information can contact the Anne Devlin Society on their Facebook page or get in touch with us here on this site.


  1. Hope it goes well. November a busy month or I'd have seriously made an effort to go to that. Will await the 'report' on here in due course.

  2. It should be good Larry. All those speaking were involved in all aspects of the event as it unfolded, and that
    Includes the Armagh women taking of the governor and the murder of Hugh Coney.