The Poor Need to Shake Themselves, the Bastards

Bringing them in to hollow them out is a standard trick by the ruling bloc across the continents and the epochs: seduce the blood and thunder radicals into the machinations of government so that the axe of the rich can fall more easily on the neck of the poor.

The kings and queens of harem are content to have the cover provided by their new royalty loving eunuchs who will unfailingly claim that only for them matters could have been much worse. The eunuchs don’t say this because they actually believe it but because it allows them to camouflage what they know they should not have done.

There is no wrongful situation in the world, no matter how terrible, that cannot be rationalised by such a stance: war crimes, torture, murder, rape, slavery – the eunuchs can always be found to say, 4000 raped is better than 5000, the war crimes would be much worse if they were free to do them on their own: our participation lessened the effect. To the extent that it is not as bad, the rationale offered for it never quite explains the complicity of the eunuchs in the most horrendous of things. It does however reveal their limited strategic intellect, that can only allow them to be part of and not apart from. With such compliance the ruling bloc will always achieve its objectives on the basis of give a little to take a lot.

Martin McGuinness standing justifying the Tory cuts he is about to recommend was a snap shot of catastrophic republican failure. He lacked the integrity to tell the public that what his party was doing was terrible but all other avenues had been closed; that the British had snookered them, leaving them with nowhere else to go given that remaining in office was the overriding strategic priority. Nothing like that from McGuinness who instead chose to defend the assault on society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable. He told those with serious reservations about playing Kapo to the Tories to 'to give themselves a shake': just shake the ethical thought that this is wrong out of your heads so that the real shake, the shake down of the poorest in society can go full steam ahead.

Much like the service rendered to Fine Gael by the Labour Party, the cutting edge of the IRA has become the condom of the Tory Party, something to cover the dishonourable member as it screws the poor. 

Now Sinn Fein is reduced to painting a smile on the face of the rotten corpse of the republicanism it once proclaimed. The institutions could have collapsed, the public were told, even if the public have no memory of things being worse under direct rule. This is the same right-reformist logic that is at the heart of Brendan Howlin’s claim that ‘we needed a viable Government and we needed Fine Gael’s conservative instincts tempered. We’ve made difficult decisions undoubtedly.’

The excuses it seems span the continents and epochs as well.

There is no point in radicals being in these coalitions unless they can halt and then reverse cuts as a part of an uninterrupted redistribution – gradualist if there is no other way – of wealth from the top to the bottom. All that has happened in the North through the agreed draft budget is a redistribution of wealth from the poorest to the richest. Not, republican, not democratic, not radical, just obsequious kowtowing to the Tories.

The revenge of the Tories on the IRA will be the laughter of rich children. And we know who they are laughing at: the former Derry butcher boy their wealthy parents got to make the cuts they, and not the North's disadvantaged, wanted.


  1. So depressingly 'spot on'. The social elite have realised that to give the 'people' the elusion of change is sufficient. Instead of keeping Mandela in jail they released and pampered him. One person along with a few cronies, and the anti-apartheid movement is no longer relevant. Job done! Same in the north. Give SF the elusion of a government role and hey-presto, the Irish wolf becomes a Corgi.

    Obama is even worse. His version of 'change' ended up making George Bush Jnr look like Mother Theresa.

    But it is the world we now live in. How many bubble and bursts do we require. How many economic crashes globally before all the silent self serving academics, those professors in economics, business and finance and banking studies actually engage in debate or flag up in advance that sleazy politicians and elected gangsters and banksters are in the process of destroying another country?

    It is the people who are the Eunuchs I fear. We let them away with it time and again. Today is protest day on water charges thank God, and we will be attending.

  2. 1. I'd be grateful if someone would give me their alternative to the present economic system common to the main British and Irish parties.

    I assume it will be socialist in form. But how exactly would it deal with the present crisis and how would it operate once things were stabilised?

    Keep it simple, folks, for an economic beginner!

    2. I'm no defender of SF, but it seems to me they have no choice about signing up to the DUP-proposed version of the Tory cut-backs. We in NI do not control the purse, so we have to play sufficient ball with those who do, or lose even more. Had SF/DUP the money-bag, then they could rightly be criticised for the cuts.

    What solution do you propose?

  3. Yip instead of admitting that they fucked up the bastards who claim tp be the "leadership"of PRM sold the lie that it was all part of the bigger plan,equality now reunification next and what happens inbetween is for your own good,the fucking eejits who buy this crap are of the same mentality as those who marched off whistling to their deaths in world war 1,while clear and sensible voices like Connolly warned against such,the people have been fucked stupid by both church and state that they now seem almost incapable of raising a murmur when yet another tax is foisted upon them,they indeed act like this is our lot,what else can we do? Thankfullu voices and leadership have now begun to surface,people like Clare Daly TD and Tommy Doc here in Belfast are starting to shake the slumbering masses out of their brainwashed stupor that our former leaders induced,hopefully the people will wake up and wise up before there is nothing left to fight for ..

  4. I honestly can't believe that anyone believed for one minute that the cuts wouldn't happen or that Stormont would fall. A ridiculous notion to hold. The water rates will come in in the South but most likely repackaged to hide the pain...same as the British poll tax which was renamed as council tax or something like that but the public swallowed it.
    The English people stood and accepted the cuts and not only the wealthy but I remember a programme where a person on benefits actually agreed that they were a necessary evil to get the country back on its feet! I bet if Goebbels had been watching he would have been raging that he hadn't thought of that one!

  5. The UK public didn't accept the poll-tax. It was scrapped. The poll-tax was going to charge every adult in every house the equivalent of the household rates at the time. I remember my neighbour with 3 'kids' in the house over 18 years old near having a breakdown at the thought of about £2,500 bill instead of £500 and no wonder!

    Those 'snobs-in-rags' exist in every street on the planet. Poisoned minds desperately needing to be better than someone or something.