Headline: Russian Alliance is not Such a Vlad Idea: Just Putin it Out There!

John Coulter with his column which ran in the Irish Daily Star on 25 August 2014.

The Russians are coming!

No, it’s not an invasion or the beginning of World War Three, merely a recognition that a Celtic-Russian Alliance would be a sound economic base for the Emerald Isle.

Russian boss Vladimir Putin may be ex-KGB, but when it comes to leading his nation, he’s the type of ‘no punches pulled’ president which the UK and Ireland can only dream about.

In the bad old days of the Cold War, the Hard Right in Britain used to scream their pants off about Ireland becoming Europe’s Cuba.

Groups like the Tory Monday Club always warned the old commie Soviet Union could overrun the UK through the neutral Irish Republic.

Ironically, this ‘Red Under The Bed’ scare was the same tactic Churchill slabbered on about when Ireland was neutral during World War Two.

There was much talk the IRA had teamed up with Hitler’s Nazis to use the South as an invasion launch pad into the UK.

If Britain votes in 2017 to leave the cash-strapped European Union, Ireland will have no other choice but to follow ‘The Auld Enemy’ out of the EU.

Sounds like bitter medicine for the South to swallow. But there is an even bigger nightmare for the Republic.

If Scotland opts for independence next month, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has vowed to keep the new nation in the EU.

This could leave the South and the Scots as a lonely backwater region on the a**hole of Europe. Not a pretty sight!

Putin wants to rebuild the Russian empire. The West and the Yanks might be mouthing off about Putin’s tactics in Crimea and the Ukraine, but the Russian boss has proven he doesn’t give a crap what the Allies think do!

What would be so wrong economically about the Irish climbing into bed with Putin and forming the Celtic Russian Alliance?

Republicans like to boast about the Irish American links. But with the US facing its own economic meltdown under Barack Obama, the American cash cow – like the EU cash cow – has been milked dry.

The EU simply doesn’t have the euros for another Irish bailout.

When the Brits eventually quit the EU, they will need more political clout than some of the former African colonies to make the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association a viable economic alternative to the EU.

If the UK could team up with Stalin’s Russia to conquer Hitler’s Nazis, the UK could also allow Putin’s Russia to become a CPA member.

And given the Brits’ military record in Iraq and Afghanistan, the English need not pontificate about Putin’s kick ass policy in Ukraine.

If the Dail and Stormont along with the Kremlin were to do a formal deal, it could pave the way for Putin joining the CPA.

In spite of Putin’s KGB background, the Christian Church is flourishing in Russia, and there’s talk of a return of the Tsarist Russian royal family.

Putin has the dosh to bring Ireland firmly out of economic recession.

Think of the financial benefits for the Emerald Isle if Putin persuaded Russian tourists to visit Ireland, and students to continue their education at Irish colleges and universities?

Travel most anywhere in the globe and you’ll find an Irish community. Rather than head for a jobless future in the US or Australia, why can’t our young people travel to Moscow and other Russian cities to broaden their horizons?

If King Kenny really wants to remain as Taoiseach, and Marty McGuinness wants to be First Minister, they should be on the phone to Putin and make my Celtic-Russian Alliance a money-spinning reality.


  1. Actually I was thinking along similar lines myself John.
    Except , of course the English dimension.

    My basis for thinking was that Russia Or more correctly the Soviet Union as it was in 1919 was AFAIK the FIRST Country to recognize Michael Collins's IRA and the Dail as the legitimate government of Ireland. With I think Argentina been the second.
    I shall pause here and let people reflect on what a wonderful job the free state in Dublin is doing to build on this positive history..Anybody who said the Square root of feck all I concur.

    Now the one thing I disagree with you is that Ireland will NOT be following the UK out of the EU. Ireland exports about 50+ % to the Eurozone and about 20 % to the Uk and about 25% to the USA. Ireland is NOT tied to UK apron strings.
    So, Why Russia? Well as you point out Russia is re arming. I think they are spending upwards of £120 Billion on their Navy alone.
    And the Russian Navy is the key to my idea.
    Ireland has one great resource which the Irish have never used to any great advantage.
    And that is it's geographic location.
    Anybody, who wishes to exert sea control over the Atlantic Ocean could do much worse than have a military base(s) in Ireland. Of course during wartime the Russians would be exposed due to the logistical difficulty in re supplying their forces in Ireland.
    This is a major drawback..But one that the Russian Navy is well acquainted with. The Russian Navy has a Baltic fleet, A Northern fleet ( premier Russian fleet), A Black Sea fleet and a Pacific fleet. These fleets have to exist independently of each other, to varying degrees of success. See Russia Japan War of 1905 , for example.
    So bases in Ireland would be a force multiplier for Russia and it's big spending plans.
    I have always opposed Irish "neutrality". Even the Spectre of Ireland seriously thinking about such an arrangement with Russia Would get USA and EU to force a re think on Irish debt. It would really focus their minds!!!
    Especially that USA thinks the Atlantic is pacified and they are free to pivot to the Pacific.
    Just imagine , What Hank in the gud ole USA Pentagon would make of this.
    One that I can think of. The Russian Navy have dumped literally hundreds of spent nuclear reactors and/or Nuclear waste around their coastal waters, during the cold war
    So, Hopefully Pat Rabitte will have a strong word with them about that over Haubowline and Foynes etc.Should the alliance happen.
    Apart from that....The plan is sound.
    And the Brits would be delighted also..It would make the £6 Billion they spent on 2 aircraft carriers ( with no planes) look like a real sweet investment. And the Tories/ Labour could ramp up defence spending coz that's really what UK wants to do anyway.
    Nevermind the NHS..Here's Son of Trident.
    Neo-cons in the USA would use it to shovel more cash into the Military. Industrial, Congressional complex. Same as the UK.
    Everybody wins.

  2. Fine 19th century thinking. Get rid of the old master, acquire a new one. Become part of the Great Game....