Statement On Carrie Twomey

Ed Moloney puts to the sword some mendacious reporting which falsely claimed that Carrie Twomey was involved in the Boston College oral history project. Moloney's statement featured in The Broken Elbow on 23 May 2014.

This is just to confirm that Carrie Twomey was never employed in any capacity by the Belfast Project, either paid or unpaid, and had no role to play in the collection, storage, transcription or transport of any interviews.

This and other wild stories are being invented for malicious reasons and being given credence by publications for whom the idea of checking facts is an entirely foreign land.


  1. In the name of sweet fcuk!!!!

    Will whoever get off this families back. The only thing I can figure out is, Anthony McIntrye documented Irish history between 1968-1998 (give or take a year).