Hold off on a United Ireland: Republicans need to wait

John Coulter with his regular column from the Irish Daily Star. This one featured in Newshound on 11 May 2014.

Republicans should bide their time, keep their political powder dry, and wait until 2021 or 2022 before making the final push for a united Ireland.

The mistake would be to unleash that push to coincide with the centenary of the Easter Rising in two years.

Republicans need to milk the tide of euphoria in Anglo-Irish relations as the Brits unveil their latest scheme to finally get rid of the North.

The days of Maggie Thatcher and her 'Out, Out, Out' speech, as well as Ian Paisley's 'Never, Never, Never' speech are well and truly part of history.

The British establishment has never forgotten the bitter humiliation at having to back down against loyalists in 1974 when it capitulated to the Ulster Workers' Council and the UDA and axed the Sunningdale power-sharing Executive.

That's why loyalist terror godfather Billy 'King Rat' Wright had to die. He was the only loyalist terror strategist capable of throwing a spanner in the works of a long-term united Ireland.

Provo icon Jim Lynagh of the feared IRA East Tyrone Brigade had to be eliminated by the SAS at Loughgall before he left the Provisionals to form a highly troublesome dissident republican cell.

If Wright had lived, the Stormont Executive would never have become a reality. Had Lynagh lived, IRA decommissioning would never have happened.

The latest Brit tactic to hood-wink Unionists into an all-island political settlement is the ethos – let's all celebrate the fun-loving people of Ireland!

Republicans used to resort to the idiotic long-war view of killing the Brits with bombs and bullets, when the real strategy should be their current one – kill the Brits with kindness!

The peace process has been transformed by Sinn Féin into a celebration of all things which represent freedom-loving Ireland.

It's a case of worship Irish President Mickey D, and all hail pope Big Frank! Besides within a few years, Catholics will soon outweigh Prods in the North.

The Brits' long-term intention is to divest themselves of the North, and Britain will provide substantial funds to bring this about.

The Brits' propaganda machine is now geared to pumping out the view – look at how great the Irish are!

The British establishment is now convinced the Republic has now satisfied all the criteria of being a liberal, pluralist state, therefore, there is no need to tolerate any Unionist veto.

The year 2016 would be too much of an emotive commemoration to launch the 'big push' for unification.

Republicans should bide their time to commemorate the centenary of partition in 2021, or the easing of relations following the end of the Irish Civil War by 1922.

The Brits have invested heavily to manipulate the current situation – Sinn Féin sucked into the democratic process, and Unionism in disarray.

Only two elements will upset the unification bandwagon – if the Scots vote for independence, and Islamist militants blow the crap out of London.

But what happens if dissident loyalists band together around the tactic – better to be an enemy of the British Government than a friend?

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  1. I may risk rotten tomatoes by saying that I believe John Coulter's view is realistic. I myself have held it for years. There will be many critics of his view amongst readers of the Pensive Quill which has perhaps the best-informed readership on Irish issues in the world. However I firmly believe when all is said and done, Coulter will prove to be right. For years now there has been no reason at all for Britain to want to hang on to Northern Ireland. It is simply too costly and our interests shifted elsewhere a long, long time ago. However, if I am proved wrong, you can write my comment off as the inane wanderings of a geriatric (76) albeit an old lady who is back at university.
    Anthony McIntyre is to be warmly congratulated on his courage and the intelligent choice of the articles he incorporates and the professional way he edits this site. He manages to retain the balance necessary for useful and informative discussion. Greetings to all Irish who read it, whatever shade of green their political hue. regard the Irish as most gifted people in the world, in every respect.