Disappearing the Flag

Guest writer Thomas Dixie Elliott with a piece on Sinn Fein trying to disappear the flags on republican graves in Derry's City Cemetery.

I've been reliably informed by a good source that the Adamsites in Derry are strongly considering removing the flag poles from the Republican graves in the City Cemetery. The gradual build up to this was the creation of a book of names of local Republicans who died whether on active service or as members of that party. 

This 'Memorial Book' is kept at the Rathmor Center and was to be used as an excuse for the removal of the flags. The other excuse will be that the Cemetery is a Shared Space and that the flag poles deter Protestants visiting the graves of their loved ones.

Remember earlier during the Haass Talks that a meeting was held in Derry which 'discussed' the ending of Commemorations? This was temporarily put on hold given the failure of those so called talks.
Don't forget the 'Derry Experiment' thats were the War was wound down gradually in the city before the eventual ceasefire came about.

Clearly bit by bit the Adamsites are removing links to the IRA in an attempt to separate the present day themselves alone from the past. In fact judging by how much the Unionists were throwing up Martina Anderson's past the other evening on Spotlight I think that her likes should start to look over their shoulders.

A wee tap on the shoulder and a 'I think Such and Such would be better suited to doing this...We can't have them using the past you know... Don't worry we've another job lined up for you in the meantime...'

'In the meantime...' That would be the condemned cell.


  1. you are now entering free derry-londonderry.

  2. Nothing that that shower or corrupt hypocrites say or do will ever surprise me.

    I can't speak for so called 'dissident' republicans but Danny Morrison was recently quoted 'The dissidents are laughing all the way to the arms dumps.'

    Danny can you name one shinner who isn't laughing all the way to the bank?

    I suppose in your perverse mindsets Bobby and the lads gave up everything so that you lot can laugh all the way to the you know where!

  3. That would fit in with quisling Spike Murray,s stated aims re commemorations,after all the last thing those quislings want is to be reminded of their past,much the same as that German joke "whatever you say dont mention the war "

  4. Shower of corrupt hypocrites is how it was meant to read above, apologies for the confusion.

    Just one other question for all those bought-out shinners now working for the occupier, Are your monthly salaries issued on Northern bank cheques?

  5. Isn’t that to be expected “we haven’t went away” but we will put on the friendly peace face and continue to dismantle the republican past.
    Making the green a lighter shade of orange hoping to collect a few votes from the PUL community, sounds good for SF but I doubt the PUL will be on board with any SF stunts.
    How much more will they surrender all in the name of the party not the people?