Baron Coleraine

Guest Writer Thomas Dixie Elliot with a piece on how Martin McGuinness plumped for Coleraine ahead of Derry in nominating the First Enterprise Zone.

The front page Headline in The Derry Journal exposes McGuinness as having sided with Robinson in advocating Coleraine as the first enterprise zone.

The SDLP's Colm Eastwood had asked McGuinness on May 12th what involvement his department had in pinpointing Coleraine and McGuinness in turn placed responsibility for the decision with DETI under the charge of the DUP's Arlene Foster.

However a letter has emerged which was jointly signed by McGuinness and Robinson and sent to the British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne asking him to choose Coleraine as the first designated Enterprise Zone for Northern Ireland announced in this years Budget on March 19th. This despite the fact that his 'own native city has the greater economic need.'

Recently I wrote a letter to the paper asking why had local politicians gone quiet on Project Kelvin and the subsequent Coleraine enterprise zone which was supposed to have come to Derry in 2009. I quoted Martina Anderson who was clambering to take credit at the time as saying, "the announcement was highly significant. It demonstrates clearly that when we 'Stand up for Derry' with a united voice we can make change happen,"

Well it's clear that McGuinness has not only sided with the DUP in shafting Derry but at the same time he has made his party colleague look very foolish.

Not only that but his brother William called me a liar on a page my letter was shared to, this is the same person who recently boasted that he was 'no longer poor', on Facebook. It seems that it is his brother who was lying, not only to Eastwood but to the people of Derry including the business community.


  1. liars, touts, criminals. to think we stood shoulder to shoulder with these people who slander us not that long ago. they were never genuine. ever.

  2. This is a very interesting comment from Michael Donnelly...

    "...Pauline you are far to young to remember the faceless men who sold out Derry in the sixties. I unfortunately am not. Albert Anderson the Unionist Mayor of Derry led a deputation to Stomont protesting about citing the new university in Coleraine.Anderson was in fact one of the Derry people who secretly voted to cite the University in Coleraine and subsequently became known as the faceless men. Now we have history repeating its self only this time with a slimy thing called McGuinness...."

  3. Martina will no doubt find some way to justify the situation, as will Lord Londonderry