Protest For Ivor Bell


  1. What Price Freedom-Ivor has no freedom tonight-

  2. No surprise that our resident member of paedophile sinn fein, McIvor the Idiot, is gloating at the charging of Ivor...

    It sickens me to the teeth to have to put up with a waster who couldn't lace the boots of the Price Sisters and Ivor Bell.

    A drunk who still lives with his parents while still in his 40s. If he were locked up I'd say he'd cry all night for his Mammy and Daddy.

  3. MH

    typical SF and disgusting. Same as Morrison you are. Shamelessly showing the 'colours' now.

  4. What a low life piece of scum you really are McIvor. What kind of a man would have a pop at another man for loosing his freedom ? When i first started reading your posts on the Quill i found it beneficial to my way of thinking as your ignorance, stupidity, contradictions, elitism and intolerance for other peoples views (amougnst other things) where exactly the reasons i am no longer a member or supporter of SF and you helped me cement my views . Then i actually started to feel sorry for you as not only are you a coward who was chucked out of the army but you are also a coward who gloats at other peoples misfortune for example your previous sucide comments and the Paul Quinn comments again (amougnst others). You are a disgusting excuse for a human being and i honestly cant believe that a man (if you can call you that) in your position would be so flippant and so silly with your comments. I wonder if you will still be the " big hard man" and still be the "big shinner" in the near future when you get chucked out of the party for your stupidity as even the sheep can only take so much of your pish before they have to cast you aside.

  5. JoshC-

    " chucked out of the army "-

    Well Ivor is in prison because of the price sisters and you
    Would tout on me to put me inside-

    Listen to the hard people-they are soft about giving people up-

  6. Well done MH you have really nailed your colours to the mast this time,
    You have really bought into the Sinn Fein party line of …“fuck anyone who is not on our side “. I am not sure if your old enough to remember the 70’s and 80’s when present day Sinn Fein members who then paraded as IRA complained about all the political parties not speaking out about how nationalists and prisoners were being treated by the British government especially in the courts the RUC and all things British .
    Ivor Bell and Padraic Wilson both had white line pickets to protest at their arrests , one had the support of republicans the other the support of British rule enforcers .
    Mary Lou called it correct anyone who had anything to do with the murder of Jean Mc Conville should be arrested immediately
    Maybe Sinn Fein should have a name change …..How about the Rubik Cube Party

  7. My prayers are with Ivor Bell today, the victim of a vengeful political policing State..

    And if Ciaran Mullholland is good enough for Ivor Bell, then Ciaran will be getting my vote.. And of course I do agree with his manifesto..

    Sad times for Irish Republicanism..

  8. Boyne Rover-

    Mary Lou never touted on Ivor- that job was took on by the price sisters-

    A public statement from Marion today saying that she and her sister lied could free Ivor-

    Who else on this site would call for this- who else wants to see Ivor free-

  9. Even if anything you've said here was true, Michael, nobody passes a blind bit of heed to what you say. Why? Because you're a liar and a coward. You hadn't the balls to stand over the nasty comments you made on the Pensive Quill about suicide victims and the murder of Paul Quinn, so you lied to a journalist when you were confronted about your online activities.

    I may have disagreed with Dolours and Marian Price's politics, but I know they are women of integrity. You're not fit to shine their shoes.

  10. Anthony,

    As an interested American who supports Irish Republicanism, I would be very interested in your take on Ivor Bell's arrest. The obvious implication is that Adams/McGuinness/SF are eliminating opposing voices in the Republican movement before upcoming elections. Is this accurate (as far as the general perception in the street)? And if so, do the current SF leadership believe they will be able to wall off their own involvement in wartime operations from the current prosecutions?

    Thanks for your reply.

  11. MH

    stay calm....Gerry Adams is NEXT lol

  12. amonrosier, you're right, sad times indeed.

    mickey the riddler, u shudda given up the blogs for lent.

  13. This is a fucking disgrace, There is a containment war on republicans who stay true to republican ideals. Just spoke to a sinn fein supporter half an hour ago in the betting shop, i ask him where is sinn feins condemnation of this persecution? he said why don't whoever Bell is in line with get him out. I actually like this guy but i felt like punching him. That's their attitude if you don't vote sinn fein well you can go fuck.

  14. david, keep the faith a cara, the shinners are goin down and if they dont well then we really can give up. any shinner over 40 years of age and has not seen the writing on the wall now at this stage is a fuc*in moron.

  15. I can't believe that anyone who has any respect for Ivor Bell or the Price Sisters would still be referring to the member of Paedophile SF, McIvor, as 'MH'or anything else.

    He's a scumbag and an idiot of the highest order who likely uses his British passport when he's meeting his MI5 handlers.

    FFS folks treat the cunt with the same contempt we reverse for the dog shit stuck to our shoes...

  16. Alfie G. It's beyond doubt McIvor is a coward, he was kicked out of the RA for cowardice...

    And when challenged about his online comments the coward denied everything including himself.

  17. Dixie is now saying that I was in the RA- can youse dissos not keep your big mouths closed-lol-

    Hope Dixie did not make a tape with his allegations about me on it-

  18. Dixie

    Sure everyone knows McIvor s MH so what's the issue?

    If tossed out of the RA for cowardice how could be then join SF? Or was that just where all the touts and cowards resided? it always felt a wee bit like that.

  19. Ooops McIvor-esque spelling mistake.... **contempt we RESERVE for the dog shit...**

  20. Michaelhenry, as i refered to you in my post as McIvor and you responded to this i would just like to say thanks for confirming once and for all that you are indeed Michael McIvor. Although all of the people who read the quill already knew this its good that you have finally admited this and you can no longer deny your vile and disgusting comments to newspapers and reporters who quiz you about any future vile and disgusting comments that you will undoubtedly make. See Mickybroy people who drink 24/7 will eventually get caught out

  21. Dixie,

    I think you're right. Time and again, I made excuses for Michael McIvor because I felt there was a decent side to him. I was wrong.

    Anthony and Carrie have always been generous and respectful to Michael, but he has reciprocated by sticking the knife and twisting it.

    I cannot call someone who does such things my friend.

  22. Michaelhenry
    Adams informed on two Volunteers now dead from the Clonard area.
    He retracted his statement which was allegedly made under duress but not before a Priest read it.
    Everyone knows at this stage, except you apparently.

  23. Alfie-

    There is nothing personal in any of my comments on the Quill or elsewhere-AM and Carrie allow my comments and I repay them in what I think is the truth- everyone has a opinion-I just give mine-

    Fionnuala -

    I make it a rule not to take a priest at his word- how many were bought to keep the allegations about kids quiet-

  24. Michael Henry
    Adams kept quiet about abuse claims he also lied and covered up yet you take his word ????

  25. Mickey,

    How much does a bar of Judas soap cost or do all SFs get them for free to wash away any grime of republicanism.
    Problematic as you can disguise the past but you lot can’t wash it away.
    You rage on about certain people yet are in complete denial about Dirty Adams & Mc Guinness who sold the republican movement to the Brits and enjoy the fruits of their treachery.

    Even Mary Lou Cretin paints a pretty picture for the holier than thou party too busy crawling ever deeper up the anal passage of British rule to see the light of truth when all they speak is manufactured British political manure.

    The party needs a name change to the Anti-republican-republican-Party which makes as much sense as your, never ending rants against people.
    Keep on eating that strange mixture of British gruel that feeds the anti-republican SF machine.
    When they threw the old windbag Thatcher in the hole they buried SFs Balls along with her.

    Something SF can be proud of being they have set back unity and now are part and partial of the invaders rule and the better part of that rule is to destroy republicanism.

    At the next British Ard Fheis you should lead the way in searching for the missing testicular fortitude and stand up to British political policing.

  26. Mickey,

    Are you saying Adams was a Priest as he certainly hid his brother under his frock or is that protection only afforded to sellouts?
    He can deny being in the RA but can’t deny what he hid about his now convicted brother

  27. We need face fact's, this is not going to stop 'til the unionists who run the new RUC have Adams in on the same charge as Ivor Bell.
    Myself will not be protesting that arrest but I do believe Ivor should be released now.

  28. McIvor the Eejit said...

    "Dixie is now saying that I was in the RA- can youse dissos not keep your big mouths closed-lol-

    Hope Dixie did not make a tape with his allegations about me on it-"

    Your handlers have enough tapes of their own...

    Anyway what info could I put on a tape about you other than your online activity, of which you spend a lot of time.

    Mmm, I'd likely call it SF Cllr McIvor's Bollox and Talking Shite strategy...

  29. Councillor McIvor,

    "There is nothing personal in any of my comments on the Quill or elsewhere-AM and Carrie allow my comments and I repay them in what I think is the truth- everyone has a opinion-I just give mine-"

    If there is nothing personal in what you say, then why are you gloating? Why are you taking such obvious pleasure in the destruction of the Boston College Belfast Project when you know how much it meant to Anthony and Carrie? Why smear Dolours Price when she gave everything for a cause that your beloved leader abandoned long ago?

    Clearly you are just a nasty, pathetic fool who has neither courage nor convictions.

  30. Mickey,

    no need for a wild stab as Adams &Co. fall under the protection for traitors and will remain protected as long as they support the Brits and put the boot into republicans who support neither.

    Why you and the other not an ounce brigade insist on dismantling Irish republicanism and rebuilding it in the crowns image is beyond a joke.

    Thatcher would be proud of you lackeys running to and fro for your English masters.
    Here you are proving how much you hold the British interest in NI above any basic principle of Irish republicanism.

    Stand with a republican not a Brit all SF won is the right to do what their English masters tells them.

    Looking forward to Bangers putting his British pen to use as some apes with pencils are more amusing to pick apart than you who just mimics isn’t it time for the anti republican not an ounce brigade to gather round the leader and sniff whatever cryptic fecal matter falls from his lying arse?

    As for trust who in their right mind would trust British Sinn Fein?

  31. Think it has been quite clear for some time that the SB and Mi5 have decided to take it to the 'non-brit' republicans and it's all too easy for them. The 'dissos' as they are disgracefully termed simply aren't up to the challenge. But flogging dead horses is a national pass-time in Ireland.