Partition Tax for Irish Hauliers

Republican Sinn Féin Press Release/Preas Ráitea.
In a statement on Monday 31st March PRO for Comhairle Uladh, Republican Sinn Féin said:
"On Tuesday 1st April for the first time we will see a British enforced Partition Tax forced upon Irish Hauliers operating throughout the Country. The Scheme named the HGV Road User Levy means that Trucks weighing more than 12.5 tonne will have to pay a daily charge of £10 up to the value of £1,000 per year to cross the British imposed border into the 6 occupied counties.
This levy has been imposed directly from Westminster with the politicos in Stormont powerless to stop it, this is a further attempt to rubber stamp British rule in Ireland, further it proves that the Stormont politicians do not seek to represent the interests of the Irish people but the interests of the British Government on which they rely for their very existence.
The 6 County and 26 County states have both failed the Irish People, the people of Ireland must now take a stand for the interests of the Irish Nation. Through Eire Nua we can heal divisions and create an Ireland of equals free from sectarian tensions and corrupt politicians, giving our people a real voice and a genuine stake in their future through a federal Ireland.
Republican Sinn Féin totally oppose any Partition tax, we ask people to reject British colonialism and join with us in working to secure a lasting peace in Ireland"

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