An Answer To Gerry Adams, Mary Lou McDonald And Other Critics Of The Boston Archive

Ed Moloney with a piece on the Boston College project. It initally featured on The Broken Elbow on 29 March 2014.

“This was a bona fide academic exercise of considerable intellectual merit.”- Judge William G. Young

Aside from myself and Anthony McIntyre there is only one other person who has read all of the interviews lodged in the Belfast Project oral history archive at Boston College and that is Judge William Young of the Federal District Court in Boston, Massachusetts.

Judge Young got to read them because at the end of his hearing rejecting an application to quosh the subpoenas in December 2011 he asked Boston College librarian Bob O’Neill to select interviews that were respondent to the PSNI/DoJ request. O’Neill replied, in a sealed affidavit which was leaked in court, that he could not help as he had not read the interviews.

So we know from that exchange that the person at Boston College who was supposed to read the interviews hadn’t, or at least said he hadn’t and we know from what followed that Judge Young did. In response to O’Neill’s startling admission, Young said he would himself read the entire archive over the Christmas holidays and that is how we know that he is the only other person to have read the interviews.
A lot of other people, Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald of Sinn Fein among them, act as if they have and pronounce judgement on them as if they have. But they haven’t. In fact they haven’t read a single interview from beginning to end. Not a single one.

Judge William Young - the only person aside from Anthony McIntyre & Ed Moloney to read the entire archive
Judge William Young – the only person aside from Anthony McIntyre & Ed Moloney to have read the entire archive

Unlike this guy....... who hasn't read a single one
Unlike this guy……. who hasn’t read a single one

.....or this one
…..or this one

This is what Mr Adams had to say in his blog Leargas on Friday last:
This project was flawed and biased from the outset. It was an entirely bogus, shoddy and self-serving effort. It was not a genuine or serious or ethically based history project.
Mary Lou said something very similar on RTE’s Late Late Show a week ago on the same day that Ivor Bell was refused bail in the Belfast Magistrates Court (an event that brought banner headlines in contrast to the virtual non-coverage, e.g. Irish Times, when four days later High Court judge, Reg Weir did grant him bail).

The comments of Adams and McDonald have been widely reported but I am still waiting for a reporter to call me for my take on the matter of political bias or lack of integrity vis a vis the archive.
Almost since this subpoena affair began we have run a blog which was set up and is regularly updated by Carrie McIntyre. Here is the address for the benefit of any in the media who don’t know about it:  

I strongly recommend that reporters consult it at times like this because there is no other source to rival it in terms of a comprehensive record of events and archive of documents dealing with all aspects of the case.

On the opening page of the blog can be found the words of Judge William Young that have great relevance in light of the Adams/McDonald critique of the archive  and here is what he says about it (And I think one can presume that Judge Young is not a critic of the peace process or a sneaking regarder of dissident republicanism!):

[These materials] are of interest – valid academic interests. They’re of interest to the historian, sociologist, the student of religion, the student of youth movements, academics who are interested in insurgency and counterinsurgency, in terrorism and counterterrorism. They’re of interest to those who study the history of religions.- Judge William G. Young

So that’s the judgement of the guy who read the entire archive, unlike Gerry Adams or Mary Lou McDonald. Do you get that? Unlike Gerry Adams & Mary Lou McDonald. Do I need to repeat that? UNLIKE GERRY ADAMS or MARY LOU McDONALD.

Is it too much to expect, to ask the media when next they report on the criticism of people like Adams & McDonald that they at least nod in the direction of someone who actually read the archive?


  1. I have just listened to a LMFM interview conducted by Michael Reade with Danny Morrison re the Belfast Project or more commonly known as the Boston Tapes.
    To my knowledge Danny Morrison has never seen or read any of the tapes recorded and stored in Boston College, and if I am correct he admitted so in this morning’s interview.
    But in true Provo fashion they sent out their most gullible ex member to rubbish the Boston College tapes.
    Having listened to Danny on many occasions over the years this by my reckoning is his worst ever , the sound of panic and despair in his voice was very evident, gone are the days when he lorded the airwaves about United Ireland’s and Provo victories with his ranting and rabble rousing
    Why did Gerry send this loyal ex member out to face the public and explain why everybody is against poor Sinn Fein , could it be that perhaps Gerry has also been involved with an oral history project with lets say Fettes College and has warned the lads if I sink we all sink
    You were poor Danny very poor; fighting the propaganda war is one thing fighting the truth is entirely different

  2. So that’s the judgement of the guy who read the entire archive, unlike Gerry Adams or Mary Lou McDonald. Do you get that? Unlike Gerry Adams & Mary Lou McDonald. Do I need to repeat that? UNLIKE GERRY ADAMS or MARY LOU McDONALD.

    That one line hi-lighted says it all. There are very few outside of Judge Young & Anthony who have read the entire transcripts.

    How Gerry Adams & the rest of SF know what was said is beyond me..

    I'll ask Gerry on his blog (if he has read the archive ). Nothing to lose.

  3. The media value their little jobs and won't actually perform as journalists for fear of upsetting the 'powers that be'. In footballing terms I suppose it's like the scores on Saturday being already fixed on Friday. What's the point? The credibility of the media has long since gone, they are worse than anything we used to be 'brainwashed' about regarding the old Soviet Union Pravda.

    'This project was flawed and biased from the outset. It was an entirely bogus, shoddy and self-serving effort. It was not a genuine or serious or ethically based history project'.

    Could be Gerry talking about the Provos, but unlike his never having been in the IRA he REALLY didn't read the interviews in the Boston historical archives. SF, the Benny Hill party of Irish politics. They gave up republicanism for the Sun Wot Dunnit popularity.

  4. Boyne Rover

    post that link would you please?
    Haven't heard Morrison squeeking in years!

  5. Larry it isn't up yet (podcast)..

    But sometime today click this link it'll be online soon..

  6. Is it too much to expect, to ask the media when next they report on the criticism of people like Adams & McDonald that they at least nod in the direction of someone who actually read the archive?

    That would be too much to ask, only advocates of the corrupt Piss Process are allowed a voice in mainstream televised media. Anthony can be thankful has wasn't around during the 1921-23 Piss Process or he'd been up against the wall.

  7. Don't be taken in by Gerry's spin

    Susanne Breen

    So Gerry Adams says he will meet police to answer questions about Jean McConville's murder. Don't be fooled. Will he be as helpful in securing justice for Jean as he was in securing justice for his niece Aine?

    The Sinn Féin president knows detectives questioning Ivor Bell were "keenly interested" in his alleged role in the murder.

    The last thing he wants is the indignity of cops hammering on his door in the early hours and carting him off in dramatic circumstances.

    So he's attempting to pre-empt that and take control of the situation. Far better to ask his lawyer to arrange that he drop into a PSNI station at a time of his choosing.

    But however Gerry arrives at the police station, he will surely have to be arrested and interviewed under caution if the law operates as it should.

    Not that his interview can be expected to reveal anything. Evasions are his trademarks. This is the man who told the McConvilles he was in prison at the time of Jean's disappearance when he wasn't.

    Last week, he said he felt the family's "pain" and blamed "anti-peace process republicans" for lying about him in the Boston tapes.

    How many times have we heard variations of this tale – securocrats, journalists, dissidents, conspiring against Gerry, the most victimised leader in the world?

    His concern in the McConville case is to protect his image. It was the same with Aine. He was a loving uncle who had supported his niece and fully cooperated with the police against his paedophile brother, he insisted.

    The facts told a different story. He didn't report Liam's rape confession to police for nine years and he never even sent Aine a birthday card.

    Ivor Bell may be charged with aiding and abetting their mother's murder but it's Gerry whom the McConvilles want in the dock. That will never happen.

    Bell and the six others who allegedly discussed Jean McConville's murder on tape will never corroborate their interviews. Even their loathing for Adams won't make them "turn tout in a British court".

    I believe the case against Bell is weak. If a confession alone is to convict, it must be made under police caution and this didn't happen in the Boston interviews.

    In 2003, loyalist Clifford McKeown was convicted of murdering Michael McGoldrick on the basis of his confession to journalist Nick Martin-Clark. But that journalist gave evidence for the prosecution whereas Boston College interviewer Anthony McIntyre won't.

    If the Bell case makes it to trial, the evidence will be riveting. We'll all get to hear the Boston tapes. Once again, a court case in which he's not the accused could help us learn about the real Gerry Adams.

  8. Frankie

    just listened to that and all I can figure out from Morrison is that if SF haven't censored or approved something then it's flawed. ESPECIALLY if they don't know what's in it...then it's DOUBLY FLAWED!!

    I told a uni friend who went to interview Seanna Walsh NOT to ask one of the questions he proposed asking which was did SF use the hunger-strikers for votes. He asked the question and the interview was immediately terminated. THANK CHRIST SF are not the censors, and hats off to the Boston College research initiative for giving us something more sane to consider rather than the brain dead SF narratives like Adams never in the IRA or McGuinness being out of it since 1974, UNDER OATH IN COURT!! Or Gerry Adams loving his wee niece and throwing Liam out of the party when he found out what was going on...PHEW I'm fatigued, can't continue typing all that's coming to mind about those people.

  9. AM

    I'm awaiting word on starting a PHD myself and in all HONESTY if I was to consider 3 years research on a project with SF approval and selected interviewees I fear it would be pointless in beginning the research proposal unless it was a project on lies and political illusion. They really have no shame, continually gobsmacked at them.

  10. The Truth could be buried in all of this. The lies of the BritIrish gov't with MI5/Adams/McGuinness are winning and will continue to win unless Irish-America shakes off its post-Sell-Out despair.

    MI5/FBI's main assets here in Chicago, Maureen O'Looney and Jerry Boyle are exalted by the news media. O'Looney is named "Irish-American Person of the Year" and Boyle is "Mr. Occupy Chicago" according to The Nation magazine. (Am prepared to document all.)

    Meanwhile NY's Irish proved powerless to stop the criminal PSNI from marching in its St. Patrick Day parade.

    It's difficult for part-time volunteers to win against professional liars on gov't payrolls, but we must soldier on with confidence in Truth's power.
    Irish-America must support the Boston Archives project. It is the current phase of the Anglo-Irish conflict.

  11. what i cant understand is why nobody in that party has said - hey gerry fuc* off and resign u embarrasing liability or we'll shaft you, or are they all total pussies in that outfit. seriously, what is wrong with them. to be honest i dont care that much it just makes me wonder what he has to do to piss the party faithful off.

  12. Grouch

    that post gave me a good lough. Lying with every other breath, extensive paedophilia revelations about a niece and his own dead daddy, suspected of having the odd old dear buried without trace, letting hunger striking patriots die for emotionally inspired votes rather than simply standing in an election on political merit, accepting Stormont and then clearing off to the Dail....

    Can't really imagine anything awakening the SF gimps from their collective trance. Sure is a good laugh though wondering what it could possibly take!

  13. Grouch

    I was just thinking that all those heroic outlaws of folklore, the Robin Hoods, Zorro's and Galahads with their legends of do and dare who rode of to the 'ballroom' of historic romance wearing a mask, feats of chivalry and taking from the rich to help the poor etc etc. No matter how much they stood outside the law or the system they always had redeeming features in abundance like helping old ladies and an air of the underdog and of being selfless champions of the marginalised and oppressed about them. Afraid Gerry Adams doesn't tick any of those boxes does he, quite the reverse. Self serving shameless chancer. And all of those around him in on it.

  14. larry, i reckon hed have to have been behind that plane thats gone missing before the party faithful wud start askin a few questions. i hope for the sake of ur sanity and peace of mind u pick somethin far from all this as your subject for ur phd. and gud on u man. i like chris comment there about soldiering on even though we are part-time volunteers against the shitstem. i wud go mad without this net, its mighty and i feel some of the people on this quill are doin their bit for the truth. we have nothin else really at mo. fair play to anthony and all involved with running this site, to me its a godsend. finally larry, it is mind boggling ivor bell is inside right now. personally, i feel i should apologise to the few stickies i knew years back that i used to give a bit of grief to. they werent the worst now looking back. in fact i feel a bit of nostalgia comin on!! life eh.