Radio Free Eireann Talks to Kate Nash

This Saturday February 1 at 1300 New York time Radio Free Eireann will interview Kate Nash whose brother William was one of 14 men shot dead on Bloody Sunday, January 30, 1972, when British paratroopers opened fire on a peaceful civil rights march in Derry. Kate is one of the organizers of the Bloody Sunday March for Justice which will be held in Derry this Sunday January 2nd.

We will also pay our own tribute to Pete Seeger. We had the privilege of interviewing Pete at the Clearwater Festival. My personal memories of him go back to 1979 when I went to a Hootenanny at Carnegie Hall with some High School friends.

Colm McKeever, who has been driving a horse drawn carriage in Central Park since 1979, will rebut recent allegations that this is cruel to the horses.

 Radio Free Eireann broadcast live every Saturday from 1-2 pm New York time from Rocky Sullivan's of Red Hook 34 Van Dyke Street in Brooklyn. We are heard on WBAI, 99.5 FM, and on the web where the show is archived for 14 days. 

 Radio Free Eireann broadcasts live from Rocky Sullivan's every Saturday afternoon


  1. Why don't they interview the family of one of the thousands of civilians murdered by American troops in Aghanistan and Iraq ?

  2. Great lecture on Thursday by Eamonn McCann on the cover up contained in the Saville Report. If you missed it get the booklet 'Go on the paras' written by Eamonn.

    The comments of the senior NIO Official to McCann in the corridor of Derry Guildhall as the families made their way out to meet the people raises a very important question indeed, given that the families had only seen the report.

    This was in regards to the text of a statement to be read out by a family member...

    "That will have to be changed," she snarled, " everybody was agreed this was to be a day of reconciliation."

    "Who was the everybody?" Queries McCann in the booklet.

    This Weekend we need to remind them, including the 'everybody' who agreed before the families saw the Report for themselves, that Bloody Sunday isn't going away.

    And only large numbers on the street will ensure they don't forget.