The Family

John Coulter with one of his Irish Daily Star film reviews.

Ever wanted to take a baseball bat to the annoying wee scum who has been pestering your family?

Instead, just grab an eyeful of America’s latest mafia flick, the outrageously funny The Family.
It’s the side-splitting tale of the Manzoni mafia clan who are in a witness protection programme in France, but soon resort to their old family ways of sorting out problems.

The Family has Hollywood’s favourite gangster Robert De Niro in the title role, also making this movie a ‘must see’ for all Deer Hunter fanatics. 

But the real eye candy comes from the super sexy Hollywood vixen, Michelle Pfeiffer, who sent pulses racing in the gangster flick, Scarface

However, the actual heart-stopping action is provided by the drop dead gorgeous screen babe, the dishy Dianna Agron, who was mouth-watering in the hit TV series, Glee, as well as the sci-fi masterpiece, I Am Number Four.

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