The Vampire Diaries

John Coulter reviews The Vampire Diaries. The review initially featured in the Irish Daily Star.

When the hit TV series Dracula splattered across our screens, we may have said, how much more of the undead can we live with?

Step forth super sexy season 5 of The Vampire Diaries to the rescue, making Tuesdays at 9 pm on ITV2 a time with real bite!

Some TV series get boring, then crash and burn. But series 5 just makes the Vamp Diaries get bloodier and juicier!

In rival series Dracula and True Blood, it’s the Hollywood hunks who command the attention.

There’s no doubt The Vampire Diaries has its fair share of muscle-toned heart throbs, such as actors Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, and Steven R McQueen.

But the real eye candy comes from the drop dead gorgeous trio of vixens Nina Dobrev from the thriller Chloe, Kat Graham from the rom com 17 Again, and not forgetting the delicious Candice Accola, from the equally frightening hit TV series, Supernatural.


  1. A shite review of shite Tv shows originally published in a shite 'news'paper.

  2. 10/10 for honesty...Lol

  3. Gabhain,

    I see your out in front and a cert to pick up one of Dr. Coulters prestigious awards at the year’s end.
    Hadn’t a clue it was a TV show as me and the telly don’t get along skipped the review but agree with The Observer.

  4. Tain Bo

    You're not missing anything by not seeing the lurid trash TV which Coulter is promoting in keeping with the tone of the Der Sturmer inspired tabloid trash which he writes for.

    As for his award I can suggest a place where he could put it. Star would be the operative word there too.

  5. Gabhain,

    As a rule I tend to give his articles a wide birth as they reflect his longing for the grand old days of yore.
    Apart from the odd decent point he makes occasionally and his sense of humour I don’t pay much heed.

  6. only commenting because there is a tendency for ole John to be a bit of a sexist in my opinion.
    and this review of trash tv reinforces his objectification of females as something just to glare at . . . . yuck!!!