Reply to Manus McDaid

Martin Galvin with a letter that initially featured in the Irish News on 10 January 2013.

A chara

Manus McDaid belittles the Republican aim of a re-united Ireland as a “flawed” outdated “one-stop shop”, not relevant today, in dismissing Danny McBrearty’s support for the ‘One Ireland One Vote’ initiative. Such views are expected from the pro-British choir, but incomprehensible from a professed Republican.

McDaid fails to understand that for Republicans, like Mr. McBrearty, ending British rule was never about “sidestepping” or ignoring hard political realities in pursuit of the historic imperative to end an ongoing injustice and achieve national sovereignty.

Republicans recognize that British rule inherently promotes and perpetuates the complicated problems of sectarianism, economic dislocation, and repressive laws which have been the source of so much unrest and conflict. The British may have moved from rule behind a one party Orange state to rule behind an Orange ascendancy at Stormont. As Richard Haass learned this past week, there will be no tolerance for any real progress towards justice. Real progress is blocked as a threat to Orange ascendancy.

Ending British rule is not envisioned by Republicans as a “one-stop shop” panacea which would remove all ills, but as the crucial first step which must be taken if we are ever to remove the barriers precluding real progress.

The ‘One Ireland One Vote’ campaign advocated by Mr. McBrearty, is nothing other than a political initiative intended to build national momentum for ending British rule. It advocates counting as one the votes of all Irish people over the future of their country, rather than gerrymandering the majority into second class status, meaningless unless the pro-British unionist veto can somehow be overcome. Its supporters include many who once thought the Good Friday deal would open the door to a united Ireland perhaps by 2016. Now they now fear the deal will become a final resting place for such aspirations, unless resurrected by new political strategies.

Perhaps this campaign will not succeed. Perhaps it will never gain the necessary support between voters in the twenty-six counties together with nationalists in the north to secure such a national referendum. However it is difficult to understand why any Republican, much less one who often writes of his support for Sinn Fein, would be against any political initiative advocating a 32 county vote for a united Ireland, much less scorn the fundamental Republican objective of Irish reunification as a one-stop shop. Will Sinn Fein back ‘One Ireland One Vote’, or remain silent as its supporters attack those like Mr. McBrearty who do?


  1. I would like to state before I continue that I am in no way dismissing Danny McBrearty or Mr Galvin's response.

    I am however bewildered as to why anyone would want to respond to serial writer Manus Reid as it must be noted that when Manus doesn't appear in the local papers people check to ensure he is ok!

  2. Lol I stopped reading that quisling $inner.s letters to the Vatican Times aka the Irish News a long time ago. he seems to be one step up from Mickybroy.

  3. Marty,

    It is a strange position for a nationalist to take never mind a republican.

    Have still to take the first bite of grub of the day - too much wine and ale last night rather than whiskey!!

  4. Gerry Kelly has adopted some strange positions over policing and possibly, more positions than a kamasutra.

  5. Feel te love with his new girlfriend who has her own handcuffs so they say commandant Kelly and his quisling cronies every one of them would be well suited to the kamasutra, they have been fucked stupid.
    Anthony a cara ,theres enough watery shit on TPQ with disgruntled $inners dying up to 4 or 5 time almost daily and bullshitters over on FB to melt ones head to read the crap that comes from quisling Manusbroy Mc Daids pen ,I for one take great delight in ignoring gay Gorbels Gibney,s rants also. Murphy,s saying about life that "friends come and go,but enemies accumlate"is so true,but like your self this old hide gets tougher with the" bateing"

  6. I have just been made aware that I posted the wrong surname I posted Reid instead of of those days!!!!

  7. Marty I heard about that. They broke into castlereagh, the northern bank and now one of them has breached a restricted area.

    If they could just break into song, Mel Brooks could make a movie about them.

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  9. Pauline, blast it, but you stole my punch line. When I read the name Manus McDaid my first thoughts were...

    The Serial Letter Writer strikes again...

    To know Manus is to know that anyone can call him or herself a Republican...these days.

    Manus writes to be noticed by the A Listers in Sinn Fein. He writes what he believes they what to see in print even though he hasn't a clue what he's writing about. This was evident during Ricky's battle with the Adamsites in regards to the Hunger Strikes.

    I doubt the man even visited the Blocks back then but that didn't stop him trying to challenge those who were locked inside, me included. However such was his nonsense that I didn't waste time replying to him.

    You don't try and hook fish you are going to throw back anyway you go for the big ones.

    And that would be my advice to Martin.

  10. Anthony a cara I was referring to that quisling Manusbroy Mc Daid,s crap, not Martin Galvin,s

  11. Feel te love a cara lol a cara that restricted area you mentioned is/was the gateway to a very successful career,its definitely a case of not just using your brains here,as for a verse or two from commandant Kelly and the cronies it is rumoured that his president for life Gerry Itwasntme is fair old whistler,didnt he pen it in his own words (apologies to his ghost writers)that he entertained the lads in the Kesh with that little ditty by the name "give a little whistle" even though it wasnt written until a year after his release .and people wonder why some of us dont read the shit that those quisling $inners spout.

  12. Marty,

    that was clear enough. But what did you think of Martin's crap anyway? !!!

    It was a great letter by Martin which took the Manus position apart.

  13. Anthony if your referring to Martybroy and the quissers response to Hass it kinda reminds me of a well trained pooch who rolls over to get his belly tickled when it preforms its masters bidding, its panto season all year round here ffs. the bigots in the dup all together now "OH NO WE CANT" the eejits in quisling $inn £eind all together now "OH YES WE CAN". the OO with a foot in every camp,all together now"THEIR BEHIND YOU"