Sleepy Hollow

John Coulter with a TV review which initially featured  in the Irish Daily Star.


For the review section of my Irish Daily Star column this week, I looked at the modern version of Sleepy Hollow. It sounds a naff series, but is actually quite entertaining! Here's the review:

If there’s one small screen horror guaranteed to keep you wide awake, it’s Universal channel’s Wednesday night shocker, Sleepy Hollow.

It has the ghost-hunting hero Ichabod Crane resurrected from the dead and transported through the centuries to modern America where he has a whole host of baddies with which you could ‘lose the bap’!

Hollywood heart throb Tom Mison, who was a real darling in the romantic drama, One Day, is outstanding as the stressed-out Ichabod trying to keep his head, especially when those nasty horsemen appear.

But all heads will be turned by a trio of super sexy actresses who ‘head up’ the bevy of beauties on display!

Leading the vixen pack is the lovely Nicole Beharie from the hit TV series, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Showing off her horror credentials in a big way is the delightful Katia Winter, who starred in the terrifying flick, The Banshee Chapter.

And let’s not forget the drop dead gorgeous Lyndie Greenwood who was magnificent in another hit TV series, Nikita, about the rogue assassin.

Sleepy Hollow’s eye candy may set your pulses racing, but you’ll need a cool head to cope with the jumpy bits!

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