Cartoons by Brian Mór

Happy Halloween

Cartoons by Brian Mór


  1. Wasn't Brian Mor just so talented?

  2. ime putting an election poster of liam adams on the front door.maybe stop the wee fookers annoying me trick or

  3. Anyone hear a bang tonight do not worry-it will only be kids toys-

    I hear the dissos are scared of the boggie-men-

    Happy Halloween-

  4. Yip Anthony without doubt the death of Brian Mór was a great loss and relief to those on the receiving on of his sabre like brush, I,m standing at the door dressed like a priest and there,s not a kid about,

  5. Anthony:

    I have never seen anything better Than the late Brian Mor's satericals.

    Billy Brooks:

    Make sure you write, "Liam Adams says all children are welcome"

    I'm sure that will keep them away.

  6. It is a sad loss his political art and satirical renderings always hit the nail squarely on the head.

    Marty that had me in stitches.

    Billy Brooks & itsjustmacker I wonder if Liam Adams ever considered becoming a priest he certainly would have met if not exceeded at least one requirement.

    Only you Mickey could make Halloween a day to have a go at dissidents with your militant mind. I take it you have forgotten the Victims of Greysteel.

  7. Tain Bo:

    Greysteel was a multi religous service, It was nice to see those from the Shankill Bombing being there and showing support, It would be nice to see others join in and go to to such atrocities , To have a get together and a chat, Its only the working class who can make this happen, they are the ones who suffered the most.


    Happy all souls night, make sure you leave something at the front door on a plate, But , make sure you look left and right, Never know were or when the Dissos will be about.

  8. Gerry Itwasntme said to Bob Doh Brains "our kid came of his motorbike today" "oh really" said Bob Doh Brains "yes" Gerry Itwasntme answered" he has brain damage,two broken arms and is blind in one eye" Bob Doh Brains said "doh fuckin hell no wonder he came off"...

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  10. trainbo.multi service .john hume crying.his son goes and employs yer man mckevitte on a 6 figure sum.yes a 6 figure sum.its deffo halloween joke .same as spotlight naming UVF men dont know if they are reportinng right or not But i think theres people pishing on your back and telling you its least DICK TURPIN wore a mask.

  11. Billy Brooks,

    Itsjustmacker made the multi service comment.

    It is a guessing game with some reports one truth you can bet on is they will always piss on us and swear it was raining. With the current leaders we are guaranteed plenty of rain and in a few cases severe thunderstorms of lies.

    Dick Turpin may have wore a mask but at least he was honest in his business

  12. Itsjustmacker,

    it was nice to see those people come together sharing their grief at the unnecessary pointless murders as they are inextricably connected through their very personal loss of loved ones.
    To an extent we can accept when combatants lose their lives though families mourn the same loss of a loved one.
    Although upon saying that an acute question mark of truth looms heavy in the air and will we ever find out if each dirge was all for nothing.

    The working class is always the willing cannon fodder when politicians fuel the fires it is the working class who answer the call.
    Republicanism was sold and is now being reinvented much the same way the loyalist combatants were sold out and now they find themselves sharing a common distain for the cops with the dissidents.

    Our politicians talk a good peace but are content that the tribes are still too busy weighing one and other up knowing it is a necessity to keep the republican and loyalist working class at odds.

    The loyalists are in a strange position as they are hemmed in by the cops on certain very volatile issues sooner or later something will give.
    If they attack the cops it works out in SFs benefit if they attack the nationalists it again works out in SFs favour.

    Their beef should be with their own politicians as the nationalist working class has no say on the issues and if things lit up again I don’t think the British Army are going to be as faithful as they were when they were busy using the loyalist paramilitaries to fight the common enemies PIRA/INLA.

    Traditional unionism is changing just the same as traditional republicanism was changed.
    I doubt the British government will let the paramilitaries to get out of hand and if the British Army returns it will be to back the PSNI.