Red Card

Luis Suarez of Liverpool FC has been told he must train as an outcast, away from his fellow teammates. Club manager, Brendan Rodgers, has reacted angrily to an attitude displayed by his Uruguayan international when he was interviewed by the Guardian.  Rodgers accused him of having a 'total disrespect of the club'.

That the club wants to retain the services of the violent thug says more about its desire to win matches rather than win respect by doing the right thing. That is probably a tension in our own imperfect lives that we all have to cope with and hope to reconcile as best we can.  It just becomes more pronounced and colourful when the dilemma is high profile and played out in public.  It goes with the turf upon which celebrities strut. 

Last season I wondered about the managerial ability of Brendan Rodgers. Having lost the first match of the campaign, the team never seemed to get into gear other than occasionally, and when it did it was never for long.  In terms of trophies it was less successful than the side that stuttered and stumbled under Kenny Dalglish. It reached two finals, winning one, although it was not considered sufficient to save King Kenny’s crown. Nor should it have done.

Dalgish’s outfit was a team not built for the long haul or the success of yesteryear. Having not too long ago read through the Alan Hansen biography, it is hard to imagine the Dalglish side ever managing to open doors anywhere based on a claim to be Continuity Liverpool. At best the side played like a poor tribute band. Post-Benitz it began to resemble the Ulster Unionist Party: going nowhere and determined to pick leaders who would take them there.

Despite no silverware and a modest league finish, the players under Brendan Rodgers have begun to take shape as a unit, moving in unison and swaying in rhythm. A fan can watch in anticipation that it might just do something during a game rather than sitting tensely chewing fingernails, waiting on the inevitable howler or lack of concentration that often preceded another goal conceded. The team has a bite which is not exercised by its jaw muscle.

Suarez can score goals and is a terrific player in the sense that Mike Tyson was a great boxer but one who also bites opponents’ ears. With or without him Liverpool is on the up. He is not needed. Sure, there is a long way to go. The back line is just a short term formation, Toure a holding player rather than one who offers rock like long term stability in the sense that Mark Wright did. But with the long term replacement of Pepe Reina in goal by Simon Mignolet, the echelons of defence are digging in and should soon take on formidable shape.

Sport along with the role model purpose it serves in a world of media saturation and public display,  is better served by fielding sports people and kennelling dogs. Each will find their own level. The public rowing over ownership of a thug with talent who clubs, were it not for the wealth associated with it, should be seeking to offload is unseemly. Suarez before he sees the red mist again should be shown the red card.


  1. Man United have a similar problem with Rooney. Personally I'd sell them both the highest bidder and buy three new players.

    This season should be interesting with the changes at Chealski, Utd & City..

    These are the best two live football/sport streaming sites I know about.

    First Row

  2. 50,000 tickets for tomorrow's Celt game sold out in 20 minutes. For now, the Reds still have the X factor. Selling Suarez and Agger for a combined £ 75 mill makes sense.
    Spending the cash wisely is the tricky bit. Can't see beyond Ch, Mc, Arse , Mu & Spurs finishing top 5. Still, the Reds have had a terrific pre-season, 13 for, 1 against, 5 wins from 5.
    If they don't qualify for europe, BR will deservedly be going the same way as KD.

  3. After that interview, he is asking to be allowed to leave the club.
    He has bitten more than he can chew this time, BR should sell him.

    As for Rooney , to me has got gotten lazy , more big headed and he needs to go as well from Manu.

  4. Dave,

    Agger can't go in my view. The defence is the least solid aspect of their game and without him at the heart of it it can only be weaker. Skirtl has gone off the boil and maybe should have had a Reina moment. The team would miss Agger in a way it would not miss Suarez.


    I am getting lazy too ... away to read a novel here! Wish I had your brandy!

  5. Anthony:

    Brought back 6 bottles from Barcelona, 3.85 euros per bottle, 36% proof, but it goes down well.
    I don't touch it during the day though.

  6. Suarez should definitely be let go ... i think Liverpool and it's fans have had enough patience with his bullshit. I agree that Agger needs to stay.
    I hate the idea of rooney's connection to Chelsea .... leaves a foul taste in my mouth but then with Chelsea they tend to do that a lot these days !! I am however pleased as hell to have ole Jose back at the helm!!!

    The one thing that i always question is how these teams we support can do things that go against our principles (well mine does) and yet i sat excitement watching the few pre season games (except the real madrid slaughter that didn't sit too well) funny old thing sports !!

  7. Itsjustmacker,

    don't touch it during the day myself, at least not in the house. I was offered a pint in Dublin today after a funeral but decided to head on home. That is some value you got in Barca. Great. Love brandy but have taken to the rum as of late. Downed a bottle of poteen during the week there. Did it over three separate sessions mind you. A bottle here could lie around for months at times.

  8. Wow you're a rare breed Aine (I'm assuming you are female)..

    A woman who understands and likes football.

  9. Beating Stoke 1-0 at Anfield is less than a convincing start

  10. I'm not much into poetry..Just heard Seamus Heaney passed away. Was he as great or good as Yeats?

    Bob Dylan & Hank Williams (JMO) were poets who put music to their words.

    Basically how good was Heaney?

  11. I didn't read a lot of him but certainly felt he was a good poet. There was a piece circulated this morn from some Marxist publication in 95 having a go at him. Didn't read it, merely glanced at it. Marxist writing can be such drudgery at times. Don't know how bad or good this piece was either. If I can find it again I will post it.

  12. How would feel Anthony (or any L'pool head), if after years in the wilderness by not qualifing for the Champions League, L'pool finish 4th but Man U finish 5th/6th but win it this comp and they lose their place to UTD...?

    PS, L'pool are three to the good, Suarez hat trick..

    working link for 2nd half

  13. Ps..simply look for the small 'X's' on the pop ups/ads and it streams perfect...

    Back to UTD/Everton still 0-0

  14. Frankie,

    was at a lecture and missed it all. The son told me it was 4-0 to Liverpool when I got in

  15. Are you Liverpool fans any more confident after today? It was a good result (shuts up the noisey neighbours)..