I Have a Right to be Angry

Carrie Twomey with a piece she put together for Facebook venting her anger at what she considers unethical behaviour on the part of the Irish News journalist, Allison Morris. She explains how it is for a mother of two young children to bear the brunt of what she regards as a malicious agenda designed to mask unethical journalistic practice.

Rant time? Why the hell not. Apologies to my Facebook friends who have no clue what I'm ranting about, but here goes nothing. Those of you who know, will know.

Let's see, my husband Anthony is now supposed to be an misogynistic stalker who is obsessed with Irish News reporter Allison Morris, she of an beal bocht, single working mother and all that, poor Allison, she's a hard life, doesn't she? Let me set a few things straight. I am not a misogynist, I am a feminist, and I AM ANGRY. I am beyond ANGRY and have been ANGRY for way too fricking long.

I am angry as fuck that the subpoenas are a direct result of the pathetic and petty ambitions of Allison Morris who thought she could compete with the likes of journalist Ed Moloney and attempted to scoop what she thought was a story of his by giving her interview tapes to Ciaran Barnes and setting the whole Boston College nightmare in motion.

I am angry because what could arguably be described as my husband's life's work - the oral history he collected for Boston College - has been upended by the subpoenas.

I am angry that his life and the lives of my children have been put in danger because of the subpoenas and that I now suffer from chronic insomnia and depression because of it (and have the GP records to prove it), and live with irrational fear and paranoia.

I am angry because of the stress fighting the subpoenas has brought to my door, and to the doors of all those who bravely participated in the oral history project.

I am angry that we have gone into great debt to fund fighting these subpoenas.

I am angry that my friend and Godmother to my son is now dead in large part because of these subpoenas and I am angry that I miss her and cannot speak to her ever again.

I am angry that she died on the evening of the NUJ hearing in January and that her six month's mind was the same day as the NUJ hearing in London.

I am angry at the devastation the subpoenas have had on people I love.

I am angry that while we have been fighting the subpoenas with every fibre in our beings, every penny in our pockets and on our credit cards, at every opportunity that presents itself, THAT COMPLETE WANKER ALLISON MORRIS got her Editor to threaten to sue us.

I am angry that she did so literally when we were on the bus from the airport to the hotel on a holiday we took to give our children a break from all the stress we're under and that the kids have suffered from.

I am angry that the start of the holiday was taken up with the bullshit of Allison Morris.

I am angry that months later we were still dealing with Allison Morris's bullshit when despite getting what she had asked for - the removal of an article - she filed an unbelievably ridiculous and 'poor me' complaint to the NUJ.

I am angry that the incompetent idiots at the bastion of journalistic wankerdom - the Ethics Council of the NUJ - hadn't a brain cell to rub against anything to spark the sense to toss her harassing complaint at the start.

I am angry that in the middle of the fight of our lives, a landmark fight for source protection, confidentiality and free speech, this ... woman... who boasts about what a great example of journalistic integrity she is, launched a complaint to discredit Anthony, and to add to the stress we're under in order to break him.

I am angry that the PSNI never approached her for her interview with Dolours until after it was pointed out in court papers that they never approached her, and I am angry that last month she was quoting from her interview with Dolours on RTE Primetime and still has yet to be approached by the PSNI - what is up with that? And what kind of journalist does that when that material is at the root of what is being contested in the courts?

I am angry that she brought such misery to my family's door and she fucked off to a stupid football match instead of backing up her malicious complaint against Anthony.

I am angry that she thinks she can beal bocht it, "Oh, I'm a single parent cant justify expense" when she is a full time paid journalist with freelance gigs and yet Anthony has a part time CES job that pays €20 per week more than the dole and slept on a friend's couch in order to be able to defend his reputation from her BULLSHIT.

I am angry that when caught out being the malicious, lying viper she is, she continues to blame my husband and attack his character, and does not own up to her mistakes or misdeeds.

I am ANGRY that we have to take and take and take all of this crap and people like her get away with it over and over as if she is the golden child and all we are is worthless pieces of shit.

And so let me just make clear. It's not Anthony that hates what Allison has done and is doing, though no doubt he would share some of my sentiments, and it has nothing to do with all women, but one: I am LIVID and hate what she has done to my family. And I will not go quietly into the night and I will stand up to whatever else she brings to my door in an attempt to court false sympathy and hide her misdeeds. I am DONE with sucking it up. FUCK HER and the horse she rode in on!


  1. Carrie,
    You have a right to be extremely angry alright and the only enjoyment I got from the article was how you vented it online.

    I certainly do feel for you, Anthony and you family at this time and I am sure I am not alone when the rest of the people read this. What you have to bear in mind, is that you all are strong people, exceptionally strong people and their are many who admire your bravery, honesty and stance to be true to yourselves and stand against the advancement of fascist elements in the media, politics and the community.

    Journalists sponsored by the mainstream media to spin, lie and deceive are simply whores to me, along with their solicitors, politicians and various other financial sponsors. This is the fight you are up against with character assassination their preferred course for attack. Another favoured technique for them is to financially squeeze you into submission.

    I tip my hat to you's all, certainly inspirational for free speech in todays rat race.

  2. James,

    nice comment. But I can assure you, they will not beat us into submission. The freedom to write about those who abuse their power is a fundamental liberty that Ethics Councils, editors and libel lawyers cannot erode. The very will to assert that right is the guarantee of its assertion.

  3. Carrie:

    Wow, You well got all that of your chest.

    Yet , Not one word of a lie.

    Well done for speaking out against injustices which were levied against Anthony, which affected the whole family. You have the moral right to vent anger, and , as you say.

    Fuck Her , because she is no longer worth worrying about , she will eventually come a cropper with her lies, just let her take fiddo for a wee walk on the leash.

  4. Here here... I'd just like to add my voice to those that have expressed their support. Life's tough enough as it is but you two haven't had it easy; yet still you's both stand up for what's right. Nothing but respect for ye's... As the old saying goes "don't let the bastards grind you down"

  5. Carrie,

    A powerful and honest piece that must have been hard to share. Admitting the human frailties and pain forced apon you and yours by others mostly hidden until now takes balls regardless of how fucked off or angry you feel.

    Regular readers will assume Anthony rhinoceros like impervious to almost any shot be it cheap, scatter or explosive but it is important that we remember the other humans involved beyond him alone.

    While Anthony may shake the shit off like a teflon duck it is obvious and mainly ignored that the actions of those being more & more exposed have had real impacts on lives and possibly contributed to deaths through their actions, half-truths and pure bullshit.

    Revealing the huge impact on your life, caused in the main by those that court sympathy to deflect from their own major misdemeanor, is a brave step. You've shared more truth in a few paragraphs than those that seek to destroy you and yours with fabrication seem able to bring forth in a lifetime.

    I have read Anthony's and your material for over a decade and never once have either of you sought to seek sympathy or tug on heart strings regardless of the corners you are backed into by thugs with guns or thugs with publications.

    At this moment, just now, as journalists seemingly seeks to suppress, censor and torment you with pleads of 'poor me' your openness seems entirely appropriate.

    When the oppressor seemingly seeks victim-hood it is time to speak.

    Some will see your anger and admissions of the profound impacts journalistic malpractice have had on you and yours as a demonstration of weakness.

    I don't see that.

    I don't even see speaking truth to power.

    Your piece shows those that think they have 'power' don't.

    You are speaking truth to the powerless. Just as Anthony demonstrated in his earlier comments.

    You speak truth to the powerless.

  6. I can fully understand your anger Carrie and am sorry what you, Anthony and your kids have had to endure recently.

    However, given the fact that you both, like myself have public profiles etc. I guess we kind of invite criticism in a way? Although, that doesn't diminish the hurt caused. Having been involved in online spats before, I would urge some caution because no matter how hard one attempts to get your point across it can still come across a little confusing.

    Let's hope wiser heads prevail in the long run?

  7. Ardoyne Republican,

    it is not the criticism being complained about because you are right: the more criticism is allowed the better the understanding at the end of it.

    What you seem to overlook is that it is the efforts being made by Morris to suppress the criticism of her unethical behaviour that is the issue here. What will prevail in the end? Intimidation won't. The freedom to write will prevail.

  8. Well done, Carrie!! Good on ye for writing this. I stand in solidarity with you and Anthony. Keep up the good work! TAL

  9. I was disappointed to read this post, Carrie has come across to me as a woman of great mental strength as most of our women are,with the ability to take the slings and arrows of life that would leave myself and other men lashing out in blind fury,I,m sorry Carrie felt the need to vent her anger in public, the points she raised are indeed truthful and upsetting to all of us who have the pleasure to know both herself and Anthony, Their children are a credit to them lovely ,pleasant and talented,any parent would be proud of them, I,m sorry that someone as low as Morris has been able to inflict such pain on such a talented lady, and that she can read about here,Carrie,Anthony I believe have a much brighter future than the likes of Morris Barnes and others,I wish you the clan Mc Intyre all the very best and fuck those who think otherwise,

  10. A certain female journalist sees a dog (not fido) mauling a boy,a man runs over and chokes the dog to death."thats amazing,I,ll run a story tomorrow"said that journalist "catholic man saves boy" "I,m not catholic"says the man "what about..protestant man saves the day" "I,m not a protestant either, he says"I,m an Atheist"..headline in the next days Vatican Times...ATHEIST BASTARD KILLS FAMILY PET...

  11. Carrie and Anthony,
    I have the experience of this so-called reporters style. She has no ethics, never mind morals. She could have put me in danger by her actions, and thought nothing of it.
    Time will show her up for what she is, a self-centered, self-seeking glory hunter. And trying to play the sympathy card will fool nobody who knows how she operates as a so-called journalist. I seen today she is now trying to be a TV critic..... enough said........

  12. Gerard,

    I am not in the slightest surprised. I feel pretty daft to have defended her for so long when others were advising me against doing so. There is an ethics deficiency there which has been amplified by her stupidity in first going to the Ethics Council and then by lying on a US blog after her failure in a bid to depict herself as a hard working journalist with little cash flow who was working rather than backing up her groundless claim.

    I think there is now a nice little queue gathering to testify if she ever fanices having a go in court. A QB V11 verdict comes to mind. And even then I wouldn't pay her the halfpenny. Not a thing, and at the end of it I will still write about her unethical behaviour.

  13. I first seen this quote on The Blanket and it to me at least it sums up everything about your argument Anthony...

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

    Arthur Schopenhauer
    German philosopher (1788 - 1860)

    Your truth was laughed at, then slated, finally accepted as what is was in the first place, the truth..

    Allison Morris stop digging. You aren't doing yourself any favours. Fido, personally the other night I think you were out of line. I'm speaking as a parent to three teenagers. I don't know if you were under the influence or simply blind with anger...but you'd be doing yourself a big favour of you took back what you said. Tell simply say " Sorry Carrie/Anthony I was out of line". Not for disagreeing but how you disagreed. Think about it for a second, you are a youth worker and your post's have not only been probably read by some of the kids you 'help' but their parents aswell..Next week for example one of the kids you train lets of a tirade of abuse towards another kid in your care, similar to what you let off the other night. What would you do Fido, give the abuser the thumbs up or pull him to one side and explain to him why he was wrong (not for any disagreement) but how he handled it...?

    Fido it had fcuk all to do with kids..Not one iota.

  14. Marty/Dixie,

    Have either of you thought about doing a double act? Kinda Martin/Lewis..?

  15. Carrie,
    I can understand what Marty and Ardoyne Republican are saying but at the same time I can fully understand your position which over the past few years has been almost a constant bombardment of problems.
    Obviously, the stress and worry and unending uncertainty would fray the nerves and I say that as I don’t have to wake in the morning wondering about legal battles and journalists, that on top of the everyday problems that come along.
    Considering we all now live on the web and you don’t have the luxury of a newspaper I can see why you posted it on the web.
    As for what readers make of it is up to them but mentally it had to be good for you to finally unload and stand your ground on these unnecessary issues that not just affect you and Anthony but also trickles down to the home environment.
    Speaking of which, I agree with Frankie as Fido was well out of order having a go at children to try and score bitter points. I would hope that Allison Morris would feel that Fido does owe an apology on that remark.
    As for the rest all is is fair in love and disagreement.

  16. Did anyone read the TV review in todays Irish News by Allison Morris
    about a documentary Petrol bombs and Peace-[page 49]in which Allison tear's strips of another woman reporter because she is from Donegal and a local reporter from the area should have done that show-someone local-someone Allison-her
    hate is still being allowed for all to read-that's the way I see it anyhow-

  17. Carrie,

    Far too often, people forget that there are very real, very personal consequences to our actions. I hope that your column stops people in their tracks, and forces them to think about what impact their actions might have. It is one thing to go after Anthony, the professional writer and acadmic. It is quite another to take action that hurts innocents, like your children. I am sue Allison would take issue if such attacks were made against her family.

  18. Lauretta,

    professional writer and academic! Never terms that I would use to define myself but they sure sound nice!


    but you aren't allowed to see it anyway other than Allison's and if you do you are off in front of the Ethics Council to be gagged.

  19. Tain Bo,

    Carrie just gave it out from another perspective, one that is not often seen. She is angry at Morris and had a go at her outside the joke trial the Ethics Council were conducting in Belfast. She simply does not believe the Morris line on any of this. And then when Morris lied over her non attendance at the London hearing, and caused herself a PR own goal, the following was clear to just about everyone: who had played with a straight bat on this and who had played with a corkscrew. Carrie simply sees malice on the part of Morris.

    Yet, in the midst of all the personal pressure she had the fortitude to run the campaign (which BC should have been doing with all its resources including law school) against the seizure of archives. She also forensically deconstructed, most notably through 55 Hours, the false narrative of the 1981 hunger strike. Her interest in that issue was stirred by the unjust treatment Richard O’Rawe was getting at the hands of the Committee of Criminals. He was so obviously telling the truth while the Committee men were lying through their teeth.

    So strength lies not in merely doing the things that need done but in overcoming the obstacles to the things that need done. A great boxer once said that a champion is someone who gets up when they can't. That’s Carrie, a champion who picks herself up every day to tackle what she thinks she must. And if she wants to hang it out there where it is a foil to the poor me narrative of Morris, fair play.

  20. Anthony,

    I have no problem with constructive anger and criticism and definitely have no problem with challenging journalists. I have no sympathy for either Barnes or Morris as they refused to make a show at the hearing meant to vindicate their journalistic reputations and have you expelled for simply reporting on the reporters.
    I am embarrassed for Morris as Fido certainly shone a poor light on her.
    It would be helpful if either posted on the quill on this issue.

    I have great respect for Carrie holding down the fort and handling the BC and Hunger Strike narrative with an acute sense of justice and truth far removed from the gutter press.

    On a lighter note I have a few books on writing and ethics I could donate to Morris. An employed single mother with a decent job crying hardship hardly would gain sympathy from the unemployed and poverty stricken.

    Fair play to Carrie is definitely right.

  21. Sean Bres, GG Green, Larry, Itsjustmacker,

    thanks for your kind words about Carrie's post.

    Frankie, I doubt very much if he has it in him to withdraw his warped comment. But the damage has been done with it - to him, not to me.


    that was a great wee comment about the kids even if they put my head away and turn me into a demon!! In such contrast to what the fool said. But then there is a dignity deficit operating there.

  22. Frankie,

    if Clifford Peeple's version is correct it was biazrre behaviour to be engaged in. Ciaran has written an alternative version, blaming Clifford, but it is not seemingly online.

    Ciaran's outburst, if true, just had echoes of the Ethics Council hearing in Belfast where Ciaran in an excitable flourish accused me of being an 'IRA sectarian murderer.' But that opinion is his right to hold and I have never complained about it.

    What I did find ethically questionable is Ciaran publicly throwing the allegation of 'informer' at Clifford. My reasoning here is that Ciaran had me up in front of the Ethics Council claiming that I had allowed somebody else to label him an informer (which I had not), something he claimed had put his life in danger.

    It is a strange old world.