Like Area Managers in a Supermarket Chain

Guest writer fromer blanketman Thomas Dixie Elliot with a piece illustrating the paucity of Sinn Fein's inflated claims.

The former mayor of Derry/Londonderry recently stood over the graves of brave volunteers and told under 200 SF employees and supporters that events like 'The One Big Weekend' in Ebrington are a testament of the Republican struggle and what it has achieved.

He makes this absurd claim because the events were held on a site that once was - in his words - 'the bastion of English rule in Ireland', Ebrington Barracks.

Well let’s correct the honourable former mayor. The One Big Weekend and other events were and will be held as part of Derry's year as the UK's 1st City of Culture.

Which means that the Brits might have left Ebrington and Fort George as well as countless other military installations but as sure as MI5 is bedded down in Hollywood Co. Down the Brits haven't gone away. They merely feel secure enough to allow the native politicians to run the place on their behalf; like area managers in a supermarket chain.

The role of these native politicians/ area managers, like the former mayor, is to sell something to the gullible. In this case a lie.

James Connolly almost a hundred years ago in 1914, summed them up perfectly when he said:

"The problem was not how to defeat a nation in arms battling for all that makes life worth living, but how to fool a nation without arms into becoming the accomplice of its oppressor. And the strategic move in question is already being hailed as a great landmark of national progress.”

The Republican struggle was about removing British Rule from Ireland and the betterment of its people not turning their former bases into areas of celebration and music as part of the UK’s culture.

The criminal use of the dead to promote this lie is only a testament of how low SF have stooped in order to appease those many died to defeat.


  1. Spot on Dixie a cara and indeed ruling by fooling is the order of the day,as you rightly point out the public face of armed brits may no longer or rarely be seen these days but the faceless wonders who go about their nefarious activities aided and abetted by internment and secret courts and evidence give testimony that perfidious albion is still as much in control here as it was when they allowed by genocide a million of our country men /women and children to die during the great hunger,if anything has changed it is that those we once called comrade and stood with in the darkest of days are now content to as you say administer the queens writ, they by their deeds and words give prostitution a bad name.

  2. Dixie,

    that is a great analogy - area managers. To think that so many lives were lost to create a political caste of area managers in a British administration. Not just republican lives. The families of those killed by republicans must feel it very sore to be confronted with the reality of why they lost loved ones. They were killed for so very little. Given the outcome I find it very hard to justify the deaths.

  3. Another corner shop argument by Dixie-what small beans he sells-

    Dixie is not happy that Ebrington barracks was removed just like GARC
    are not happy that the orange order
    was stopped by the PSNI from marching over people on the 12th evening at Ardoyne-change scares Dixie and GARC-lets scare them some more-

  4. He is spot on about the area manager analogy.

  5. Dixie:

    You have summed it up in one.

    "Area Managers", on a short Franchise lease.

  6. Dixie

    It makes your heart sink for sure, ruling by fooling has become an art form these days and not only in the north. been looking at South Africa it’s the same there, the ANC have placed 'area managers' throughout the state and within the institutions it controls.

    Not to improve the lot of the masses but to engage in trickery and deceit. Still it has always been so as your Connolly quote cries out, it’s along game, two steps forward, one back, learn the lessons as we go.

  7. I've been informed that a poster on was banned last night because he said that when Kemp asked me where did I think those dead volunteers would stand today I told him I am not a hypocrite like those in SF and won't speak for the dead. I did say however that no one would have died for what SF have settled for. I said I wouldn't have thrown stones for it...

  8. michaelhenry as I pointed out MI5 still has its headquarters in Holywood. Also the British army have regular homecoming parades in the North. They don't need barracks when they can march though Irish towns as they do in the UK. All because SF is running things for them.

    Believe you me this will be an interesting documentary if a 3rd of what I said is covered. I went from the fact that the Brits knew during the 2nd Hunger Strike that certain people within PIRA wanted to end, in their words, 'the current terrorist campaign, to the UK City of Culture and the fact that 36% of children in Derry's Nationalist areas live in poverty. The 5th highest in the UK.

    Kemp asked me at the end of the 4 and a half hour interview was I not afraid of saying what I did to him. I told him to use everything I said because I didn't put shit on my cell walls and take kickings on a regular basis in the H-Blocks to allow anyone to tell me what I could nor could not say.

  9. Organised rage you are correct a cara and its a pet hate of mine ,people who should know better,who call themselves republican socialists,falling over themselves to pray for Mandela, I for one dont believe in prayer or god,but if I did I would pray for the people Mandela and the anc have shafted,just like their clones here in norn iorn quisling $inn £einds..

  10. Dixie-

    Good luck with that interview-

    The bold Kemp marched with the orange brethren when they got beat in Ardoyne on the 12th-Kemps tv crew got a few slaps and got some of their equipment stolen by the orangies-i do hope your tape was not took as well else old Mo and Winky will be watching all 4 and a half hours of it-
    Anyway most of Kemps documentary will now be about that orange carry on and Sinn Fein standing up for the local community-that will keep the audience from switching channels when that show is on SKY ONE-

  11. Mackers you should be well aware of the area manager ana. It was tried tested and found to be a successful means for control in the blocks.

  12. Feel te love,

    the concept is pretty straightforward. The terminology is perfect in that it conjures up the perfect image of where SF stands in the power matrix

  13. Thank fuck you or Dixie didnt use union terminology ,we would never have went out on strike with shop stupids like those who are in the managements pockets. if you get my drift.!

  14. For talk sake, if there was a socialist republic installed tomorrow in Ireland (32 counties)..Would that mean everyone is paid the same the president, bank managers, school teachers, bricklayers............Free education, free health care..OPA's taken care off..?
    Would it mean there wouldn't be a private sector?

  15. Frankie,

    socialism sounds good and seems much ethically superior to capitalism but unless you have a good grasp of economics (which is the essence of socialism) you will always be handicapped in discussion about it. And the Left will try to shut you up if you ask for them to be more persuasive.

  16. Frankie.

    The leaders always get more, and , Bigger cars and houses.

  17. michaelhenry SF standing up for the local community my arse. I saw Gerry Kelly standing on a Landrover. It seems only himself and the orange men can do this without being charged.

    Now saying that you are a councilor perhaps you can tell us why West Belfast with a SF MP and 5 SF MLAS is the 2nd highest across all UK Council areas in regards to child poverty - 43% That's according to a Barnardos report earlier this year.

    Then according to a House of Commons Report West Belfast and Foyle come 3rd and 4th in a league of unemployment areas across the UK?

    Answer the question and don't come back with any nonsense about the UK - as your lot are leading the UK celebrations up here in Derry....

    Any dickhead can stand on a landrover look at how many Orange dickheads stood on them over the weekend.

  18. It's just..

    That's provisional socialism (big cars, big houses)..I'm talking a republican socialism.

    Maybe like Anthony said, it'll take someone with a real grasp of economics to make socialism work. For what it's worth, after reading Eire Nua several times over the past few weeks, looks like a good starting point.

  19. Dixie-

    " standing on a seems only himself and the orange men can do this without being charged "

    I seen the orangies getting hosed of landrovers over the last few days on the news-and there is a now famous photo of one of them being knocked of a landrover and left flying in the air before his wet drop-56 orangies have already been charged with a lot more to come-

    " West Belfast and Foyle come 3rd and 4th in league of unemployment "

    The shankill is also in West Belfast and most of the people there would not go to Sinn Fein with their problems-that's why there is a disorder of the figures there-its the same with the child poverty figures-Foyle has a Stoop MP-but Sinn Fein try their best there also-

  20. Frankie::

    Bit of insight and news from the past, from my recolections at least.

    Éire Nua was a political strategy of the Provisional IRA and Sinn Féin during the 1970s and early 1980s.

    Now taken up by RSF.

    Now please don't get me wrong, I support RSF and Eire Nua (New Ireland), I am also fluent in accounting, though self trained with no official qualifications.

    I think you missed my point regarding your question , "Will everyone be earning the same", my answer is still the same, "NO". The world has never been that easy and will never change, Leaders demand more from TAX PAYERS!. I had a major argument with "A CERTAIN PERSON IN 1973, his job was COLLECTING!, never worked a day in his life, yet was splashing money about in the clubs, he was never touched, Yet I got a warning to keep my mouth shut for confronting him. Now, What doe's that tell you. I will tell you this, It told me Corruption was rife and nothing has changed. Think I have said enough on this matter, No one knows who they are speaking to anymore, either In private conversation or on a blog. ffs, Spies are every were, that's why I'm sticking to my own agenda, with others of course.

  21. It'sjust,

    I know Eire Nua was originally a provisional republican document. But the provisional leadership binned it once the current leadership took over the reins. Tells me they weren't favour of it in the first place.

    I think we are both in agreement it's at least a starting point and should be on the table.

    As for should people be paid the the same. I take on-board you point that not everyone will be paid the same. The question I asked;Will everyone or should everyone be paid the same.? I personally think yes. On a very basic level, a bank manager goes home one day to find his house flooded because of a busted pipe, the most valuable person in his life at that time is a plumber, on a lot less. What about he hodder with piles of bricks on back climbing up scaffolding and ladders so the brickie can lay bricks so some silly servant can live a big house (would a silly servant put his life in danger to build his own house. Just recently Seamus McKenna fell from scaffolding and died and I bet he wasn't getting anywhere close to 100k a year like developers do<--they wont climb the scaffold)..Or the nurse in an A&E dept or any part of a hospital getting 15K per anum, doing jobs that most wouldn't contemplate, while some doctor sitting in a surgery gets 70K +....

    You understand accountancy better than myself..Do you think it's possible to pay everyone a wage they can live on (and not just about get by on)..I think Ireland has enough resources (natural or otherwise) to pay people 30/35k a year with out any problems..From the flag dispute, funding of G8, bringing back at least 1,000 UK mainland police to police the 12th July the up coming police least 200 million.

    That money would have been better used to pay for extra teachers, nurses, give kids a chance to get apprenticeships. It would probably be a lot cheaper if the folks on the hill gave every family a lump sum to pay off their mortgages, debts etc..Then families would have money to buy cars, improve their homes..basically re-stimulate the economy..

    On your point about about not knowing who is talking to who on the internet, I agree with you. I'm under no illusions that more people probably read the TPQ than actually post. I'd hazard a guess the spooks in suits read this site too..I've no agenda. As I said before I grew up on Northwick Drive and on the same side of road as you live (odd numbers).

    But what this site does, is it allows laymen like myself to ask questions about WTF is going on. And just maybe, even if it is a long shot, someone might just think...Hmmmmm, if we put flesh on the bones on this or that idea/opinion that they've read here, it just might make life a lot easier for everyone..

    I might be out of line here. But what pisses the 32 A's off me is when I read former political prisoners giving their opinions on a way forward being dismissed. How anyone can dismiss someone's political opinion who spent 10-20+ years locked up, living in their own shit...getting the crap beat out of them and then being told by former comrades and friends their opinion is wrong..

    "At this moment, the offer is out from myself, and from Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, to speak to them about their analysis, our analysis, and where we believe they are going wrong.

    So the present leadership of the PRM think that signing up to the GFA (which hasn't worked) is the only way forward??? Anti-GFA republicans are wrong because they have a different stratagy...or a different point of view..? Anyone living in Ardyone, Shankill, Ballymurphy, Falls, Bogside, the border region..Has their lives been enriched 15yrs after the signing of the GFA? I seriously doubt it, my understanding of reading the situation is they are worse off today and more segregated..

  22. Frankie,
    For talk sake, if there was a
    socialist republic installed tomorrow in Ireland (32 counties)..Would that mean everyone is paid the same the president, bank managers, school teachers,bricklayers............Free education, free health care..OPA's taken care off..?
    Would it mean there wouldn't be a private sector?

    Yes. The private sector would exist with a people before profit attitude, the working conditions, scope, holidays, for the benefit solely of its citizens. You More or less you answered the question yourself.

    It really does not take brain surgery to understand the concept and workings of economic socialism, it only takes a aptitude and motivation read it, nothing else.

    This talk of the left trying to shut people you up when asked to explain the economics is certainly new to me, I found anyone on the left when I asked them, what is it all about answered freely, and gave direction to a whole range of books on the subject. Therefore I cannot accept what you are saying in my living experience. Its goes against the whole ethos of Educate, Agitate, Organise adapted by the left.

    The same with this assertion below.

    The leaders always get more, and , Bigger cars and houses. What is your source on this?.

    How do you feel about sharing resources and your willingness to work towards everyone having a shared quality of life in form of resources, in the form of universal free healthcare, education is the basics.

    Some people are greedy Frankie, or believe they have a right to exploit others for a whole range of personal and financial incentives. I suppose it has a lot to do with their socialisation, conditioning and their view of the world. Which is fair enough.

    Put it like this, in times of war especially world war 2, the UK government operated a socialist system in which the total output was based on winning the war, nothing else, manufacturing weapons, millions and millions and millions. Without it they would have failed.

    Now imagine a society whose total output was based on improving the total infrastructure, health systems, and sustainable living for the benefit of ALL its citizens not just those that could afford it. Imagine that, your quality of life would sky rocket.

    Socialism is not about economics solely, that is a misconception,it is about people maximising the resources for the benefit of all, its citizens not for the benefit of the few. Anyone, tells you different, maybe in my opinion could invest a little more time in the understanding of the subject area before commenting on it.

    I base my socialism on cuba's democratic system. Here is a weblink on various books. Educate yourself Frankie on the issue, knowledge is power after all.

  23. Frankie,

    the Left have been amongst the most vigorous censors going. A massive swathe of its history is littered with censorship. I don't know where you have been if you think the Left have been to the forefornt of free inquiry. Anything but. A battle for free expression invariably pitches us against the Left.

  24. Michaelhenry I posed that question about West Belfast and Foyle knowing you couldn't answer it.

    I also knew your response would be nonsensical and stupid. The reason I posed it was to remind myself that those still with the Queens own Shinners just haven't a clue about anything.

    Sweet fuck...A councilor!!

  25. Dixie,

    while I have a soft spot for Michaelhenry, he always does avoid answering the question. It's as if he knows the SF project is a bollix but just can't bring himself to admit it.

  26. James:

    My source is "Nature", and , "common sense"

    Could you please name me one socialist country on this planet were everyone is paid the same?, I mean from the president down. I know you can't. Because the people still have to pay for the dignitaries to live in the big mansions to throw massive dinner parties for visiting Presidents and other heads of state, I could go on and on and on. Europe is in financial turmoil, Except Germany, who , with Britain and America own the 26 counties ("Eire"), whose resources are minuscule economically speaking. I agree with you on two aspects of Cuba, Free health care for every citizen , free education for every citizen, THAT'S WERE IT ENDS, there's no same wages for everyone, and, in my opinion, it will never happen, Technology has taken over the world, computer robots are doing the work of manual labourers. The NWO , corrupt banker billionaires are running everything, bankrupting countries with the help of government officials who take back handers, People in the public sector are being made redundant in there thousands throughout Europe. What do you do, KILL THE ROBOTS?.

  27. Itsjustmacker,

    while I admire James's belief in equality I think Orwell had it right when he said that in every society there are three groups of people: those at the tope, the middle and the bottom. It never changes. I think one of the most potent weapons in the battle of the free marketeers against socialist ideas has not been the logic of capitalism or the idea that greed is healthy, but the behaviour of those within the socialist ranks. It is sort of ironic how Stalinist the sworn enemies of Stalinism in fact are - the Trots.

    Socialism is a complex economic philosophy. If we even read a basic introduction to Marxist economics by the likes of Mandel or Hubermann we can grasp that much. And if you lack a very firm grasp of economics and try pushing socialism with the energy of a fundamentalist you end up sounding like one of those creationist bible thumpers - strong on repetition and very weak on theology.

    The slogans don't work any more.

  28. Anthony:

    I have total respect for Jame's equality scenario.

    as far as I'm concerned, in this day and age, It is not plausible.

    Orwell got it in one, The Leaders , the Takers , and , the givers.

    I never bought into the socialist theory because I knew it would never work in real life.

    Sounds okay on paper, but , that's about all.

  29. Itsjustmacker,

    I instinctively buy into if even if it fails to intellectually impress me much of the time. I think it is ethically superior to capitalism.

    But Poulantzas outlined the problem away back in the 1960s of statism in a challenge to those socialists who claimed Stalinism was a deviation from Leninism. Poulantzas argued that what united both was their role of the state.

    What started out as a dictatorship defined as existing in conditions of universal suffrage soon became, under Lenin, a dictatorship over the proletariat and then a dictatorship by the party over everything else. Rosa Luxemburg's great summary comes to mind. Ultimately it ended up choking Marxist politics. Ed Milliband's father, Ralph, was good on this even if we still feel Poulantzas was the more theoretically plausible of the two.

    I guess it is not to hard to guess how I whiled away the evenings in jail!!

  30. Anthony:

    "I guess it is not to hard to guess how I whiled away the evenings in jail!!".

    I just wanted the Beano and the Dandy.

    I understand were your coming from regarding V Capitalism, I have to say though, there will always be capitalism, all other forms have been made defunct as theory doe's not always work in practice. But , everyone to there own agenda.

  31. Michaelhenry:

    "Another corner shop argument by Dixie-what small beans he sells-"

    You can't be a councilor!, because you are just full of beans.

    As for the Ardoyne Orange Parade, you should keep up with the news, if you were a real councilor then you would know that a new parade passing Ardoyne Shops has been applied for by the OO to the parades commission.

  32. I am no fan of Stalin or his type of socialism. Based on fear and retribution. Sometimes you can go that far left you end up on the right. Which seems to be the message you are conveying here.

    Castro's socialism is the type of system fits with me,if we are getting into the nitty gritty, nothing to do with any trot's or Stalinist.

    When folk are critical of the left and socialism, they pop out terms like trot's, Stalinist and immediately, I think of the red scare 1950's USA and the lies that led up the cold war. The systematic witch hunt of the left orchestrated by the USA, intelligent services and allies. What would you expect from an exploiter, only to find a enemy and the rest is his- tory as they say.

    I am getting the feeling that you guys believe inequality is inevitable, perhaps natural. If so, your preferred system of goverence is somewhat capitalistic. Which is fair enough, I suppose.

    Hey, all I want is to maintain "my quality of life" and the left and socialism answer all the questions to which system I would feel comfortable under. I certainly do not feel comfortable living in this capitalistic one, no matter what spin is placed on it, it is based on greed, exploitation, lies and corruption.

    Maybe my upbringing wasn't hard enough, maybe, I didn't learn to speak out the two sides of my mouth and be develop a sneak/ capitalise on the weak mentality for benefit of oneself. I wonder is the apprentice on tonight?

    I certainly do not feel superior or subordinate to anyone regarding there material wealth, status or standing. I certainly can see the wood for the trees, and it is with regret people like me, working class end up getting shafted and left pencilled out of history, while the main exploiters reap the prestige, benefit and rewards.

    Orwell was excellent with his observations in society, indeed, he seemed to turn full circle in the end. Maybe he was writing the blueprint of how it should be after all.


    AM/ Itsjustmakers

    Which republican leader or leaders pre 1970's do you feel mostly at ease with or inspired by?

    If we are going to open up the debate.

  33. AM,
    You are right about the slogans they don't work anymore.

    They certainly are in need of a positive new branding exercise. Maybe I could get Jamie Delargy - Business Correspondent for UTV, to put a positive spin on it.

    After all he is the master of minimalistic accurate business responding all with a positive spin. If I was seriously ill after a car crash I would want him to come in and tell me the news.

    It would go something like this "James, we had to take one of your legs off and you have lost the sight in one eye. On the positive side, the cruches come from china, they are in mass production and if you invest before midnight, with the funding assistance of the executive you MAY see a return in your investment, just in time to fit your glass eye".

    The left needs to become more positive with its information, so does that mean not telling the whole truth.

    I will let the rest of the bloggers run with that one.

  34. James,

    We all get shafted in the working class. But as Napoleon pointed out among the oppressed are many who like to oppress.

    What do Cuban dissidents, critical writers and prisoners say about the regime? Always a good way to find out something closer to the truth than the official verdict.

    The Left debate has always had an infusion of the Trot/Stalinist discourse. Go to any Trot meeting and it comes up every time. They introduce Stalinism as much as the right does.

    As for witch hunts the Left has more than enough witch finder generals.

    Inequality is inevitable. If it weren’t every game would end in a draw just to keep up appearances and share the victories! Death is inevitable too but it doesn’t follow that we favour it. We don’t favour a capitalistic form of government. We simply don’t want to go to the effort of getting rid of one shower only to replace it with another.
    ‘Greed, exploitation, lies and corruption’ – exists everywhere.

    For me, Dave O’Connell

  35. James,

    it needs to be more forthcoming with its information and less csnsorious. The public can hardly make up its mind best if supplied with false information.

  36. Itsjustmacker-

    " A new Parade passing Ardoyne shops has been applied for by the OO "-

    And-just because it is applied for it does not follow that they would be allowed to walk past the Ardoyne shops-Drumcree orange order is still applying to march today and they were stopped in 1998-i think you have to apply for a parade 28 days before you march-so unless the orange order has got a time-machine they are fcuked again-

  37. James..

    How do you feel about sharing resources and your willingness to work towards everyone having a shared quality of life in form of resources, in the form of universal free healthcare, education is the basics.

    Totally James and when you said..

    Socialism is not about economics solely, that is a misconception,it is about people maximising the resources for the benefit of all, its citizens not for the benefit of the few.

    I've never thought about socialism in any other way.

    I have a real problems when people mention both Stalin and socialism. There was nothing socialist about Stalin. Same as France. There is noting socialist about the French. A republic with a socialist goverment. .
    And over the weekend while the natives where restless back home Hollande was on TV like Napoleon in Animal Farm. .You couldn't make it up even if you tried.

    As for Fidel. He didn't exactly play by the book. Fair enough the embargo's didn't do him any favours. The link you posted. Deneb said..

    This money hardly is of use to set some food on the table. If a family formed by 4 persons, parents and children, planned to eat each one a banana for breakfast that means they will use the half of a salary only to eat a banana each one everyday! . But Castro never went hungry. Once you leave the tourist circuit that makes millions for banks all you can see if squalor.

    Raúl isn't any different.This springs to mind when I think about him

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    James read this this. Cuban brand of's basically a Spanish version of Stalinism. Not socialism.

  38. Anthony..

    the Left have been amongst the most vigorous censors going. A massive swathe of its history is littered with censorship. I don't know where you have been if you think the Left have been to the forefornt of free inquiry.

    I don't put myself on any-side..Left, right centre or other. I've never voted in my life anywhere and I'm 45. To me the government always gets in. They all piss in the same pot the world over. Once in, most forget the reasons they entered politics in the first place for.

    As for inquiries.. Seamus Ruddy

    The Ruddy family have stated that the attitude of the I.N.L.A. has also been contrary and unhelpful. When challenged with responsibility for his abduction or murder, they first claimed that he had been “taken back to Ireland to face an enquiry”, then issued this disavowal, published in the Irish Times on Aug. 16th: “After exhaustive enquiries in the Newry area we find no evidence to suggest that remembers of the I.N.L.A. were involved. We are issuing this statement to clarify our position I this matter.”

    Why the exhaustive enquiries were held in Newry and not in Paris has, however, never been clarified.

    It is certainly fruitless to speculate on the reticence of the Police. Do they know what happened to Seamus but do not wish to involve themselves, or have they in fact chosen to ignore the affair? An article published in September’s ‘New ‘Hibernia’ links the official silence with continuing embarrassment felt by the French authorities over the ‘Vincennes Three’ scandal, when three suspected members of the I.R.S.P. were arrested on apparently fabricated evidence, were then released amid considerable publicity. Ever since, the article suggests, the French have been chary of interfering with the Irish community. If they truly fear another scandal, would it not be more logical to start a murder enquiry, rather than face the charge that people can disappear under suspicious circumstances in the capital of France, and the Police do nothing.

    An Irish political socialist goes missing in a socialist county and the police do nothing. French Socialism doesn't seem to work either. Liberte Egalite Fraternite just another slogan. But then again didn't Orwell call a pig Napoleon. Like Boxer, Seamus was never to be seen again.

    As for trying to stop or limit fee speech..How else am I or anyone meant to learn anything if I/we can't ask questions...? I learnt about Joe Mc Cann here becasue of marty. I once said growing up in Ardoyne I was led to believe there was a good and bad IRA. And one of the first things I read about Joe McCann was about an incident and an OIRA arms dump had been raided he had three UVF volunteers at gun point but let the free becasue "they are working class men like yourself"..

  39. When Eire Nua speaks of a "a just distribution and effective control of the nation’s wealth and resources” it is addressing the issue of inequality referred to in this debate. As some have pointed out the imposition of some sort of unilateral equality right across the social spectrum would likely be practically unworkable and would necessitate some form of vanguard or dictatorship, which itself would then be exposed to the machinations of power and its corrupting influence. Instead Eire Nua proposes a much greater degree of state intervention in the economy to ensure at least a more even distribution of wealth and fair access to the ownership and means of production based around the co-operative model.

    A lot of this is not so much the Marxist-Leninist school of socialism but a more indigenous variant of socialist ideology that can account for the practicalities of Irish society as it currently exists - this can be seen in the context of seeking social transformation within the prism of democracy and without the need for the type of revolutionary upheaval traditional Marxist-Leninist theory suggests is necessary en route to the establishment of socialism. "Private enterprise will still have a role to play in the economy but it will be a much smaller role than it has today. It will have no place in key industries and State incentives will favour co-operative projects as the most socially desirable. No non-national shall be allowed to have a controlling interest in an Irish industry... Each individual worker will own an economic unit of the means of production in the form of farm, workshop, business or share in a factory or other co-operative". Sounds both reasonable and practical to me and a solid base for meaningful Irish independence.

    Just in terms of figures from the past for me a source of inspiration to all Irish republicans should be Paraig McKearney from Tyrone, yeah I realise it did say before the '70s but I reckon he deserves a mention nonetheless. If men like McKearney had been running this struggle rather than the Orwellian characters that now sit atop the Sinn Fein party the Brits would have been chased out of here long ago, they couldn't have coped and their certainly would have been no ceasefire after developing the ability to bomb major English cities and cause the type of carnage and economic instability the British had long feared. While good men like Paraig were trying with all their might to win the war others had already determined that the war was over. That they sent men out to die anyway is testament to their ruthlessness. The strategic shift brought about by the huge car-bombs that rocked the likes of the Baltic Exchange, Bishopsgate, Canary Wharf and Manchester may as well never have happened when we look at where the leadership was already headed.

    By the way that was a great article Dixie, sorry I didn't concentrate more on that! Area managers, hmmm... sounds just about right to me about where Sinn Fein stand in the order of things. Administrating British rule is what they are about now whether the likes of Michael Henry care to see it or not. Sure at least they all have a blue bib now for their efforts and have managed to achieve for themselves some form of equality with the RUC

  40. Frankie,
    I read the link you posted. The same blog that has a direct link to fox news, I will leave it at that, as much as I take that reporting serious.

    The French are socialist in name alone, I could name another brave few, that I encountered in my life.

    I wouldn't be a closed book, I am pretty open minded, as it stands I would rather face inequality in a socialist system that a capitalist one any day of the week.

    Bearing in mind inequality in the capitalist system runs to the tune of 99% against the 1% with all the power, priviedge, wealth.

    If the capitalist system did not seek to reduce my quality of life, then I would be all for it, and a supporter of S/F and the DUP.

    To be truthful, I hate labels, provo, stick, erp, loyalist, whatever, I want simply to maintain my quality of life, through a system of government that will allow me that.

    The present system does not. You know, sometimes, I think maybe tribalism is king, go with the flow, and adopt a me before we attitude. For that to happen, I need to re work my whole value system and how I view people.

    I am sure I could do it, and submit to the conditioning through the socialisation system, such as media, education, family, peers, religion, work. I have a feeling it would be a hell of a lot easier.

    Animal farm for me?, maybe it is time for me to re evaluate my Irish/Political/ business/psychological/historical bookshelves, or invest in a whole new range of thought pour myself a large glass of merlot and look at it from a another angle, not on the left.

    Maybe, the apprentice next year for me, make it two in a row, for wee ulster. I have a feeling some folk I know would prefer me to be on the left, and less of a threat to them. Maybe, I am wasted on the left....and not living my full potential.