Covering up Crime

Chris Fogarty with his column as published in the July edition of the Irish American News that hit the streets of Chicago last week.

On June 7 FBI agents visited us. On June 3 we mailed the below letter to the Sun-Times which didn’t publish it. 

The “Sneed Exclusive” on the front page and all of page 4A of the Chicago Sun-Times (June 2, 2013) continues to conceal more key facts than she reveals of the Langert family murders; for examples:

1) The 357 Magnum murder weapon belonged to FBI Agent Lewis but wasn't reported missing; a violation both concealed and immunized

2) FBI Agent Patrick "Ed" Buckley (also an MI5 operative) arrived on the scene later and assumed control of the Langert family murder investigation and forbade the local police from pursuing the murderer (though named as their sole suspect before Buckley’s arrival).

3) Agent Buckley and one of his now-known moles, Jerry Boyle, got Carol Marin to break the news of an “IRA link to the Langert murders."


4) Murderer David Biro was giving his fellow high-schoolers tours of the murder site


5) North Shore policemen would lounge in our high-rise building lobby informing the doorman and others that a murder suspect lived among them, naming me to them.

6) Those police officers, directed by MI5/FBI Agent Buckley, framed me in their murder investigation report. I was doomed had murderer Biro not saved me by blabbing through his FBI cover into Life Without Parole. Later, an anonymous tipster caused our lawyers to visit the Winnetka Police Department where they acquired copies of those reports. I had never even heard of Biro or his victims until the news of the murders, but owe my freedom if not my life to murderer David Biro. Seeking to somehow reciprocate, I have tried many times to talk with his father Nicholas and have written to David, all without result. Seven weeks prior to the Langert murders FBI Agent Joe Doyle contacted me to warn my wife and me that some of his fellow agents had been bribed and subverted by Britain’s MI5 and were planning crimes against us to silence our human rightsefforts. Mary and I decided that Doyle’s warning must be either mistaken or exaggerated when, despite his Oath of Office, he said he couldn’t do anything to deter those crimes. He later proved too frightened of his fellow agents to willingly testify as to his warning to us.

Thus, the next series of crimes against us

7) Buckley incarcerated four of us including Mary and me in Chicago’s Federal Correctional Center on a separate set of equally bogus charges and tried to imprison us for many years. After fifteen months of expensive pre-trial motions, we proved that the only evidence against us, an FBI audiotape, was criminally-doctored. On 15January93, after we refused to plead guilty to a“nothing charge” (theft of a blank audiocassette), US Judge George Lindberg granted Prosecutor James Fleissner’s plea to be allowed to drop all charges against us. Law enforcement refused our pleas to charge Agent Buckley for any of his crimes against us, Judge Lindberg refused, in writing, my written demand that he notify law enforcement of the proven FBI crimes perpetrated in front of him in his courtroom, and two US Attorneys General also refused to uphold the law for us. Chicago’s news media covered up both series of MI5/FBI crimes despite our efforts to get them to do their jobs.

8) The chain of judicial command, US Judges Lindberg and Wayne Anderson and up to and including two US Attorneys General all refused my pleas to uphold the law against those crimes. The de facto immunity given to Agent Buckley (and 18 of his fellow Agent/criminals who had repeatedly raided us and destroyed property) enabled Buckley to perpetrate more crimes.

9) During MI5/FBI’s crime spree against us the IRS demanded from me through threats some $69,000 income tax on my earlier El Salvador-earned wages though the IRS had exempted all Americans working in El Salvador a few weeks before I was sent there. The IRS forced me to pay $1,000 per month for some years, continuing until long after the Federal Court vindicated me, after which the IRS stopped demanding further payments but refused to return what it had extorted from me. Law firms later informed us that the FBI uses the IRS to ruin people they target, including law firms that expose FBI crimes, and for that stated reason some refused to take our case for damages against the FBI.

Yet More MI5/FBI Crimes

A) Still working freely for MI5, Agent Buckley was sent to Ireland to arrange an atrocity to be blamed, like the Langert one, on the IRA. Buckley’s mission in Ireland ended on 15August98 with the Omagh bombing murders of twenty-nine.

B) Buckley had remained in Ireland for MI5 until 15Aug98, excepting, according to trial testimony, a 1996 visit to the Atlanta Olympics bombing murder site (where he and his colleagues perpetrated Buckley’s specialty; they framed Security Guard Richard Jewell for it). Jewell was later awarded some $2 million in compensation, but died soon thereafter.

C) After Agent Buckley’s failed attempt to railroad us in Chicago’s Federal Court in 1991-1993 we never saw him again until 2003 in Dublin in the self-same courtroom where, in 1803, British Lord Norbury sentenced Robert Emmet, “The Darling of Erin,” to be hanged and decapitated. Mary and I attended because we were familiar with Buckley’s perjuries and evidence fabrications and hoped to defeat them again. We had visited the Upstate New York home-place of Buckley’s MI5/FBI mole David Rupert, and had gotten evidence that he is a life-long criminal (also evidenced by a NY State Police Affidavit). We also provided the defense with four bankruptcy filings by Rupert, all fraudulent. Still, the crimes by MI5 and Buckley/Rupert prevailed, and consequently Michael McKevitt remains imprisoned.

D) Currently, a contest is underway. Long-time FBI mole Jerry Boyle continues to claim that, not he, but my wife and I, are the FBI moles infiltrating Chicago’s peace and justice groups. Though Boyle sabotaged our campaigns for years in collaboration with the FBI, he publicly claims that my wife and I are the moles and that THE LENGTHY SERIES OF MI5/FBI CRIMES WERE PERPETRATED AGAINST US ONLY TO “DEEPEN OUR COVER AS MOLES.” See my

Had the above-mentioned crimes and wrongs numbered 1 through 9 been duly reported and prosecuted, the far greater crimes lettered A, B, and C would have been precluded. Even at this late date some of the damage could be undone if Chicago’s law enforcement and news media begin to do their jobs.

The Media and Judicial Cover-Ups Explained? Were the above crimes indispensable preliminary steps toward freeing up the British army from Ireland’s disputed Six Counties and thus available for the Neo-Cons’ planned wars against Islam? Arranging the Omagh atrocity and successfully blaming it on the IRA (as they did the Langert atrocity) demonized the IRA and stampeded the Irish into voting away their constitutional claim to the entire island and its territorial waters. The official motive for refusing to report or prosecute all of the above numbered and lettered crimes was suggested by the US State Dept’s “head of the Britain desk” 1994 declaration that “the IRA doesn’t have Buccaneer bombers, it doesn’t have aircraft carriers, and we (the US) need to sew up the British exchequer for our planned wars against Islam.” (See David Irvine’s taped words transcribed onto page 450 of Voices From the Grave.) Further signalling British complicity in Omagh was the RUC’s “losing” of its tape of the bomb warnings; its “losing” of the log book containing transcriptions of those warnings (after which the Crown awarded George Crosses to those self-same RUC), the official “inability” to locate Irish gov’t spook and bomb car owner Paddy Dixon, the near certainty that the FBI had satellite-surveilled the bomb-car, all indicate that by 1994 persons directing MI5, FBI, RUC, etc. had decided that atrocities were needed to advance plans for far larger crimes now continuing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia,Yemen, etc.


  1. Powerful reading and unfortunately comes as no surprise or shock, the activities of the state agents of both the US and the Brits can fit along side their counterparts in the Stasi and the KGB and others,secret police ,secret courts ,secret evidence, makes the medieval times look like an enlightened age, the freedom to pursue ideals, thoughts words are being eroded at an alarming rate, and whats worse very few seem to give a fuck .Mc Kevitts conviction with the use of criminal informers like Rupert should be a warning bell to all that justice is not best served when it is dished out from a sewer pit,

  2. Yes,
    Good article. The ole agent of influence is in effect alright make absolutely no mistake about that at all levels.