PSNI Differences in Policing Loyalist Protests as Opposed to Residents Protests

GARC have issued the following statement regarding the PSNI handling of protests. 

For the past six week Loyalists, led by the UVF and various factions of the UDA, assisted by the Loyal Orders and Unionist politicians have been engaged in illegal roadblocks across the Six Counties with the vast majority taking place in the Greater Belfast area.

These roadblocks have been deemed as “peaceful” despite the presence of armed masked men, including paramilitaries, who have denied members of all communities access to their homes and essential services, while in one shameful episode an elderly man was denied entry through a Loyalist roadblock in order to visit his dying wife and jeered as he was forced to turn back, in full view of the PSNI. 

In addition to these roadblocks, Loyalism has again demonstrated its willingness to attack vulnerable Nationalist and Republican Communities, with the Short Strand, as it has for generations, facing the brunt of these incidents with unprovoked incursions and attacks on the homes and residents of that area. In effect the Short Strand is once more under siege from the UVF in East Belfast, and as before it is with the passive approval of both the Ulster Unionists and the DUP. The Greater Ardoyne Residents’ Collective fully supports the residents of the Short Strand in their plight and their right to defend their homes, Church and Community. 

From the outset of these series of events there seems to be confusion around what Loyalism is actually protesting about. Are they protesting against a vote by Belfast City Council to fly the Union Flag on certain days a year? Against social deprivation in Loyalist areas? Against supposed equality for Nationalists/Republicans in the Six Counties? Against Inquiries into State Collusion and Murder? Against the use of Gary Haggerty as a supergrass in a trial implicating most, if not all, the UVF leadership? To unite Loyalism and Unionism, interestingly by having two politically exclusive forums?

Unfortunately it seems that the spokespeople for those organising these protests don’t know themselves, as clearly demonstrated in the media and most shambolically on a recent edition of the Nolan Show on BBC television.  However where there can be no confusion is around the role of the PSNI in Loyalist protests, with the authority of the State. First Minister Peter Robinson stated in relation to paramilitary led protests that,

nobody but a tyrant would suggest that there should be an end to peaceful protest in public. Who on earth would suggest that it is appropriate that people cannot peacefully and publicly protest about decisions that they do not agree with?

Additionally, in recent days PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott stated that:

There is speculation about why doesn't the PSNI do this [sweep protesters off the road]. The reality is we put safety first and make sure that people's rights for peaceful protest are upheld wherever possible.

It is important to note these comments when comparing the actions of the State, propped up by Robinson’s OFMDFM, and their armed militia, the PSNI, when nationalist Residents have exercised their right to peaceful protest. In Ardoyne in 2010 GARC staged a sit down protest on the Crumlin Road to prevent an unwanted sectarian march from passing through our community. A sit down protest that took place on a road already blocked by the PSNI to facilitate this march, and as such was causing no further hindrance to the already disrupted lives of local residents. The PSNI response was not to “sweep” Residents away, but to use dogs, armed men’s fists and batons to remove people. 29 Residents and supporters were subsequently charged, taken to court and prosecuted, with many going to jail and others currently being pursued under live arrest warrants to be taken to Maghaberry. Compare that to the complete inaction of the PSNI when it comes to facilitating a handful of Loyalists blocking main and secondary arterial routes in Belfast and elsewhere and ask has there really been a new beginning to policing in the Six Counties. 

Unbelievably, while Loyalist paramiltaries and elected Unionist representatives laugh and chat with officers from Tennent Street PSNI Barracks as they block roads surrounding Ardoyne, at Hesketh, Twaddell and Cambrai. Officers from the same Barracks have for the last month been calling to Residents homes in Ardoyne and cautioning them for “illegally protesting” against an Apprentice Boys parade on 1st December 2012. This is despite the fact that no GARC protest was called. All of those cautioned were standing on an open footpath beside a functioning bus stop and outside shops that were open for business. None were holding placards or banners, none made any noise or gestures as the parade passed, none obstructed the parade or road and none were masked. Four Residents were actually cautioned prior to the Parade passing after local “community reps” were witnessed pointing them out falsely as “organisers” to a police officer they attend local Interagency meetings with, while others have been cautioned as the PSNI called to their home.  As a result, one Resident has already instructed his solicitor to initiate legal proceedings to have his caution withdrew, with a judicial review to follow if this is refused and the other Residents are in the process of starting the same legal proceedings. 

The actions of the PSNI, both in terms of facilitating Loyalists in their protests that have caused huge distress to their own and neighbouring communities, massive disruption to the local economy at a time of recession and directly led to the violent life threatening attacks on the Short Strand, and in terms of persecuting Residents opposed to sectarian parades while refusing them the same right to peaceful protest, clearly demonstrates that they are a sectarian force with the same sectarian mentality of their RUC forerunners.

It is time for people in Ardoyne, and other communities that are victims of their harassment and persecution, to make a stand and demonstrate that they are not welcome or acceptable as a politically unionist police force. Apologists for this armed militia within our community should also cease and withdraw their support for the PSNI, and instead show support for their neighbours, and in some cases friends and family, who are constant victims of PSNI intimidation and harassment.


  1. There has been a lot of speculation and discussion over the last number of weeks as to how the PSNI will handle the peaceful protests by nationalists that will invariably take place during this years marching season - Particularly given the fact that a number of peaceful protesters were dragged to magheraberry the week of Christmas, despite attempting to present themselves to PSNI prior to this and the fact that there were so few arrests during these riots.

    It strikes me that people are wasting their time speculating as the reality is the cops will use the same tactics they always have and not one f*** will be given by SF or anyone else. A Protestant police force for a Protestant people. SF will continue to maintain the status quo and that's that.

    Short Strand will continue to be under siege and the media will conveniently forget about Christmas 2012 and those Fenians will still have plastic bullets and water cannon rained on them.

  2. GARC in what they say here have stated what is on the minds of many

  3. Are the UVF accused on remand? If so and with the RUC facilitating yobs wrecking hun areas all i could say to that is....RESULT!!

  4. I thought they were reminiscent of The Keystone Cops!

  5. Gerry Kelly hopefully someone will draw your attention to this. If you reply, you reply, if you don't, you don't. You are legally mandated to represent all residents of North Belfast irrespective of colour, creed or political affliation.

    Why don't you use all the influence you have as both an MLA and a member of the policing board to ask why nationalist Ardoyne residents are beaten of the road, fined and imprisoned for holding peaceful protests against sectarian marchs. While their PUL neighbours in the same area are holding a protest in almost the same stretch of road and everyone is okay with that?

    Even you have to see the inequality. While you are talking to Matt Baggot and David Ford, explain to them the hyprocrisy of it all. Personally I think it has missed them both.

    The bottom line is ths Gerry. In a few months time the marching season kicks off again. And the longer the flag dispute goes on, more people will start turning their thoughts to Ardoyne.

    While I have your attention. All your former comrades who didn't get an explanation as to why SF/PRM leadership settled for a lot less than what they [your former comrades] put their lives on the line for ( as you did (but you got an explanation)). Morally if for no other reason deserve one..

  6. Larry:

    "Are the UVF accused on remand?" Answer = NO"

    But , wait for it, 6 protesters have been arrested, two remanded 4 given bail, that's within 6 weeks.
    Us nationalists know that this psni is still the same old RUC, it doesn't matter how many Catholics have joined it, they will never change, the old hands (RUC/Special Branch) re-hired through their own agency. These Illegal protests are not only being run by top notch UVF leaders, but also with UDA Leaders, and , ROBINSON HIMSELF, Yet SF still have those stupid puppet strings attached to themselves and to their mouths, they may as well pull a union flag around their shoulders, WHY?, because they are in that place were they stated, THEY WOULD NEVER BE, "STORMONT". As I read into all these Loyalist protests , I see the same pattern as 1968, NOTHING HAS CHANGED, and, NEVER WILL, because they still think THEY ARE THE MASTERS. Well, They can THINK AGAIN, what we need now is a LOYALIST FEUD, then they can kill each other and leave the ordinary working class protestant to get on with their lives, THAT'S UNTIL THE 12th OF JULY OF COURSE, Then They Become Bigots Again.

  7. As long as SF and the SDLP continue to give approval to the RUC/PSNI, the brutal treatment of nationalists and republicans will continue unabated. Don't be fooled into believing SF will do anything about it with these propaganda visits to nationalists areas under siege. Someone said Gerry needed a map to find the Short Strand...

  8. From Paul Little:

    The difference between the PSNI tactics against???? Loyalist flag protests and nationalist residents protests is stark.

    Whilst the Stormont inspired Unionist/Loyalist spring has been largely facilitated in their aims of maximum disruption by the PSNI, The recent PSNI cautions to Ardoyne residents standing at a bus stop, going to the shop or walking the dog whilst a loyalist parade passes by on the Crumlin Road are effectively being prosecuted. This is little short of the infamous Pass laws for blacks in Apartheid South Africa.

    Machaeveli couldn't make this stuff up.

  9. itsjustmacker

    'THAT'S UNTIL THE 12th OF JULY OF COURSE, Then They Become Bigots Again.'

    Yep, hands up who worked in factory or on building site with huns who were the 'salt of the earth' til the 12th fortnight when all of a sudden you were invisible at the clock-in machine!?

    scum of the earth they are. let em rot.

  10. The bearded one said he stood by Alex Maskey when he said "he to would throw stones if he lived in the Strand"well given that there is fuck all left to defend these areas with just like 69 all over,its just as well Alex the ballicks lives well away from the Strand in "Provie Heights".we had the deputy first minister following a day after his boss the west Belfast defector Adams visit the Short Strand for a photo shoot(no guns intended)while Villers the secretary of state pranced around the other side of the road ball licking those who have been responsible for this whole charade, deals were done on that day and the subsequent press meeting the next day facilitated by a so called clergyman who unlike Marian Price remains at liberty, the uvf red hand and uda all gathered in the one room smug in the knowledge that violence rally does pay,today the uvf will replace the psni /ruc in ensuring the Belfast demo is peaceful,proving once again that the clowns really do run the circus mind you when your mentors are the extremely powerful mi5 you are probably on a winner as long as your useful.there is no point comparing the recent fleg violence to the peaceful demonstrations in Ardyone the brits and those who serve their purpose here including quisling $inn £ein have nothing to fear from this small number of people with no clout either politically or militarily,or indeed like the uvf and the other groupings on the loyalist side that have to much dirt on the big boys to make any attempt at bringing them to justice a non starter, the two tier system of policing and justice we witness here is imo going to remain until this disgusting little state and those who serve it are sent packing.. ..

  11. Agree with much of what is posted but regardless of injustice or the continued state indifference to loyalist paramilitaries,SF will carry on frustrating republicans by their outreach policy to loyalist. They employ with loyalist, tactics they adopted in the Kesh, befriend them and get what you can from them to have the space to promote your own agenda.How many interface workers have eachothers numbers in order to quell interface trouble?. Loyalism may just be realising that SF have been bending them over and giving them a right royal shafting.SFs way towards a united Ireland is a creeping one but it is a policy that can only succeed in a peaceful environment. If there is any doubt about this,look at how they have helped divide the UVF and UDA.Jackie Mc Donald is treated like a statesman by SF and they have encouraged the Irish government to shower him with patronage.If Jackie was not in his current position,he would be dropped like a hot potato. Reality is we no longer live in a military conflict but there is no doubt we are living in a deeply divided society. In my opinion there will be another armed conflict here and it is not to far of. Sure are nt the Brits coming home from more of there murder campaigns abroad,they,the Brits dont like to have thier weapons of war laying about idol.Contrary to some of the posts I dont think there were any winners during the war,sorry to say,just losers.Some more sore than others.

  12. The illusion of a 'New Beginning to Policing' has been clearly been seen for what it truely this past six weeks.

    Thankfully, groups like GARC and others will not allow the human rights abuses of the rebranded RUC to go unchallenged.

    Let's hope more and more people read TPQ post and boycott these Political, Sectarian and British Police from now on?

  13. I was in the Short Strand the day McGuinness visited. At least two community workers were clearly not impressed by his limp handshakes and belated expressions of support for the people. Others, of course, fawned over him and thought it a honour to have the great man amongst them. In the past week Gerry, Martin, Mary Lou, Alex and a battalion loyal members have poured into the area in a bid to steady the ship. They may get away with it this time but more people are beginning to open their eyes.

  14. Alec a cara ,Then they departed never to be seen again muttering" someone fetch me a stiff drink bloody place."in perfect harmony to that other brit bastard Maudling.

  15. Larry,

    'scum of the earth they are. let em rot.'

    It is new strung and shall be heard?

  16. Alec, SF are worried the Strand will turn into another ardoyne and another body like GARC will spring up. And they can't be having that so they swan in and make some noises before riding off into the sunset until the next time.

    They are the government. What are they doing about the attacks on the Short Strand?

    Will there be calls for those who attacked it be held responsible?

    Will those who facilitated the attacks as well as the illegal protests be challenged. If not, why not?

    But you're right, people are starting to open their eyes.

  17. Robert:

    "It is new strung and shall be heard?".


  18. why on earth would Buck Alex throw stones at the scumbags when he has a gun given to him by his mates in the British government?

  19. A banker can cause billions of pounds worth of financial ruin for a country and creams of vast sums in bonuses,he then can recieve a knighthood.
    Someone from a working class background robs a cash box and can recieve a very lengthy prison term.

    A gang carry out a tiger kidnapping and hold someone for a ransom.If caught they are facing ten to twenty inside.
    Contrast this to loyalist paramilitaries who hold a whole population to ransom. They are handed over a ransom in the shape of money for so-called community based projects and they have influence over the direction of stormont policy that effects all people in the north.
    It is long overdue for the politicians in the north to stop bowing to blackmail and the threat of violence. The current approach of appeasement to loyalist paramilitaries will have long term consequences for the wider community. The unwillingness of politicians here, especially SF and the DUP to put tackling this issue off ,only encourages more of the same in the future as we lurch from one made up crisis to another.

  20. Feel te love:

    "A banker can cause billions of pounds worth of financial ruin for a country and creams of vast sums in bonuses,he then can receive a knighthood."

    And its left to tax payers to bail those same banks out. It shows what the ruling classes think of the working class, especially those in Government.

    "SF and the DUP to put tackling this issue off ,only encourages more of the same in the future as we lurch from one made up crisis to another."

    SF have no say in the matter, DUP have shown their hand as Robinson stated, Everyone has the right to protest, in that he meant "LOYALISTS", thus rubbing it into SF and Nationalists communities, "YOU LOT ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PROTEST, OUR POLICE WILL LOCK YOU UP", yes this is the same police SF signed up for, as Ian Paisley said, Once SF signs for a British Police force and entering into Stornmont they can no longer call themselves Republicans. He got a hole in one.

  21. There is no doubt the reaction by the PSNI to the Loyalist protests has been nothing short of shocking.

    If Nationalist residents in Ardoyne, Short Strand and other areas continue to be treated with indifference from Stormont and the PSNI then Sinn Fein and the SDLP should do one of two things:

    Option 1 - Collapse the power-sharing executive by leaving Government. At the very least this would trigger fresh elections and at the very best wpuld lead to a new agreement between all parties involved.

    Option 2 - Stay in Government but tie up speaking time in the Assembly whereby Nationalist MLAs read out long and boring speeches. The policy is known as 'Obstructionism' and was invented by Joseph Biggar, a Belfast Home Rule MP in the 1870s. It drew attention to his cause. A similar tactic could work again.

  22. Smiley Ireland have you watched Stormont to have obstructionism in that place you,d have to take it to the subsidised restaurant..there no fucking business done in the chamber they are all to busy stuffing their fat fucking gobs.

  23. FFs smiley Ireland. Are you extracting the golden stuff. Obstructionism, is your head light?. Them oil tankers already get remuneration for doing fuck all. Stick around you might learn something on here.

  24. Ok gents, points taken and when we dispense with the colourful statements we can realise that Stormont does carry out some work, clearly not the amount that should be done but some is done. Obstructionism was a suggestion, perhaps instead of simply commenting on the situation at hand you might enlighten the rest of us as to your own ideas on how to resolve the protests, flag issue, Nationalist discrimination and the broader disatisfaction with Stormont. We can all be keyboard revolutionaries and anarchists ya know!

  25. Smiley Ireland as a legislative assembly,Stormont is not even a good talking shop a cara, but you make a valid point re tactics on issues such as the "fleg " dispute,when the prison reform recommendations by Patton were discussed Pete the punt said that he would walk if the badge on the p.o,s uniform was changed,that was the end of that discussion an a clear example of politics norn iorn style, on the nationalist side however we have watched the reintroduction of internment the destruction of the H,E and housing discrimination in North Belfast and the main nationalist partner in government ie quisling $inn £ein sit on their hands and except this as do the stoops, I am of the opinion that they should never have entered that place however we are were we are and an honest revaluation of the workings of this place would show that it has been of no use to the nationalist population whatsoever,this community has gained nothing from the gfa other than the spectacle of quisling $inn £ein showing us their true colours.they along with the sdlp if they had any decency or self respect should have walked long ago,it makes no difference to our lives.

  26. Smiley Ireland,please accept a bit of harmless humour. If only it was easy to come up with a solution for this place. That is what the GFA was supposed to be about, now we have an international agreement that the loyalists/unionists either want rid of or want thier leadership to renegociate.
    I really believe unionists are in turmoil because they have not been adequately informed about what the agreement would mean for them.
    What anybody on here thinks about a way forward is irrelevant. Those loyalist/ unionist protesting are breaking the law by blocking roads. Solution arrest them, well if the law is to be observed that is what will be happening over the coming weeks. Some reckon as I do, that this approach should have been addopted from the outset. Extremists from the loyalist side are trying to get a message accross to the Brits,which is back of with HET and supergrasses, or we are taking things back to the good old bad days.
    In my opinion we are well on the way to that position and it will gather more momentum in the coming weeks and months if they are not tackled firmly once and for all. We as one society have reached another fork in the troubled road of the Belfast agreement.
    We have, we are told a police force that is there to uphold the law for all citizens but the protests on the streets challenge that and now the powers that be and the police are going to have to make a some hard choices. Face down the extremist loyalist or carry on accomodating them. This should not be about choices as far as the PSNI are concerned but that is where we are.
    The current crisis is not about flags or the erosion of someones britishness,big red fat tatooed loyalist red herring.

  27. Points taken gents, didn't mean to come across as aggressive or anything like that. Watching the Nolan show last week only highlighted the inconsistency of the Loyalist position, Jim Wilson must have listed at least four or five different reasons for the protests, even Gerry Kelly was saying essentially "So its nothing to do with the flag then". I'd have no problem telling Loyalists that they will have to be dragged kicking an screaming into the 21st century. What would be your solutions to the current situation? Mine would be for the PSNI to get the finger out for once as regards Loyalist rioters. And also your solution to what I am perceiving to be your disillusionment with the current Republican leadership?

  28. Smiley Ireland, I am not disillusioned with the current leadership of republicanism. They dont represent me and many republicans,they represent thier own self interests. In other words the SF leadership in my opinion, are a bunch of cunts. What's my solution.Civil war would provide us with one winner and one loser.I would not waste my time trying to fight the Brits on thier terms.Fuck that balls,they managed the war here for years and I mean managed.Look at the use of informers on both sides.Now you have a propper civil war and you take away thier ability to manage. I dont see the unionist as misguided fellow Irishmen/women.They are the reason we have no united Ireland,they ignored a democratic vote and threatend there would be a blood bath if Brittain left all of Ireland. People who believe that we should adere to the proclamation are dreamers. There has to come a point when you can no longer ignore your true enemy and for me that is orangeman/woman.
    It will happen one day in my opinion, unfortunate but this is where we live and how things will one day be. Hopefully when it does go down, I am sitting on a sun drenched beach, well away from it

  29. These are the new rules from Adams and Co at the 1986 Ard-fheish.

    Very Interesting, if read correctly.

    ""b. No person who is a member of any political party organisation or who approves of or supports the candidature of persons who, if elected, intend taking part in the proceedings of the Westminster or partitionist 6-County parliaments or who approves of or supports the candidature of persons who sign any form or give any kind of written or verbal undertaking of intention to take their seats in these institutions, shall be admitted to membership or allowed to retain membership."
    That Section 1f of the Constitution be amended to read:

    "f. No member of the British armed forces shall be eligible for membership.
    "No person who has taken an oath of allegiance to the Westminster or partitionist 6-County parliaments shall be eligible for membership so long as he/she retains the office or position involving such oaths or until he/she repudiates the oath of declaration in writing to a cumann."

    That Section 5 of the Constitution be amended to read:

    "5. Sinn Fein candidates in Westminster or partitionist 6-County parliamentary elections shall, on selection and before nomination, publicly and solemnly pledge themselves, as follows:-
    I ............. freely and solemnly declare:

    "a. That, if elected, I will not sit in, nor take part in, the proceedings of the Westminster or partitionist 6-County parliaments.

    "b. That, pending the establishment of the parliament of the Irish Republic, in all matters pertaining to the duties and functions of a parliamentary representative I will be guided by and hold myself amenable to all directions and instructions issued to me by the Ard Chomhairle of Sinn Féin.

    "c. That, pending the establishment of the parliament of the Irish Republic, I will, at any rime, if called upon to do so by a majority of the ,members of the Ard Chomhairje of Sinn Fein, resign my seat as a parliamentary representative of the constituency of…

    "d. That I take this pledge voluntarily, of my own free will.

    "That Sinn Féin candidates in Leinster House elections take pledges 5b, 5c and 5d."

  30. Feel te love - I don't think a Civil War is coming, perhaps massive civil disobediance from both communities but little by little the gun as an alternative in Irish politics is fading out :)

  31. It does seem to fade,as has been the case over the course of Irish history. Though like the tide going out, it is destined to return. As regards civil war,it has been fermenting for many years now,maybe as far back as the setting up of this state. The 70s,80s and 90s appear to me to have been releasing some of the pressures built up over civil rights. For a number of years now that release has not been present and things are building towards either a big bang or boil over. Just my opinion.

  32. smiley ireland

    agreed, but remember the unionists don't do democracy. best to be ready!

  33. Well mo chairde I hope it never comes to that again, not because Republicans don't have any fight in them, it just seems bit by bit democracy is starting but make a difference. 1 flag down......many more to go

  34. Interesting....

    "I have been contacted by a number of people who have tried to get some answers from Ilex in light of the Loyalist event planned for the 27th Jan to clash with the Bloody Sunday march. These questions were emailed to Ilex last week by James - he has yet to receive an answer or even an acknowledgement of his email."


    Can I ask in relation to the loyalist event planned for Ebrington:

    Has Ilex given permission for this event?

    What is the policy of Ilex in relation to unauthorised events taking place on the Ebrington site?

    If Ilex has not given permission what action does Ilex intend to take to preserve the neutrality of the Ebrington shared space?

    What measures will Ilex put in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of members of the public utilising the Ebrington shared space at the time of this loyalist event?

    Does Ilex public liability insurance cover illegal / unauthorised gatherings?

    Will Ilex issue a public statement stating their public position in advance of this event?

  35. Much as it pains me to say this...but on the Nolan show last night DUP stalwart Arlene Foster wiped the floor with SF Alex Maskey on the border poll issue by simply remaining calm. Good for her.

    How long has Maskey been in 'politics'? SF truely are devoid of any substance. Compare Maskey's muttering failure to promote the SF agenda of a border poll to what Alex Salmond would have come out with for Scotland.

    What a pack of jackals... still scavanging off the corpses/emotions of the hunger-strikes and troubles with no real political depth at all.

    Can't see anything other than centenary hype as a 'strategy' on the SF part. END OF!!

  36. Larry,

    it has to be said when you are of a mind to you make some very astute observations.

  37. These are part of the new rules from Adams and Co at the 1986 Ard-fheish. section 5 (a)

    Very Interesting, if read correctly.

    ""a. That, if elected, I will not sit in, nor take part in, the proceedings of the Westminster or partitionist 6-County parliaments."

    What doe's that actually say and mean?, whilst the leader is in Dail Eireann with other Sinn Fein TD's and the second in command is sitting in the partitionist 6 county Parliament with other Sine Fein MLA's.
    So they should not allowed to be there, I'm surprised no one has seen this, UNLESS I'M MISSING SOMETHING!.

  38. Larry; I'd agree with you about Arlene Foster/Maskey but I think that half the problem with Maskey not coming across as confident or assertive about this is because the shinners aren't really serious about a border poll producing the results they are saying theyre after.

    Pushing for a poll now, in my opinion, is only a toe-dipping exercise, putting the feelers out to see how the land lies, what the appetite is like.

    No-one is naive enough to think that there is any great hunger in the north at the minute for unity (the shinners have put paid to all that ideological nonsense) so why call for it? We all know the shinners love their strategies and this is nothing more than a strategy to give themselves more breathing space with the still faithful grass-roots, keep kidding them on that they are still working towards a united Ireland, while the leadership get down to the real business of securing middle class votes, building stormont, growing the party in the 26, etc etc etc.

    I wish they would feck off with their shite.

  39. Mackers

    It's just difficult to be serious about politics in general. Taking what passes for politics on both sides of the border here seriously should come with a health warning. They'd need to build more looney-bins if we took them serious, we'd all go demented!

    Belfast bookworm

    'I wish they would feck off with their shite.'

    totally!! it dpresses me people are voting for any of them.

  40. Belfast Bookworm,

    Maskey is just a parrot for whatever the parrot owner says. Have you ever heard one original idea or one word of disagreement from him?

    Unity first Nationalism would be heavily defeated in any border poll by a combination of partitionist nationalism and unionism. The party is one great slurry tank that eagerly consumes the crap spewed out of the big lad.

  41. The difference in policing is obvious to us all, but Correct me if I'm wrong, everyone fails to see that , "There is no Policing whatsoever.

    Did you know that this month The UK government tried to Push a motion through that the FBI could be asked for assistance from the RUC/PSNI and come to The six counties and assist in investigations?. this was pushed through the back corridors of westminster by MI5, Those who cameron fears!. It was rejected my the Muppets at Stormont, on the advice from C.A.J..

    Click on the link, and download, If you have not read the Report from C.A.J, "Policing you don't see", From 2007 MI5 have been running the RUC/PSNI, FULL TIME, this document is a must to read, The C.A.J. gets more information than you or I could ever get. Its educational. just scroll down and you will see it, Its PDF format. As for the Border Poll, That is nothing but a scam By SF, The biggest riggers in History of Manipulating and changing the rules of , Not Only the Army Council, but, Of the original Sinn Fein, Adams/Mc Guinness have a lot to answer for, But not just those two, A few friends and myself have given a name to, The scarlet Pimpernel , Gerry Kelly, we call him the Quiet Man, he never says nothing, Until something happens in Ardoyne, Then He is up and out in front of the cameras denouncing punishment shootings, which one of his own was arrested for, but, released, you all know who I mean, Shankill Rd Bombing!, but low and behold, The RUC/PSNI stated, It was Not a punishment shooting, The young lad in question who was shot, Knocked two lumps of shite out of a few ex ! Provies. Not bad Mr Kelly, "You Sit On The So Called Policing Board" , From what I hear, The lad will be back with a vengeance, he takes no crap. Policing is for those who adhere to the GFA, anyone outside of that is, A CRIMINAL.

    the policing you dont see

  42. Marty,

    The bearded one said he stood by Alex Maskey when he said "he too would throw stones if he lived in the Strand

    And then go to court and give evidence against you and get you jail time for throwing them. Seriously, would you throw stone in front of him without a hoodie? !!

    Feel te love,

    Loyalism may just be realising that SF have been bending them over and giving them a right royal shafting.

    I laughed at that. It reminded me of the time in England when a journalist said to me the SF grassroots could take no more humiliation from Peter Robinson, it had to rebel. I merely said that Peter could throw Gerry over a table on the Falls and give him a right royal shafting and the idiots watching would say ‘Gerry has him by the balls.’

    SFs way towards a united Ireland is a creeping one

    Just a pity about the creeps

    What's my solution. Civil war would provide us with one winner and one loser.

    I would have seen civil war as the ultimate catastrophic failure to find a solution rather than it being a solution. Sometimes the solution does more harm than the problem being solved.