Gerry McGeough Welcome Home Function

Gerry McGeough is to be released on 29th January 2013. Please show your support for the McGeough family by attending this venue.  

Looking forward to meeting you in person at the Welcome Home Function for Gerry McGeough, February 1st, 2013 – 8:30 pm - Quinn's Corner – Dungannon - Co. Tyrone

Guest Speakers - Music by The Irish Brigade - Raffle

Admission by Ticket or Pay at the Door - £10

It will be wonderful to finally have the opportunity to meet most of you, who have supported the Free Gerry McGeough Campaign over the years, in person, at the ‘Welcome Home Function’ for Gerry in Dungannon, Tyrone on Friday, February 1st.  Please contact Damian Herron for tickets and share this event information with others.    Thank you and see you at Quinn’s on the 1st of February.

Those attending the function from the U.S. please contact me @ by January 25th.

Helen McClafferty, Chair - USA


  1. That's fantastic News.

    now for a loyalist murderer up for a 1973 murder.
    Judgement reserved on Robert Rodgers over 1973 murder of Eileen Doherty was shot dead by a man who hijacked her taxi, two of his palm prints were found in the taxi, JUDGE SAYS IT CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE. wtf

    Judge states Shaw Rodgers, 59, from Tierney Gardens in Belfast,evidence circumstantial

  2. That is great news - home

    and @itsjustmacker

    now for an innocent man currently that what it is internment
    Brian Shivers - terminally ill - convicted on....very circumstantial...forensic evidence DNA a match on of all things matches. sentenced to 25yrs for...well now ex Justice Anthony Hart (retired) in a Diplock court found guilty although
    On appeal The verdict was quashed -
    PPS appeal for a re-trial upheld and bail denied remains in Maghaberry jail

    Incidentally ex Justice Anthony Hart is to chair the historical abuse inquiry.

    Brian Shivers remains incarcerated awaiting re-trial - seems that's no justice at all.

    1. Dingo interesting points about Brian's case: since 1997 there have been 234 appeals lodged against convictions, not sentence reduction, only 23 have had there convictions quashed. Less than 10%. There never has been a retrial of a diplock case before. Justice Hart knew that the case he made against Brian would not stand scrutiny but personally, I think they thought that Brian would be dead before an Appeal came about.
      Brian has been subjected to a number of beatings and assaults by PO's and the armed PSNI thugs that roam Roe 4, just like the loyalist murder squads of the past. Since been in Maghaberry Brian's lung capacity has dropped to nearly 30%, if it drops below this a transplant is needed.
      Brian continually, maintains his innocence and this was upheld up the court of Appeal this week. He has been refused bail because he allegedly poses a threat to public safety despite the fact that Hart in his summing up said that Brian was of good character. I wish that I could return the same compliment to Hart but I cannot. Please keep Brian in your thoughts and prayers, and that justice will be done.

  3. It is indeed good news and fáilte abhaile Gerry, and as itsjust mackers pointed out the hyprocrisy continues with the two tier legal and justice system here,a fucking bigoted murdering bastard who murdered a completely innocent wee girl a friend of mine shot down for nothing more than her address,has his judgement reserved which probably means he.ll walk, I hope we meet up some day !Gerry enjoy the homecoming nothing has changed since you went in its still 1968..

  4. Great seeing you home, Gerry, mo chara. Stay safe.

  5. Thats is good news. But we know he shouldn't have been in prison in the first place.

    Putting aside the human cost of locking anyone up who committed an offence prior to 1998. The financial cost staggering. It costs tax payers almost 45k a yr to house a prisoner (2yrs is 90k), then the court cost (lawyers, judges, clerks) and the HET investigation, has to be at least 150k.

    I can understand families wanting to know what happened the night their father, mother, brother...was shot, killed in an explosion etc...

    Why can't the HET simply send a letter to the person who committed a murder, bombing...and say (It could easily read Billy)

    Dear Paddy,
    On Oct 1977 you shot and killed X. We know you done it, so there is no point in denying it. You aren't going to jail but it will be recorded on your record. And if you do anything along the same lines in the future, it will be used against you.
    Mr HET...

    The money saved could be re-directed into social issues. I know that will 'piss off' at lot of people. But not every family will find the truth out because the state doesn't want them to know. So locking some people up and not others (excuse my french), it's a load of fcuking bollicks.

  6. @Dingo.

    I and others know Internment is back, or, should I say, it has never left us Nationalists. Secret Evidence is the norm now, Brian and others are still under constant abuse and attacks ,the Loyalist state is not bothered about any complaints, its just swept under the carpet, and I say "Loyalist State" for a reason, the rest are just puppets, You have Kelly on the policing board, FOR WHAT?, the policing board has no clout, Only Baggott and MI5 have that clout, but were security is concerned, even baggott has no say, its all controlled by MI5 within the corridors of whitehall.

  7. itsjustmackers a cara you could save your fingers and just state "its all controlled by mi5" sin é

  8. Two of the people who made comments in relation to the Helen McClafferty piece on McGeough’s party show their ignorance, bigotry and hatred of all things Protestant. Itsjustmacker–not his real name–welcomes the release of Gerry the hero and then goes on to say that in the case of a Loyalist who is on trial at present for a killing dating back 40 years, because the judge declares that some fingerprint evidence is only circumstantial, the system is loaded against republicans!! Marty–this may be his real name–eloquently describes the loyalist currently on trial as ” a fucking bigoted murdering bastard” and continues by offering an open threat–”I hope we meet up some day”. Both of these regular contributors to TPQ are seriously deluded to think that the HET campaign is a one way system directed at republicans. I dont think these two actually believe that which leads me to think that their comments are spurred by naked sectarianism. I dont attach any blame to Anthony McIntyre here as he has the right to allow any comments he likes. But I would be interested to hear his own views on the comments and more importantly on the HET. Does he feel that it is okay for Loyalists to be hounded for 40 year old cases but that republicans shouldn’t. Strangely the HET issue is one that hasn’t attracted too much comment from republicans–no matter what branch they now represent.

  9. Tim,

    thanks for commenting here. I had read the earlier piece on the Long Kesh Inside Out site and feel it is something that should be explored at greater length.

    The policy on the blog is to permit as much as possible. A general rule of thumb is that I allow to be said about others what I would allow to be said about me. Were I to be called 'a fucking bigoted murdering bastard' I would let it go up so there is little point in me trying to shield a loyalist from the type of comment I would not shield myself from. Real people post here and they bring the range of emotions, passion, anger and animosity of the streets to whatever they object to. They don't live in ivory towers and we don't insist that they should behave as if they do. Naturally, I prefer debate to be conducted in a civil manner but if it isn't, we still facilitate it. Generally, we are more comfortable with sedition than sainthood and as such are rough at the edges.

    On the question of the HET, I am opposed to any post conflict prosecutions for conflict activity. I think this applies equally to loyalists, British state forces and republicans. I think truth recovery is important but it has to be uncoupled from prosecutions otherwise it is self defeating and skewed.

  10. Tim , Marty here and it is my name the comments re Rodgers it is my opinion that he is nothing more than a fucking bigoted murdering bastard having been convicted of one sectarian murder, this lowlife who put 3 bullets in a completely innocent childs head just because she had the wrong address like his other victim, she was a personal friend of mine and that kind of needless sectarian murder of innocent non participants makes me sick. the evidence against him would be more than circumstantial.any republican facing a Diplock court with similar evidence would be away for their tea and many have on much flimsier evidence, lets see how your glorious het preform against the drug dealing uvf leadership of east Belfast Bagotts description and the paras who openly murdered in Ballymurphy and Derry.If standing up against murdering bigots makes me a sectarian bigot then so be it.

  11. TIM:

    as regards the HET, I am totally against it because at the so called GFA it was decided that all crimes prior to 1998 were , "Null and Void", but obviously this is not the case, and, can I explain why, The reason is that ex special branch employed by HET are at the forefront of opening all cases, now, would you agree with me, That those very ex special branch should be the ones being investigated.
    Now, as for my,"Loyalist who is on trial at present for a killing dating back 40 years, because the judge declares that some fingerprint evidence is only circumstantial", I presume you accept that hand prints are circumstantial?, if it was in a court of law anywhere outside the 6 counties it would be automatic evidence, I hope you are not tarring me with the "BIGOT" brush, I come from very fine bloodstock , My late mother was a protestant, My late Grandfather fought in both 1st and 2nd world wars, He was shell shocked and became iLL, none of his loyalists friends wanted to know him, so He lived with us in ardoyne and was very respected by everyone in my district, when he died he was buried out of Holy Cross Church, The priest was told that "No MENTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN WAS TO BE MADE at the service, he agreed on this, My mothers Brothers and sister , and uncles came to the service , they were very staunch loyalists, my parents made sure he was buried in the city cemetery and not milltown. My grandfather used to take us to the field when we were kids, yes he even wore his bowler hat walking down our passage to get into the taxi. so please remove bigotry from my name. Its about time you realised that there is no orange state anymore, and, never will be, if we cant live together in peace and harmony then on your heads it be. I cant be fairer than that, Can I?

  12. no matter what flowery speil itsjustmackers and Marty come up with the bottom line is that the HET is fine so long as it is arresting and jailing Loyalists. They have a bit of a brass neck in declaring anyone a sectarian murderer after the campaign carried out by the Provies during the conflict. Very selective as usual. And as for the gloating around Hegarty....when Black, Gilmore et al were singing it too was unjust because they were turned by security forces. But then again its Prods we are talking about here.

  13. Id like to thank AM & itsjustmacker on their responses to my comment. I have to say that I also agree with exploring truth recovery and im of the opinion that post conflict prosecutions for conflict situations should be opposed. So thank you. Ref (itsjustmacker) my opinion just written agrees that truth recovery examines all persons / orgs/ govts involved in the conflict. To say that the system is loaded against republicans when almost 90% of all HET investigations are within Loyalism seemed to read somewhat bigoted to me and to state that if we cant live together then on our heads be it seems a little threatening, however i accept the fact that if yu say youre not a bigot then fine. if you read the full blog on the site longkeshinsideout you will see how the defense can refer to similar circumstantial evidence cases of duffy and shivers. Would you agree that Duffys case was circumstantial? If the trial was held outside Northern Ireland then we wouldnt need to be concerned about Diplock Courts. Once again I thank you for your opinion

  14. Tim:

    No threat was intended, I have re-read my post and its a typo, It should read, " if we cant live together then on our heads be it," That's from your reply
    when I read your reply I thought you were quoting me, Basically it means we are all going down the road of the 70s/80s/90s and to me that's a No No for the children of today who are tomorrows future.
    Duffy's dna on a tip of a latex glove and on one of the seat belts would in my opinion be accepted in a British court of Law as evidence, but Duffy would have to give evidence as to why his dna is in that car.
    " To say that the system is loaded against republicans".
    I DON'T RECALL SAYING THAT ANYWHERE. I visited the site "longkeshinsideout" , UVF/RHC, not much on it, lacks comments, but I note Dr Coulter named myself and Marty on that site, as Bigots, lol.


    If you read above, I have already stated that the HET should cease investigating all cases Prior to the GFA, but I would like to quote to you, Shankill Butchers, animals and bigots to say the least, but it was good of your Loyalists friends to set Lenny up for the RA to execute, I don't know why they didn't do it themselves, "Power struggle maybe!".
    "flowery speil itsjustmackers and Marty come up with"
    I am not in the habit of spouting Flowery Speil, but you sound a very bitter person for even stating that, I cant answer for Marty, But I'm sure he will answer for himself.

  15. Stephen Ferguson suggests that I put a flowery speil on the activities of the het,I have no faith in the het whatsoever and even less in a truth recovery process..Adams and Robinson telling the truth never mind Paisley your way past panto season..

  16. In both their original comments neither itsjustmacker or Marty claimed to be against the HET. They were only stating that its okay for Loyalists to be convicted but wrong for republicans. And the threat was in Marty's original post--I hope we meet up some day. If Duffy's fingerprints were deemed circumstantial why not the Loyalist?

  17. Stephen Ferguson I have never said in any blog that I support the het as a matter of fact I have ridiculed this sb infested operation,my problem with "loyalists" are that they have allowed themselves to be used by the state in acts of terrorism way below the base line,the murder of non combatants is in my opinion not acceptable something you seem to think is acceptable and yes republicans have been guilty of this also,murdering women delivering prescriptions or a kid coming home from a night out is by its very act targeting the innocent, lot of republicans who have done time didnt have circumstantial evidence against them rather they were sent down on confessions that were beat out of them ,the history of the courts and judicial system here speak clearly for itself, in my original post I stated that" hope we meet up some day" is that a threat ,you interpret that whatever way you like Stephen..

  18. I believe no one can be in any doubt that the RUC were actively framing republicans and when not facilitating loyalisys they were giving them lenient sentences. The RUC who were re-recruited after their big pay-off are surely blatantly pampering loyalist protesters this last two months. What evidence do we require?

    A scheduled offence I was done for 30 yrs ago..assault resulting from a sectarian confrontation in Armagh which under 'normal' circumstances should have been spent (under 30 months are deemed spent after a period of time) came back to haunt me 30+ yrs later recently.

    Sectarian RUC sectarian state. END OF.

  19. Larry Hughes---typical delusional claptrap. Prods got lighter sentences and were facilitated by police? Dont make me laugh!! tell that to the thousands who went through the jail system here--especially the large percentage of life sentence prisoners. And I could give many examples of " Old Offences " being used in later years to bring Prods to book. get real Larry.

  20. Am--just a question in response to a previous comment from you---that you wouldnt allow threats on comment page. Have you actually read the comment from Marty in relation to Loyalist currently on HET case?

  21. Stephen,

    If you are talking about his latest comment on thread. I have read it and don't regard it as a threat, more a wordplay around the use of the term threat.

  22. Not a problem Anthony--I interpreted differently..but we will agree to differ.

  23. Stephen putting three bullets into the back of a terrified innocent young girls with no involvement in any part of the "Troubles",by ,and you seem proud to use the term "loyalist"should make any decent person hang their head in shame,so much for Gusty,s "abject and true remorse" on your behalf,if you take the time to trawl through the history of TPQ you will find no small amount of condemnation of republican actions by republicans,most of whom are trying to make sense of our past ,debate,educate and learn in the hope that we can all find a better way of bringing about a just and socialist republic about without bloodshed,something I believe Gusty Spence realised was a genuine aspiration.there was a real element of socialism among the older generation of uvf personnel who had recall to the ODR riots of the 30,s that seems lacking in the younger generation, something we can clearly witness by their activities as" community workers" recently.Stephen go listen to Dylans Only A Pawn In Their Game in relation to "loyalists" acting as agents of the state...

  24. Marty..obviously the term innocent until proven guilty isnt in your repertoire..but you seem happy to single this one incident out when during the past conflict despite many denials from all republican groupings they were ALL involved in sectarian attacks and killings. The Loyalist groups werent involved in tit for tat shootings on their own. I know there has been condemnation on TPQ of republican violence--I am a follower of the site. I think it is wrong for you to single anyone or anything out. And you dont need to try and educate me on Dylan or on collusion either...which again wasnt confined to we are increasingly seeing.

  25. Stephen:

    Who started lifting people of the streets for torture beyond any human beings dreams and murdered?, it was not Republicans. Do you think that 3 bullets in the back of the head of a child is ok?. I am of the firm opinion that you are on a merry go round, but the merry go round always goes in the direction you want it to, It seems to me that you are the bigot and no matter what anyone says, you just want to be right.

  26. itsjustmackers...if that's the case you sound like one of the hobby horse's on the merrygoround--did you ever work for Mickey Marley?

  27. Stephen in such a corrupt and grubby state such as norn iorn is, the term innocent until proven guilty is really a question of who it is aimed at the recent dropping of charges against the lvf members on Martin O Hagans murder and the care less attitude of the director of public prosecutions Barrabhroy McGrory,showed the true nature of this state,his vindictive pursuit of Marian Pice at the behest of the brits is a classic example of british justice norn iorn style, there has indeed been many loyalists through the prison mill here but like internment and the proscription of the uda most were put there for the optics,as for singling people out well that has happened here on TPQ many a time the bearded on is probably the most berated followed closely by the rat in the hat bangers two people who would probably be well briefed on collusion,as for education you Stephen well a cara I,m still trying to learn you however know it all,

  28. Marty--I am far from knowing it all--and am willing to learn through debate. Do you think I dont know how corrupt the country thing I am not is blind or deaf to all those misgivings. what I consistently say is that it wasnt and isnt all one sided. And you will find as time goes on that mainstream republicanism may not be as white as people believe. In the Martin O'Hagan case there is a valid reason for disallowing his evidence which will have implications on all paid perjurer or assisting offender cases. Mo Chara.

  29. Stephen the know it all was a dig but not a blow meant to offend or hurt, we all know and admit that the republican movement has done horrendous things in what now seems the pursuit of nothing,and a cara they have or rather a clique led by the bearded one allowed six very brave men to die unnecessary and needless deaths on hunger strike,so a cara I am all to aware of the dirt that is on the hands of republicanism,however believe it or not the majority and I admit here not all but again the majority of republicans including my self would never have contemplated or indeed allowed the murder of anyone just because they didnt kick with the right foot,if they did as an Atheist I would have been whacked long ago by either side.I am in agreement with you in your comment re the valid reasons for paid perjurer cases to be scrapped,my point in that post and I do apologise here for not explaining myself better, my argument was not the actual decision because I believe other agencies have had a hand in that decision,but rather the cavalier attitude of Barrabhroy Mc Grory,s announcement compared the determination to pursue a ridiculous charge against Marian Price.supergrass trails are a failed substitute for proper investigative policing,but the fact that policing here is political and the fact that those charged with upholding the law break the law then there is no law ,the communities here will be held as pawns in various state agencies dirty games until the communities unite in defense of each other,is it a big ask that is to much I dont know but I hope not.a cara.

  30. Stephen:

    "did you ever work for Mickey Marley?"

    That does not worthy a Reply. But you will never change, you can't answer a simply question, so I will ask it again, " Do you think that 3 bullets in the back of the head of a child is ok?"

  31. Marty..I accept what you are saying and certainly believe you are genuine which makes me wonder why you would make an issue of one killing from 40 years ago when you openly admit that many republicans were involved in " horrendous " things. I'm not here for any argument Marty but to comment as I see it. Both of us could run out of paper when making a list of terrible killings--indeed could you name a " good " one--or indeed one that solved anything? Me neither.

  32. itsjustmackers...sorry you felt offended by an offhand remark..but apologies. In answer to your question..NO...I do not think it is right to fire 3 bullets into anyone's head. But neither do I think it is right to blow children up in prams---tie innocent civilians to steering wheels of lorrie in proxy bombs---burn to death members of a pedigree dog club out on a function---machine gun to death the congregation of a country church etc: etc: etc:...And what I also feel is wrong is that you can pontificate on what is right and wrong and that you reserve the right to be selective in your opinions.

  33. Stephen a cara when we leave aside the vitriol and whataboutery,we and I mean most of us are not to far apart,I do take your point and I,ll say my last on this, as someone who has known many who have given their lives for "the cause"and walked behind coffins now to many to number, the deaths of volunteers has always been tinged with if I may say a sense of pride that these people were in some sense a Samson who fought the Goliath,and as anyone who ever knew anything about the republican movement will say one of the first things one is told is that either death or imprisonment is likely.but although we all engaged in that destructive dance, the sense of humanity never left us or as best as possible, remember the Dark trying to save that young soldiers life,not for some publicity stunt but from compassion,so to the point a cara I knew Eileen well we were kids together I saw her develop into a lovely young woman, she was a happy young kid and lived for life, she was as innocent as a new born, her death was as needless as those who Adams let die on hungerstrike,and my disgust and anger with the perpetrator of Eileens murder is matched by my disgust and anger at Adams and his cronies... sin é

  34. Stephen:

    Thanks for the apology, but it wasn't necessary, sometimes things are typed at the heat of the moment.

    You seem to think I have tunnel vision, I for one, like others on TPQ know it was not all one sided during the conflict, A lot of innocent people were blown up, murdered, just because of their Religion,That was totally wrong and inexcusable. I think its best to see what is going to happen in the future, and, I don't have that long on this planet to foresee anything but corruption on top of corruption by leaders on both sides of the divide, gangsters/Racketeers/ Extortion, etc,etc ,the sad fact of life is, we have now got more ;"so called Peace walls" than we had before the gfa, and in my opinion this latest one about the Flag over the city hall was set up by first minister Robinson to try and regain his seat from Naomi Long, but the gangsters/drug barons stepped in to escalate it, Robinson is speaking with a forked tongue, he stated that, "Surely everyone has a right to protest", but no need for the violence, He didn't mean the legal protests on the crumlin rd Ardoyne, that's for sure and he could not give two hoots about the violence being caused, because he firmly believes he will win that seat back, AT ANY PRICE, even his own community being oppressed by it, well, lets hope that community in East Belfast remembers all this when the put pen to paper, because they are no different to you and I, working class, the ones who are always forgotten about once they cast the vote, no matter if its for DUP/SF etc we all end up a statistic who pays there wages/salaries and big fat expenses.

  35. need to tell me about the duplicity of Robinson and co..I have witnessed it from people like him from the eraly sixties. Big House Unionism has continually misrepresented and failed the protestant working class and yet continue to be voted in because the electorate feel they have no viable alternative. The one thing that protestant working class fears the most is they would prefer to be represented by these weasels rather than take a chance. I have just heard Declan Kearney on Radio Ulster and he is a republican version of what I am talking about. He and his party are leading republicans up the proverbial garden path. No coincedence that both parties that Kearney and Robinson represent are carving it up between them up the hill in Leafy Land.

  36. Stephen Ferguson-

    The PSNI sent photos to all the media of those involed in the illegal protests over the union jack-the Irish News printed those pictures yesterday on its front page but the newsletter failed in its civic duty and just showed one illegal protester in the middle pages-and that person was hard to make out- do you wonder why the newsletter is trying to protect criminals for as long as they can-

  37. Stephen a cara it may become a bit boring but your last post is spot on ,good people from both communities have suffered from the weasel words of people who have proved themselves to be nothing but carpetbaggers,from never never never,on one side and we,re out for our republic !on the other, fucking lives wasted in gaol,the graveyards full, homes and lives wrecked for what,we can and better learn from this,and hopefully come out the other side united.good post Stephen keep them coming Robert and yourself may be a distance away but I believe we have that unites us than divides us.

  38. Michaelhenry,
    The Irish News printed those pictures yesterday on its front page but the newsletter failed in its civic duty and just showed one illegal protester in the middle pages

    I seriously doubt Stephen has any control over what goes in or out of the Newsletter. If you feel so angry about it, may I suggest you contact the editor of the Newsletter and ask him why he (not Stephen) printed one grainy photo..?

  39. michaelhenry:

    Believe it or not, after Dolours was buried, the news letter Printed 5 photos of the cortege, a lot more than all other papers, some didn't even print any, as it was there duty to do so, especially Republican ones.

  40. Marty..the truth is that there is a very skinny line between both sides of the community here. What makes the difference are those who have most to gain by keeping us apart and in protecting their own little empires and egos. The Shinners have become very adept at what Unionists have done for a hundred years. And the way things are going there will be an even skinnier line between the Shinners and the DUP--which will eventually swallow up Nesbitts crowd--unless a viable alternative can be found. But I would say there is more chance of Gerry admitting membership or of Willie Frazer telling us he is really Liam O'Freacher.

  41. LOL Stephen and I dont mean loyal orange lodge, the aim is to make the likes of Adams and Frazier irrelevant,nothing more than the butt of our jokes, come to think about it that has already started, fancy a pint a cara ..

  42. Stephen,

    Declan Kearney ... and his party are leading republicans up the proverbial garden path.

    I don’t think republicans are being led up the garden path – just Shinners!

  43. My old Irish teacher in Barrack st whose nickname was snipe used to say when wacking the bejasus outa us "c,mon ye boy theres no fairies at the bottom of my garden" bet if he looked out his window now he,d be in for a hell of a shock ..

  44. Stephen:

    "And the way things are going there will be an even skinnier line between the Shinners and the DUP--which will eventually swallow up Nesbitts crowd--unless a viable alternative can be found."

    Lagan Valley MLA Basil McCrea has said it is likely that he and John McCallister will set up a new party to challenge the DUP and the UUP..

    were does that leave the Unionist Party Now?, seems splits are splits to me. Gerry will never admit anything, The Brits trained him to deny everything, But, There are those of us who no the truth. My opinion is, That Unionist are in turmoil at the moment, Robinson putting forward an ex B-Special who was murdered , Distributing Leaflets, Purporting that they are Naomi Longs, FOR WHAT?, there is no difference on either side, Its Dog eat Dog. Don't think for one minute that the British cares about Protestants or Catholics, They are using Unionists MP's for Votes, and that is the bottom line, I only wish you could see that a cara, we are all being used by, SF, and, DUP, I think Robinson will soon Resign, an alternative is required to unite the working class, we could elect, "Stiff Little Fingers"?

  45. Itsjustmackers a cara Pete the punt has jointly with Nesbitt no balls put forward the son of a whacked ex b special.. stiff little fingers like that.