The Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) condemns the actions of the PSNI.

GARC released the following statement on 10 December 2012

Today PSNI officers have been calling to doors of Ardoyne residents, officially cautioning them for "illegally protesting" against a sectarian Apprentice Boys parade through Ardoyne last Saturday.

This action can only be described as Political Policing! Police are going around Ardoyne cautioning residents who stood and merely observed on the pavement of the Crumlin road while the Orange parade passed. The residents had no placards or banners and there was no shouting or noise made. It was dignified and totally peaceful. There was no attempt to impede or disrupt the parade by residents.

However if the last few days have shown anything, with loyalists rioters tearing the place apart and illegally protesting with a minimal police response, if any, it is that there has been no change in policing. The PSNI, like their forerunners in the RUC and B Specials are there to protect the State, and residents who oppose sectarianism are harassed, targeted and victims of intimidation. Why? Simple, because they refuse to be broken and refuse to accept Political Policing.

Given the ongoing escalation of PSNI discrimination against Nationalists and the partiality shown towards loyalists week by week, it is becoming more apparent that a blatant sectarian apartheid exists and is becoming more overt.

Many of these protests have been facilitated, rather than policed by the PSNI, once again proving if evidence was needed, that policing remains attached to loyalism and it is unable or unwilling to treat the nationalist community with equality.

Over the course of the last number of days we have witnessed numerous sectarian attacks on the nationalist community. These have included places of worship and at our children’s schools. These attacks are a direct result of Unionist leaders' remarks and the heightening of tension in the guise of the flag issue. They cannot now try to distance themselves from the disgraceful sectarian attacks that have been inflicted towards the nationalist community.

We are continually told by the nationalist parties who have entered Stormont that the Orange state has gone? Nothing could be further from the truth as we've seen firsthand in recent days.The cat is out of the bag and people are seeing the realities of life. History appears to be repeating itself. The loyalists retained their allies in the security forces, and persist in victimising nationalists at every opportunity. This is escalating day and daily.


  1. And the Kelly fella in his armani suit has the cheek to tell residents to go back to there homes, its in case he is out of a job, but those same residents voted him and others of SF in, we need an alternative to vote in, the problem being Ardoyne is split with two groups, If the residents of Ardoyne do not see what has actually happend at the PSNI/RUC invasion into the district with threats, this is intimidation at a gross level, then they will never be able to see, to me they are forgetting the sacrifices from 1970 onwards by the IRA/PIRA/INLA. That is a shame in itself and they should walk with there heads bowed. Seems they want to be trampled over by Marching Loyalists because they accepted it in the past, but when the district was being defended they were over the moon. So now is the time to say, Thanks and get behind "GARC" and put pen to paper and show your face at demonstrations, don't leave it up to the same people every time a demo is called for, it needs everyone to come out in full support and join the demo. Don't be fooled by those new police uniforms, its still the same old RUC being backed up by Ex Special branch in office jobs looking at old and new security docs preparing to hand over to Loyalist death squads if the need came.

  2. Dee fennell and Rab jackson have been arrested and taken to maghaberry in the last 24hrs for refusing to pay a fine imposed on them for taking part in a "PEACEFUL SIT DOWN PROTEST" on the crumlin rd in july 2010.

  3. Tony Catney TC has also been lifted and taken to that hellhole also for refusing to pay the same fine.

  4. @Ardoyne Republican and treehugger.

    I have stipulated a long time ago that ,"As you both and others Know", nothing has changed, this is the big trawler net being cast, but with a Gaff attached to the side of it to haul all dissenters into it, whilst top UVF/UFF/UDA men are openly orchestrating violence on the streets and nothing happens to them.

  5. Itsjustmacker

    its still the same old
    RUC being backed up by Ex Special branch in office jobs looking at old and new security docs preparing to hand over to Loyalist death squads if the need came.

    ‘if the need came’ being the apt wording. This is what is often missed here. The fundamental repressiveness at the heart of the state apparatuses remains untouched.

  6. Anthony.

    Its a sad fact of life, that not to many people are looking at the obvious, or, They are foolishly turning a blind eye to it all, that is why, Republicans are still interned to this very day, Directive from London, "Chief contstable is to withold information from policing board/Ombudsmans office if it pertains to MI5/ex RUC Special Branch, and is only allowed to pass information on if permission from MI5 is given. The people should know that those ex RUC special branch were the handlers of Agents on both sides of the divide and allowed those agents to murder, and, they are now out for revenge because (on paper only) the RUC no longer exist, Top UVF/UFF/UDA men orchestrating flag protest and violence, this is just a test to see how far they can stretch there own police force, also a political move to get voted in in east Belfast and other areas. Nationalist Need to be prepared for the worst scenario, another 1969.