No Bottle at Yellow Ford

I don’t recall what expletive escaped my lips upon being told of the utterances of David Ford the Northern Justice Minister about an incident at Maghaberry Prison in November where prison staff assaulted Tony Taylor, a republican prisoner. Taylor was beaten badly enough to leave him with a broken wrist as well as a range of less serious injuries.

The SDLP’s, Pat Ramsey, the most active campaigner in Stormont for prisoners’ rights in the North, asked Ford to detail:

the circumstances surrounding the assault of Tony Taylor, a prisoner in Roe House, where he sustained a broken wrist while awaiting transport to court ...whether, as has been mooted, Mr Taylor began the altercation, how he did so when handcuffed and connected to a chain which meant that he could not lift his hands ... whether any prison officers have been charged by the PSNI or reprimanded by the Prison Service in relation to misconduct.

Ford responded:

Following an investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident, it was found that the prisoner became aggressive when refused permission to bring documents to court. Under the Data Protection Act (1998) it would be inappropriate for me to comment on the specific details of the investigation other than to confirm that the prisoner has been informed that no evidence has been found to support his complaint that he was assaulted by a member of prison staff.

In terms of being believable, in Northern political discourse this is on a par with claims by Gerry Adams that he was never a member of the IRA. Anyone familiar with Northern jails, particularly those who have spent time in them know only too well that violent thugs belonging to the POA gang have long roamed the North’s prisons.  But Ford is not interested in doing anything about that inconvenient truth. He shows no inclination to investigate, preferring instead to read from the NIO template of the 1970s when beatings were as routinely administered as they were denied by British officialdom. He lacks the courage required to administer justice in the jails he claims to be in charge of.

Despite thousands of assaults during the course of the blanket protest there was never one member of prison staff hauled before the courts. Every beating was denied by the NIO. It was organised lying, from the top of the bottom of the penal establishment. There was nothing short of systemic violence and cover up.

The violence against people in custody was a feature of the times. The ridiculous Ken Newman head of the RUC, would Ford-like lay blame at the bruised feet of the victims by claiming they were beating themselves up to blacken the name of his force.

Hiding behind the Data Protection Act is a foil to the ethos supposedly behind the Freedom of Information Act. It is designed to ensure that closed institutions remain closed from public scrutiny.

At the very least David Ford as Justice Minister demonstrates by resort to timeless NIO tactics that the political face lift that the North was in receipt of continues to mask an underlying reality: violence against Irish citizens by agencies of the British state will be addressed as it has always been: covered for and not confronted.

In the second week of November former republican prisoner and recipient of more than one beating, Sinn Fein MLA Raymond McCartney publicised his intent to ask:

the Justice Minister David Ford to carry out an investigation into this incident. And I will also be in contact with the Prisons Ombudsman Pauline McCabe to see if she is has initiated an investigation and I will be requesting to be kept fully up to date of all matters relating to this incident.

Raymond McCartney, better than most knows a fraudulent denial of prison staff abuse when he sees one. For years he experienced firsthand the lies endlessly churned out by the NIO to cover up the beatings it approved. He realises the Ford response is disingenuous nonsense. Is he prepared to challenge Ford in the way that previous governmental brutality-deniers such as Don Concannon were challenged? Hopefully the comforts of a plush office will not dissuade him from recalling the Spartan harshness of a bare cell.


  1. Self imposed Chief of staff of Northern Command "P.I.R.A" the one and only barman, never been in the RA Gerry Adams, whom I stood beside at a funeral in full military (RA) uniform led everyone into entrapment within a "Still British State" to further his and the other hanger on's a political career, Being such a devious person, He knew when to get out and went and got a safe seat as a TD, and that had nothing to do with obtaining a United Ireland. He is the one who has left us all in Purgatory, knowing that Britain would be still running the North. Pat Ramsey is a stalwart for prisoners rights, but the sad fact is, as, Anti republicans know, British law has gone back to the old days of, Torture before questions, Demoralise the Republican Prisoners, make them snap, make them loose there temper, then come down on them like a ton of bricks, FFS People wise up, SF wont, they are sitting with armani suits, I remember when they were kids they didn't have enough thread to sow the patches in there British Greatcoat made shorts and Jerkins. I watched the news today and felt like puking up, Marty boy McGuinness's part of his words about the flags issue, "And attacking our Police Service" WTF planet are they living on?, They pretend to lobby for Anti Republicans who are Interned, yet the take to a demo to get one of there own released, If they were that sincere then why not have a demo for all Republicans to be released!, Facts are, We are still under British "MI5/MI6/RUC special branch (hidden) Law. Rockets found in car in Derry city, three remended in custody, trial might commence in 2016!, Guns and bombs found in Lurgan searches , stinks of ALL OF THIS STINKS OF TOUTS. Now, the UVF/UDA/RED HAND COMMANDOS are on a roll, PSNI Patrol car taken and burnt out outside Naomi Longs office! wtf, PSNi/RUC man probably said, Here Lads Take my car and burn it out, don't forget they don't drive in ones and they are fully armed, collusion is back with a vengeance, only those who are inside today, roe 3/4 know what the truth is, Its about time other EX REPUBLICANS got to grips of the whole situation, before they are lifted and interned. Maggie Hatchets (Thatcher) famous words, Crime is Crime is Crime, and, Let the Irish Kill The Irish, the second famous words cant be found anymore via google search, I WONDER WHY?, they created a full Loyalist British Force and named it the UDR, then, Renamed it Royal Irish Regiment, That's what she meant, she even classed those loyalists as Irish. she didn't give two fucks about nobody but herself, and, nothing has changed. She conceded to Unionists just to get there votes, and Cameron is doing exactly the same, things will never change as far as British Politicians are concerned, In the back door = Out the back door, Is another Great escape on the cards, I doubt it, SF would dial upside down 666, and I don't mean three in a bed either!. We need to be prepared, Been through the 1969 onslaught by UVF, wouldn't wish it on anyone again.

  2. Weasel words from Ford are really all we can expect, Ford is no more in control of the prison service as Batt Maggot the chief cuntsnotable is of directing the psni/ruc what we are witnessing both inside the prisons and on the streets is politically driven , between the bigots in the dup and mi5 aided and abetted by well paid community workers,Patten,s recommendations for a new police force and prison service have been well and truly binned and its business as usual lads bring in the next victim,I wonder how long it will be before those arrested and held in the custody suites start falling down stairs again,Raymond Mc Cartney experience as a blanket man counts for fuck all when he himself has his nose firmly fixed in his masters trough, like the free staters in the civil war he doesnt give a fuck about republicans and would like those treacherous bastards of the past have no qualms about ordering executions of former comrades, Ford and the parcel of rouges in Stormont know this and with the exception of lone voices like Pat Ramsey people like Alan Lundy and Marian would be almost forgotten,Mc Cartney a cara is a yes and a yesterday man leave him there.

  3. The treatment of Tony Taylor and other republican prisoners is a disgrace.

    While such abuses continue it is no wonder that prison officers such as Black are targeted.

  4. Sorry, I got it wrong about the police car, It was an unmarked one and it was a police woman inside, back window smashed and petrol bomb chucked in as she was sitting in it, now what flag are these people demonstrating about, they attack there own crown forces who are under that very same flag. Beggars belief!.

  5. 'Hopefully the comforts of a plush office will not dissuade him from recalling the Spartan harshness of a bare cell'

    Yer havin a giggle there i recon. Not sure whose more deluded mackers, 'Sham' McCartney or yerself.

    He made that statement from Stormont on his phone then went straight back to his feed of steak and prawns without a second thought.

  6. There have been a couple of good developments recently. The census figures place the RC and Hun populations neck and neck in the black-north. Long gone are the days when we had the two-thirds majority figure rammed down our throats. The wee huns will be requiring taig votes to preserve the union.

    Perhaps that's why the other development is so interesting.

    The removal of the butchers apron from shitty-hall every day of the year has been met with not 100,000 demonstrators but by a few teenage eejits makin a show of themselves. Perhaps the penny is dropping in the prod community.

    Robert if yer out there...

    The fat lady has exercised her throat and is filling her lungs for a chant.

    Zero is the amount of confidence I would have in SF not assasinating the fat lady. They are doin ok for themselves. They directed the Provos to a solution to partition....the solution being PARTITION!

  7. itsjustmacker,

    there is a Treatyite tradition in Ireland dating back to the Free State forces. It is like a spider with a web: it sits and waits and sooner or later it pulls in those from the anti-Treaty camp. Sinn Fein lost its way, realigned with its political enemies and turned against its ideological friends. SF are Staters now and people have to get used to that fact.

  8. "it would be inappropriate for me to comment on the specific details of the investigation other than to confirm that the prisoner has been informed that no evidence has been found to support his complaint that he was assaulted by a member of prison staff".

    Ford is basically saying, i cant comment on the investigation but i will tell you that he is lying

  9. Larry,

    'Robert if yer out there...'

    Conincidently I was watching the news when I caught this. It occured to me that there is something more significant in the census data than the evident narrowing of the sectarian headcount. According to the census on national identity only 25% consider themselves Irish despite Catholics consisting of 45% of the overall population. 40% British and 21% Northern Irish. The latter statistics are what underpins N.Ireland.
    Is Peter Robinson the only one that gets this stuff?

    'The fat lady has exercised her throat and is filling her lungs for a chant'

    Rule Britannia... I believe.

  10. Robert,

    this is pretty much the way it is unfortunately. 42 years after the Provisional IRA launched its campaign and no united Ireland in sight. Many years ago I wrote than no one who ever served in the ranks of the Provisional IRA while at war would ever live to see a united Ireland. I have seen nothing to date that would make me revise that prediction

  11. Robert/AM

    Don't believe it for a minute. If the referendum was given after a decade of this trend continuing I recon an opportunity to give centuries of exclusion and bigotry one final boot up the hole would be grasped. My parents have their missgivings about a united Ireland and hold Brit passports. But they haven't forgotten what they endured growing up either.

    The reason the headcount is almost parity is partly due to the older Protestant population passing on to the wee empire in the sky and partly due to the ceasefire. No security jobs in RUC/RUC reserve UDR/UDR reserve, screws and service industries. So those jobs that kept the wee 'protestant-boys' at home are no more. They also have to emigrate as wee Catholics were 'encouraged' to do for decades.

    I am beginning to believe ... heaven forbid... Michaelhenry could be correct. Not 2016, but perhaps in the next decade we will have a referendum and when the chance to FINALLY give the wee Orange state its comeuppance arrives, it wont be missed.

    Question is. Will Robert's wee community on this island resurrect the Larne gunrunning carry-on and will the Brits facilitate them? I recon not. I think Dublin, London and Brussels will shew it in next time around.


  12. Larry,

    all the indicators point in the opposite direction. Nationalists are less opposed to remaining within the UK than unionists are opposed to a UI. But time alone will tell. And the Shinners have been right about nothing yet.

  13. mackers

    It is nothin to do with SF. People who wouldn't wipe SF off the bottom of their boot voted for Bobby and Owen Carron. Don't underestimate the vote if the correct groundwork is done by governments.

    I remember a Fermanagh woman during the Sands election campaign giving it the crocodile tear crap, 'oh i couldn't believe my decent Catholic neighbours would vote for a terrorist'. And Ken Maginnis a major in the UDR and half his troops in the H - Blocks too lmao The more they bleet the more we see their teeth!

    Nope, I'm confident come the day, a lot of big crows will come home to roost for the Loyalists and what they have done historically on this island. It will be laughable if they become integrationist/power-sharers now.

    People who wouldn't look at you in the street politically are still under no illusions about the Unionists/Orange Order etc.

    As De Valera said on elections.

    'Every vote is as good as the crack of a riffle!'

    I'm beginning to believe it's coming.

  14. Larry,

    wishful thinking which we all would like to see come true but which amounts to nothing of substance. Too many Catholics are not in favour of a UI and almost all Protestants oppose it. That's as much as we know for certain. What we feel in our pooley don't much matter. The trends tell us a great deal more

  15. mackers

    Either way, we are at a demographic position I never expected to see. Robert either I'd hazard a guess.

    Nice to see how it plays out in the next 20 yrs.

  16. Anthony.

    "SF are Staters now and people have to get used to that fact."

    I knew that around about 1990, but 98 was the jewel in the crown for them with devious and well planned manipulation that's why those of us opposing them are Anti Treaty, I detest the word Dissident, I would prefer the word, dissenters, sounds more British, but they don't want to use a proper word for anything pertaining to Irish People who oppose them on our Island.

  17. Robert-

    40% of people consider themselves British despite protestants being 48% of the 6 county population whilst 25% are Irish and 21% say they are northern Irish-thats 46% that want the Irish title compared to the smaller 40% who want the british name-bring on the All-Ireland election-we have the numbers to win-

  18. Larry,

    'Will Robert's wee community on this island resurrect the Larne gunrunning carry-on and will the Brits facilitate them?'

    The census confirms what the demographers have stated for some time now. The two communities are expected to remain numerically stagnant for sometime. As Anthony correctly points out a Catholic majority does not equate to inevitable unification. The Prod - Taig yardstick is an outdated form of measurement.

    Why resort to force when Unionism, anchored on the centre ground, is unassailable?

  19. Robert.

    The census reveals 48% of the resident population are either Protestant or brought up Protestant, a drop of 5% from the 2001 census.

    45% of the resident population are either Catholic or brought up Catholic, an increase of 1%.

    Seems to me a 5% exodus and a 1% influx, though in reality, 6% of Northern Catholics have left since 1970, thus beating the 5% exodus of the Protestant population, but looking on the bright side of things, its a big difference of a 2/3rds loyalist majority from the auld days. "Rule Britannia"?, the fat lady is seething at her LOYAL ULSTER PROTESTANT SUBJECTS attempting to MURDER her LOYAL POLICE OFFICERS and threatening to MURDER HER LAWFULLY ELECTED MP's/MLA's , oh, I have included Nationalists MP's/MLA's in this as well,also Catholic Police officers, because they have become LOYAL SUBJECTS. But I would like your honest opinion on one matter, "Do you agree with those out demonstrating and rioting over a Union flag not being flown from Belfast City Hall every day , but will be flown on designated days as has been stipulated"

  20. I agree Larry, the numbers look promising. It's exciting news. The one caveat is the Free State will have to get its act together and economic house in order before a majority agree to join them. One thing about SF is their great electioneering prowess. They would do a good job of getting out the pro United Ireland vote. They know what they're doing when it comes to elections.

  21. Michael,

    As someone who's alma mater appears to have been the Encyclopedia Thickanica your interpretation of statistical data comes with little credibility.

    As I recall, your party leader was offered a border poll by Trimble but baulked.

  22. Ryan.

    I agree with you 100% in reference to Sinn Fein knowing what they are doing and their electioneering prowess, They had a deal in 1975 from The British and declined it, then in 1981 they allowed Hunger strikers to suffer a horrific Death to further there pre planned political agenda and accepted the same deal they were offered in 1975, Ok, they are doing fine in the 26 counties, winning safe seats, but please don't forget, those shinners in the north have accepted British Rule and British Policing, The Deputy first Minister, the one and only Marty Boy Mc Guinness stated that, "Our Police are being attacked", referrng to the British PSNI/RUC. Those same police were in Ardoyne Banging on peoples doors and warning them if the continued to demonstrate against Loyalist Bands parading past Ardoyne shops they would be arrested , SF would sell there own mother for a vote.

  23. Robert-

    I have been called worse old hand-
    Trimble had no power to call a border poll-you unionists and your big heads-We took your rag down from the mast [ for a few days anyway ]-

  24. itsjustmacker,

    The right to protest, even against democratically arrived at decisions, which the removal of the Union flag from city hall was, is a cornerstone of a democracy. Tory cuts are democratically arrived at. That in no way invalidates resistence to them or the right to protest against them.
    The violence that has accompanied many of the protests cannot be justified.

  25. That question in the census form was a multiple choice one the result which will be open to interpretation and which I really dont believe amounts to a hill of beans,if come the day the "magic number"of 50%plus 1 arrives and the result of a democratic vote is for reunification,given the reaction to the democratic vote taken in Belfast over the flying the butchers apron,can you imagine the reaction of those democrats to the thought of having Amhrán na bhFiann as their national anthem, one thing for sure either those community workers are dealt with in an effective manner or they ship out,if not the streets here will run with innocent blood,getting the national question out of the way would also help get rid of the leeches ,gangsters who pose and are paid as community workers on both sides of this community and allow real working class leaders unite around real working class issues and for the first time in this countrys history the boss man wouldnt be able to play the sectarian card putting worker against worker.

  26. Ryan et' all

    Exciting times indeed. I do believe SF electoral experience will be a plus 'come the day'. Also of course the south will need to get its house back in order. What it is doing now is proof that they can survive a megga crisis. A strong Europe will be a big part in the poll when it comes.

    Scotland's referendum will be interesting too very soon, maybe a booster, but not for those confuzzed layalists here. Israel might adopt them they are still building settlements!. The wee ulster huns can pretend it's the 1609 plantations in the sun.

    It will be very confusing for the Brits in the north East of Ireland when they see Scotland independant too. WHATEVER WAS IT ALL ABOUT? Oh aye self interest and evil!

    Absolutley no doubt in my mind it will be a sectarian headcount when it comes. Bring it on, those who lived by the sword shall die by it also.

    The UK economy isn't exactly a pretty picture either by the way. So, with a full euro-zone backing it will be adios, chow, sionara, paalan (Philippine good RC fenian country) slan and fuck-aff back to wherever spawned ye if your determined NOT to be Irish.


    Totally agree with you on the stats.


    'The Prod - Taig yardstick is an outdated form of measurement.'

    Smacks of desperation methinks old chap.

    Is that why the Orange Order can't enjoy a good day out without marching through or past a fenian area?

    keep funding that shower of dung, they are going to do the job for us AGAIN!! SF whatever ye do PROTECT the 11 month marching season...yehaa!!

  27. I know at least one person that binned the census form and refused to participate.

    A census does not fulfil entilement to a referendum on the future of this part of Ireland. rather than a religious head count why is nt a referendum held?

    A border poll was mentioned in the GFA but it must be santioned by a British appointed secretary of state?

    I would register to vote in a border poll,though I doubt I will have to any time soon.

    I dont buy all this politicing by SF and Unionist politicians. They believe people can be turned off and on like lights and they only believe this because the actions of thier respective supporters would indicate to them they are willing to be turned on or of.This is digusting practice and leaves the extremes of thier support base exposed to losing its way and setting themselves up for thier own ondoing.i.e. Turkeys voting for Christmas.

    The present indication coming from the unionist community is that they wont be going into any united Ireland,no matter the outcome of any democratic process (referendum).

    SF have failed to have the British held to account for its commitments to hold 6 public inquiries into murders like that of PF. Therefore based on that evidence It is unlikely they will be able to bring about any border poll.

  28. No Bottle at Yellow Ford


    I detest the word Dissident, I would prefer the word, dissenters,

    I think that is because of the negative inflexion it has acquired. I think it is an honourable term.

  29. Anthony:

    "I think that is because of the negative inflexion it has acquired. I think it is an honourable term.

    Each to there own, I look at at differently , to me you can be a dissenter without be tagged as a dissident because to me dissident is flagged with ARMED GROUP.

  30. McCartney like so many of the others has been compromised so his repsonse is along the lines of comformity to the new NI - once I looked up to people like him now I don't look down, I simply look away with embarrassment.