A good starting point to reveal our hope

Seán MacDiarmada Society Ard Eoin with a polemic against sectarian bigotry, discrimination and heavy handed British policing in North Belfast

On the 12th of July in Ardoyne Alan Lundy acted as a steward for the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective. Alan Lundy continues to be interned by remand in Maghaberry Prison while as a community Ardoyne continues to suffer a violent backlash for having sought just entitlement to human and civil rights in a peaceful and dignified manner.

As a residents organisation GARC applied for and received the relevant approval from the parades commission and robustly followed its determinations, this adherence was despite the manner of their imposition upon the collective.

Initially, organised Loyalists directed an attack upon the residents collective and they were supported throughout by senior DUP politicians. As a result of GARC having been organised for purely peaceful protest alone, they failed to secure the disturbances they were seeking to criminalise the Ardoyne community and which would then provide Supremacist Fascism with the legitimacy it needs when filling out the following years loyal order applications to trample over a community’s rights.

In response to this failure the British police decided to escalate the Loyalist agenda by wheeling provocation in to Brompton Park in the form of Water Cannon and Plastic bullets, attacking youths indiscriminately as they had begun to disperse.

In the Loyalist attack preceding the British police’s own attempts at inciting a riot Alan Lundy and other GARC stewards ignored the violent provocation rained upon them by armed Loyalists and choose to instead usher their people to safety while simultaneously managing to adhere to the parades commission’s determinations in spite of the vastly extenuating circumstances waging against them. All these acts of resolute commitment which represented the rights of a community with dignity were recorded and are available on social networks for any analysis.

It is important to note that the passive restraint and law abiding dignity displayed by GARC, the residents of Ardoyne and those who compassionately came to support them on the 12th of July was not only “rewarded” by the British police sending in Water Cannon to ratchet up tensions but vindictively followed by weeks of relentless raiding, arrests and internment.

In the weeks before the 12th of July the people of Ardoyne and GARC were demonised in the media. No retractions have been made despite the hours of footage available proving GARC had organised for purely peaceful means of protest. In the weeks following the 12th Ardoyne was placed under a siege of psychological warfare which continues to rip the soul out of every household in the district. Alan Lundy, Ta McWilliams and Michael Gorman were systematically removed from the community via internment by remand in a new campaign of retrograde British vengeance against all coherent opposition to human rights abuses under the auspices of the 2nd Orange Reich.

On Saturday a Loyalist flute band laid siege to St Patrick’s chapel in breach of a parades commission determination to demonstrate to the Parades Commission that under Stormont, Loyalist extremism has more authority than even the Governmental departments controlled by elected ministers. It was neither peaceful nor dignified. It was obtuse and obscene but there have been no repercussions whatsoever just as there have been no repercussions for the armed Loyalists who attempted massacre on a Belfast mountain weeks ago.

A loyalist mob mobilised by the Democratic Unionist Party, directed by leading members of the UDA and UVF, were there to support the bands illegal provocative actions and for their part in the “pageantry” they abused and assaulted the residents of Carrick Hill. The response from the British Police, the same militia who have proven themselves capable of being able to close off the whole of Ardoyne to facilitate a meeting between their commanders and Sinn Féin, or to raid and wreck the homes of single mothers in the district, was reduced to the activities of a ranting clown and a pound shop loud hailer. No water Canon were deployed and as of today the Shankhill road remains internment free.

Ironically it was a member of Sinn Féin in the New Lodge who brought attention to the YCV bands activities on the 12th of July which led to Saturday’s mini pogrom. He filmed the YCV band’s coat trailing at St Patricks on his phone giving several impassioned interviews detailing the horror he felt throughout the following week.

That’s the last we’ve heard from Sinn Féin. Martin McGuinness and Sinn Féin, as republicans are only too aware aren’t backward in coming forward when delegating the title of enemy, if of course it serves a particular purpose, but on this occasion, when self proclaimed enemies of his government bodies and the law he administers go on the rampage against the community that put him and his party in to that Government in the first place, he is silent. And Sinn Féin have went invisible arís.

As a Unionist minister in a British assembly it is the fisherman’s duty to castigate or have castigated these provocateurs in the most public terms possible! Even the Presbyterian Church has shown more teeth in opposition to the activities of the YCV/UVF/DUP collective than Sinn Féin. One of the church’s ministers has said that although recognising the grievances “the flock” may have as regards the commission, as a recognised and legitimate government body it is the duty of the loyal to recognise and to follow the determinations of the Parades Commission!

Where are our alleged mandated representatives? When it came to the internment of Alan Lundy, Gerry Kelly had no issue in voicing his opinion and he immediately informed the Lundy family he wouldn’t give them a breath of support while his partners in government, the DUP, were before the cameras for days demonising Ardoyne’s residents, levelling accusation after allegation against the youth of the community and their parents.

Declan “Guerney” has lauded his parties efforts at unionist engagement. Was the result of it present at Nelson McCausland’s or Nigel Dodd’s hand on the 12th of July in Ardoyne or St Patricks Church on Saturday?

As Alan, Ta, Dykel spend another day in terror while their families, friends and neighbours along with the communities of the New Lodge and Carrick hill spend another night of foreboding under a continued siege let us ask what engagement or peace process exists here. What exists that can be maintained by meekly serving this British supremacy? By wilfully accepting all that leads to what we have endured from the assault on Ardoyne to the siege of St Patrick’s? What is sustained by our continuing to ignore internment, selective extraction, political policing, housing inequality, human rights abuses?

The Orange state not only survived the lost revolution it emerged from the War stronger, more reactionary and more determined than ever and it is now fully supported for the first time since 1920 by the Nationalist party (now Sinn Féin)

The Young Conway Volunteers have not merely demonstrated their position to the Parades Commission, they have displayed the terrifying reality republicans have been coming to terms with for years to the moderate nationalist who have continued to vote for Sinn Féin and the SDLP for the sake of “peace”

Stormont rule guarantees one thing, that is very the same reward it gave to our Grandparents; 2nd class citizenship to the meek nationalist and sub-human status to the Republican prepared to oppose it.

We are in a similar position to those men and women of the 1940’s so looking to the faithful example they left to us in this era is a good starting point to reveal our hope...

Carry on, no matter what odds are against you, Carry on, no matter what the enemy may call you, Carry on, no matter what torments are inflicted on you, The road to freedom is paved with suffering hardship and torture. Carry on my gallant comrades, until that certain day.


  1. Carrick Hill came under attack again today after several hundred, well organised loyalists armed with sling shots, golf balls & breezeblocks descended on the tiny vulnerable district hours before the commemoration parade for Henry Joy even started.

  2. Belfast Bookworm,

    great to see you back here. Must check that out because I read on Facebook earlier something about Christians loving each other and rioting for that reason! Obviously, there was a real situation from what you have just outlined.

  3. Good to be back - I had password problems.

    The news is reporting 'trouble at republican parade' but the trouble was well underway before the parade even got started in the New Lodge. In fact it was started about 2-3 hours before when an unassuming & unguarded Carrick Hill was attacked.

  4. Qsf and specifically the so called leadership have been responsible for the defeat of the republican uprising,they now are charged with bedding in this defeat by ensuring that the nationalist people remain without proper effective representation,their miserable timid words of concern re the undemocratic,unjust,and indeed arrogant actions of the unelected secretary of state Owens in his hounding of Marian Price. Her and Martin Corey,s internment and the continuing victimisation of republicans and their communities is grist to the mill for arch bigots such as Mc Causland and Dodds to encourage their mindless thugs to act in the fascist bigoted manner we are now all only to familiar with,these bigoted displays will not become a thing of the past as qsf would hope for but rather I predict they will increase in number and location as those in unionism begin to flex their new found muscles safe in the knowledge that Westminster has now once again left the "pravance" to its own devices with pro unionist Owens to turn a blind eye to their activities and indeed blame any and all disturbances on those horrible dissidents,this I believe is the future we now face until the republican and nationalist people as a whole wake up to the con that is qsf and either appoint or elect spokespersons who will speak out and act for this community,qsf are very much part of the problem that plagues these communities,their self serving greed and mis-representation of the people on all issues from housing ,jobs social services parades etc have proved beyond doubt that this party and its members are incapable of serving the people they claim to be proud to serve,as nationalists and republicans we need to put our own house in order before we tackle the bigger issues .

  5. 2nd sep 2012. BBC News Northern Ireland.

    "Thirteen police (RUC) officers have been injured after being attacked by a loyalist mob in north Belfast.

    Bricks and bottles were thrown as the police attempted to keep loyalists back from a republican band parade at Carlisle Circus."

    Now lets see if the RUC photographers and video surveillance units arrest any of the Loyalist Bigots, as they did to Legal Protesters and some of those who Marshaled that parade in Ardoyne, also a legitimate sit down protest ,lets see if they go into the Loyalist areas and wreck homes to arrest those who attacked the Legitimate Republican Parade.
    This will show the difference in suppressing Anti Treaty protesters, and, those supporting a British Loyalist State, SF included and, whether they are in or out of uniform They are still the old RUC/UVF/UDA being supported by the British Government.

  6. Are any loyalists in jail without charges or evidence? Maybe SF need to give the RUC a wee hint as to who is a fly in the ointment, get them scooped? As for the loyalist rioters, SF should go talk to them, seeing how much the situation has improved since Bombay Street. Personally i'd love them to go talk to the huns...oh but wait..SF are partitionists too!

  7. Well they brought out the water cannon at last. Only thing is it was used on nationalist youths in the New Lodge.

  8. Belfast Bookworm a cara does that come as a surprise? Mc Cuntland will be calling for lead soon!

  9. wouldn't do to use water canon and plastic bullets on people you have your breakfast with.

  10. 'Sinn Fein politician Gerry Kelly said the violence on the Protestant side had been orchestrated by the Ulster Volunteer Force and the Ulster Defence Association, two loyalist groups that are supposed to be observing a ceasefire'.

    SF call for 'ballanced' internment lol. Didn't take long!

  11. Marty; the blatantcy of it did if I'm perfectly honest. I never learn.

  12. Larry.

    Near wet my pants reading this.

    SF call for 'ballanced' internment lol. Didn't take long!

    100% catholics interned, but if that is true then we all know that Kelly and the cronies support Internment.

    I will be curious to see how many loyalist are arrested while the RUC stood and watched them attack the henry joy parade. Lets see how many houses are raided, wrecked, and arrests made. Think it will be , Fuzzy pics, unable to identify.
    But who knows, a miracle might happen, and, arrests made!

  13. Isnt it amazing how quiet the bearded one is re the ongoing disturbances here in Belfast,the great leader who can ride two horses RA and QSF at the same must be disappointed that his drones are failing to sweet talk the loyalists into a united Ireland,it now looks like it will be up to Martyboy aka the fisherman to buy of the boys with even more money from the £85mill slush fund,thats a few more well paid community jobs up the heel n ankle to you and me!but sure if it lets the great leader get on with his uninterrupted hols and keeps him out of Belfast it may well be worth it..

  14. Mr Kelly said the difficulty was that spokespersons for the loyal orders did not seem to be available.

    "Are these loyalist parades or loyal order parades?" he asked.

    I didn’t know there was a difference who is he kidding a loyal order parade is a loyalist parade he seems to be doing some public relations work fooling himself that loyal and loyalist are two different things.

  15. Ach dont be daft Tain bo a cara of course there is a difference.. loyal is qsf the queen law and order psni/ruc the wee six and loyalist,s are people paid by the brits and Irish governments not to kill people...

  16. Sadly, we all know whom will be arrested and that "side's" corresponding number of arrests. Same auld reporting when the the "peace keeper's" go at it- inaccurate, censored, obfuscate, obfuscate and obfuscate.

  17. Tain Bo
    the Loyal Orders are middle class respectable business men who can be logically reasoned with. It is not they who endlessly select RC areas and villages to traips through, when they have an abundance of Loyalist areas big enough to facilitate their parades. They also don't encourage drunken bandsmen from Scotland and the likes of the 'estate' in Coleraine among other trash to have a great day out insulting the RC church and innocent nationalist residents. Amazing to think that all these hundreds of years, if only Gerry Kelly and co. could get explaining things to the Orange, Black and Purple perceptories, common sense would have prevailed long long ago...whatever were we thinking?

  18. Larry,

    I am aware of the orders and if they were reasonable then we would not be having the battle of the bands. Religious extremists in any guise are far from reasonable they understand they have the loyalist militants backing them under the standard of for god and Ulster.
    Again, they have an outdated sectarian law that forbids catholic’s from sitting on the throne and that is loyal-ism in a nutshell change the law and we would see how loyal they would be.

  19. Marty,

    give our Mickey Henry a shout he can translate SF for us. It seems our leaders can’t manage parades and they want us to believe they can manage the country.

  20. Tain Bo
    I was being totally xynical. They [the 'loyalists'] are loyal to nothing. Self interest is their ideology.

  21. Larry,

    I was not having a rattle at you it is beyond a joke this marching lark does nothing for peace.

  22. Tain Bo
    totally correct. The authorities and political groups know that is an unnecessary trigger point. Disgracefully since 1998/GFA no serious attempt was made to eradicate that cancer.

  23. Latest on the parades commision banning the Loyal Orders marching on the Crumlin Road Starts at 5mins 38 seconds.. If the parade has been halted at the top of the Woodvale Road, does that mean that the 12th July parade starts from the same place...And fair play to Dee Fennell for phoning in and trying to put the record straight..The nonsense about it only becoming contentious in the last few years makes me laugh..Why was Ardoyne screend off during the troubles..?

    Just after the talk on parades there is brief talk on Matt Bagot's refusal to hand over files relating to 60 murders...

  24. . Lies, damned lies & statistics

    Recently the Belfast Telegraph published findings by The Economic and Social Research Council's Northern Ireland election study. Who asked 1,000 voters if the Orange Order should have the right to march through nationalist areas...

    .....48% of Protestants – the largest single category of response – favoured unfettered parading rights for the Orange. The percentage of Catholics offering the same view was a tiny 0.3%.

    ....There were takers for the compromise option 'that the Orange Order should march through nationalist areas only if there is prior agreement from local residents': 43% of Protestants and 27% of Catholics supported this approach. But the largest response by far amongst Catholics, at 72%, was that the Orange should not be allowed to proceed in nationalist areas.

    That's similar to what GARC have been saying...That the vast majority of nationalist residents don't want any parade along that section of the Crumlin Road. Why don't CARA listen to the residents they claim to represent?

    The report by Jon Tonge who is a professor of politics at the University of Liverpool ends by saying

    "GARC has suggested widening a lane – a Bosnian-style bolstering of an ethnic corridor.

    If not an out and out lie then it's being economical with the truth. What GARC have said is Harmony Lane is a viable alternative for years. I seriously doubt if Ardoyne residents would lose much sleep if some of the 10 million greenbacks policing a caravan on council land was re-directed to employing local unemployed protestants to widen the lane, maybe putting in a few picnic tables, clean the place up, plant a Lynn Anderson. The up-shot is the Loyal Orders would be able to walk un-hindered until the the holes in their shoes are letting in water and all traffic... cars, buses and people going to work or other can go about their life as close to normal as possible...And millions saved along the way.

    One of the spokes people for GARC is Dee Fennell. Recently Dee stood as an independent Republican for the Oldpark Ward in north Belfast where he received 8.03% 1st preference votes. Nichola Mallon SDLP the incumbent Mayor of Belfast City Council got 8.76% 1st preference votes. Sammy Cusick from RNU stood in the same ward and received 2.09% 1st preference votes. I wonder how many RNU voters would have voted for Dee Fennell if Sammy didn't stand but pooled his resources with Dee? 1%...1.5%............?

    Dee Fennell isn't a member of RNU but can work together with Martin og Meehan who is with GARC. That tells me that when there is common issues concerning independent- alternative Republicans they can forget party politics. Why can't or don't indy-alternative Republicans do the same over political policing and why can't Loyalist join with them. Political policing isn't just about selected internment, riot control tactics or Mi5 snooping.