Martin Corey: Psychological Torture

Radio Free Éireann interviews Cait Trainor of Republican Sinn Fein about the internment of Lurgan republican Martin Corey

WBAI 99.5 Pacifica Radio
New York City
Saturday 14 July 2012

John McDonagh (JM) - Sandy Boyer (SB) - Cáit Trainor (CT)

(2:20 PM EST)

SB:  Now, we are going to go across the water to Lurgan, County Antrim (Ed Note: Armagh) to talk to Cáit Trainor from The Release Martin Corey Campaign.

Martin Corey served nineteen years in prison for IRA activity.  He was out for nineteen years.  Then they came one morning, (Ed note: 16 April 2010) in the early morning and took him away.  Took him back to prison on the basis of secret evidence he's never been allowed to see, his lawyers aren't allowed to see it.

But Cáit, this week something very important happened with the case.  Can you tell us about it please?

CT: Yes. This week there's been a lot of happenings and to-ing and fro-ing.

So on the 9th of July Martin's case was before the court and Justice Seamus Treacy had heard the case for four days and taken seven weeks to deliberate on whether it was justified to keep Martin incarcerated. 

After those seven weeks, which he spent a considerable period of time obviously looking at the case, he ruled that Martin should be released on unconditional bail and that his human rights were being breached by keeping him in gaol and that they had no remit to keep him in gaol. 

And just to give you a bit of background: Seamus Treacy, the judge, is the foremost and highest human rights judge and lawyer actually in Ireland so his word would really be correct.  He really knows what he's talking about.

So that was on the 9th of July and Martin was to be released that day.

Later on that day, the British Secretary of State Owen Paterson, to  Ireland, blocked Martin being released.  What he did was he made a call into another judge, McCloskey, and made sure really that Martin wasn't going to be released.

Justice Treacy was out of the country, he'd had gone on holiday that day so he couldn't do anything. Effectively, the British Secretary of State has re-interned Martin.

On the 10th of July Martin's legal team brought it to court again for the judge to review.  And McCloskey, the second judge, refused to make a ruling on it and put it further back to the High Court to be heard the following day, which was the 11th of July.

And that was heard by two judges, that was: the Lord Chief Justice Declan Morgan and again Judge McCloskey.  Now they ruled that nothing had been breached, that Martin should be in gaol until the Parole Board gets a look at it.  And it has been rescheduled now for the twenty-eighth of September but all the while Martin will be in gaol. 

So at this moment in time Martin's human rights are being breached and we are working very hard to bring this to the public's attention.

SB:  Now Cáit, this is a form of psychological torture.

CT:  Absolutely.

SB:  One day you say to Martin Corey – you're getting out. And the next're just not getting out. 

CT:  I mean it was very sad. 

Martin was actually sitting in the reception of the prison while his family were outside in a car waiting to pick him up.  And at 4:30 PM he was told that he wasn't going anywhere. 

So yeah, you're completely right. It is a form of psychological torture and there is no justification for it.  Even at this time the closed evidence that they're keeping him in (on) has not been made public. 

So a judge has ordered his release and the Secretary of State, who it would seem is now running the judiciary, had blocked that but again, nothing has been forthcoming as to why.

JM: And Cáit, this doesn't bode well for Marian Price or Gerry McGeough.

If they can do this with Martin Corey then a British minister can do it to anyone.  And Gerry's release will be coming up now in February and then with Marian - who knows?

Here we have Sinn Féin running around pretending that their governing and they're sitting in Stormont and they have their offices in London...they just had the Lord Mayor of Londonderry's house was raided!

They have nothing!  They're such figureheads - they take their paycheck and go home - they don't run the place.

CT:  Absolutely.  These people are just subservient to foreign occupation; they are now subservient to British occupation. 

They're so far removed from anything Republican.  They don't care about prisoners.  They certainly don't care about Gerry McGeough, Martin Corey or Marian Price.

I thought it was very telling this week: they're giving out about their hero, the Lord Mayor in Doire being raided.  But when they kick in my back door there's never a word.  I must have done something to have my back door kicked in.

But for them guys ... No! No! They're completely innocent and this is an outrage!

Again, they don't care about Republican prisoners.  They've washed their hands of all the prisoners and as you've said, it doesn't bode well for anybody.

Anybody who served a lengthy prison term for the Republican Movement can be taken back on the whim or the word of the British Secretary of State who is the manager, if you will, of the Provisionals.

SB: The British Secretary of State makes it a habit to over-rule judges.

He's over-ruled Marian Price's judges *twice* and ordered her back to prison.  This case won't even be heard until September 29th and who knows?  It could be a month, two months before they'll issue a verdict.  And the same thing could happen to Marian Price.  If Marian wins her appeal this is what's going to happen to her.

That's why we need to organise for *all* these prisoners.

CT:  We do.  We really need to rally now and lobby.

We're really hoping that people will start lobbying their own representatives in their area no matter what country they're in. 

For people in America we would ask them to maybe their own political representatives and to get involved in this and to take a look at the over-looking of due process that's going on. 

Martin Corey had went through a judicial process and because the British government did not like the answer to that they are now over-ruling the court system.  They're over-ruling their own system which doesn't make sense.

If you go to trial today and whatever the answer is ... if they don't like it they're going to overrule it.

SB:  Well one small piece of good news at their convention this week The Ancient Order of Hibernians passed a Resolution for Martin Corey demanding that he be released and protesting what the Secretary of State has done.

So we are getting the word out.  And some support is building over here.

CT:  Absolutely.  And I mean we're very thankful for it.

The Ancient Order of Hibernians doing that and the committee here has being able to take a look at the wording of that resolution and that really does help us.  The more support we have from various organisations the stronger the case we have and also public awareness gets heightened in that.

So to all those members and to that organisation we are very grateful for that.

JM:  You're listening to Radio Free Éireann and we have Cáit Trainor on from Republican Sinn Féin giving us the latest update on Martin Corey and his plight in gaol proving once really do not need a court system in The Six Counties you just have to go to whoever the British minister is and ask him...well do I go in or do I get out? 

There are no juries Diplock court system.  And the judges- no matter how big or how much education they have – it's all irrelevant!  

And Cáit, we thank you for coming on and we'll have you back on in August when we get back on the air.

CT:  Thank you.

(Ends 2:27PM EST)


  1. When screws get a chance to beat prisoners they take it. The need for effective monitoring is paramount.

  2. Cait.

    You know, and ,I know, Patterson (the scumbag) is the judge and jury when it comes to those who do not support the GFA (Got Fuck All), while psf sit on their fat wallets from the British establishment and do nothing.
    Were has the European Court of appeal gone?. But lets not forget, Patterson is the puppet of MI5/MI6, just like PSF is, PSF took the wrong road, ie , If we can't beat them, LETS JOIN THEM, that was a very serious wrong move PSF took. Now that other Republican groups are joining together it should make a stronger argument, not that which Gerry Kelly said, "WE ARE OPENED TO DIALOG", what dialog, spies in the eye, Mouth pieces who should not be allowed to walk the streets of Republican Areas. FREE ALL INTERNED POLITICAL PRISONERS.

  3. Hi Anthony, I will have the book review of "In the Footsteps of Anne" finished by the end of next week at the latest. I have about 1000 words. I will send the word document to you soon. Let me know if it is too long. It is a remarkable book, I hope my thoughts can give it justice.

  4. Mackers,
    I just thought people would like to know, there is an excellent interview in relation to the Martin Corey case on youtube 'One and All interview on the Martin Corey case.
    Maybe Carrie could download it or upload it, not too sure of the proper term?
    It would be so well worth putting on the 'Quill' as it gives a very comprehensive insight into what happened and is currently happening in relation to Martin.

  5. Nuala,

    I put the kink up there now so hopefully it gets picked up on

  6. Mackers,
    This is a interview conducted by Martin's very close friend Jim Mc Ilmurray and he explains the situation quite well.
    He also sends his sincere appreciation to you for posting the link.

  7. Excellent letter in todays Irish News from Andrew Ryan pointing out the hypocrisy of qsf,the republican constituency is waking up to the farce those carpetbaggers and their cronies foisted on the people here..

  8. Mackers,
    I was just told the evening, that the radio station in Cornwall that done the interview in relation to Martin Corey and a earlier one for Marian had a visit from MI5 and Special Branch.

  9. Fionnuala
    i know you 'love me' but regardless of that, if yer info on Cornwall is correct it only scares the crap outa oldies like me all the more. If people step up to the plate, where's the back-up? I fear Corey and Co. will ashamedly end up national heros ..ashamedly on Ireland's part, D4 etc..when the poulation feels safe enough to idolize them they will, artists. Not being rude..but i recon i've 15/20 yrs left, [MAX]I know what's being done is ugly/evil, I know your heart is sound on that issue, but the people are uninterested. I went against my family for my poitics in my own time they were/are totally uninterested, so is it a family crusade yer on? the PSNI focus against the Duffy family lately? ALSO, unlike 1956'63 the reality militarily now is worse than useless. Would ye really in yer heart of hearts go again? Or send others!! And if not, was the 1998 release lost?