Kids are Force-fed Evolution Nonsense: Militant Atheists Trying to Make Monkeys of us

Tonight The Pensive Quill features guest writer and former Blanket columnist, Dr John Coulter who shares his views on creationism and evolution. This article was written prior to easter and originally appeared in the Daily Star.

Irish Christians should use this week's commemorations to spark a new Easter Rising!

I'm not advocating street riots, but instead taking a pledge to mark Christ's Resurrection by ensuring that Creation Studies are firmlyplanted in school religious education and science lessons.

Is it any wonder we are becoming less and less a Christian society when our kids are bombarded on a daily basis about evolution? the brainless concept we are all descended from apes!

I am an unashamed and unrepentant Creationist. I firmly believe in the Biblical account in Genesis of how the world was created by God. I am not a tub-thumping, Bible-bashing loony.

Millions of people across this island also believe in both God and Creation. So why are our kids force-fed this evolution nonsense as gospel? It is time for Christians to reclaim how our world was made.

And that battle begins in the classroom. This is one venture where Christian TDs and MLAs could launch a fantastic cross-border venture.

Evolution is one big hoax. It is about the search for the next government grant, not the truth. At the very least, let Creation Studies have an equal place alongside evolution in religion and science lessons.

Evolutionists fill in the blanks as to how the world was created by using their own imaginations. Some of their notions would sit better in the scripts for sci-fi classics, such as the Planet of the Apes blockbusters, than school lessons.

The Christian churches in Ireland must swallow some bitter medicine. A small band of militant atheists has taken full advantage of the turmoil which Protestantism and Catholicism now finds itself in.

Irish Catholicism could find itself reeling for decades under the burden of the clerical abuse scandals.

Irish Protestantism is split into so many different factions, it is hard to know who truly speaks for the so-called Reformed Faith.

Add in the rows over women preachers, gay marriage, abortion, divorce, and how to get to heaven, is it any wonder cults such as the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, occultists, pagans and the Scientologists are steadily gaining ground in Ireland.

The rot in Irish Christianity has got to stop somewhere. The fight-back should start this week with a new Irish Christian Crusade? That's the real battle for the planet of the apes!

The Catholic Church has been commendably to the fore in organising a massive petition against British PM Dandy Dave Cameron's plan to legalise gay marriage. Protestant churches as well as other faiths, are following fast.

Ireland could set an example for unveiling a new petition to get the Dáil and Stormont to ensure Creation Studies, not evolutionary claptrap, is taught foremost.

One of the big success stories of the Good Friday Agreement was the setting up of the cross border bodies and British Irish institutions.
There is talk of plans to save some cross border schools by bussing pupils from the North to the South and vice versa.

If the Dáil and Stormont can work closely to save schools, they can bond together to save sound Biblical teaching in our classrooms.

It's no use complaining about the secular society and pluralist policies in government. It is time for Christians across Ireland to stand up and be counted before the evolutionists make monkeys out ofus all!


  1. You don't need help from evolutionists, John. With fact-free rants like this, you're doing a pretty good job of making a monkey out of yourself.

  2. LOL at first I thought this is Mickeyboy ,then I reread the post and realised Mickeyboy isnt that daft,"the rot in Irish christianity has got to stop somewhere,"yer to right bro,hopefully consigned to the dustbins of history,people the world over have been screwed (literally)by this mumbo jumbo shit for far to long,it wasnt that long ago christian bros beat the living bejauss out of kids who couldnt quote "the catechism" how god created the world and then Adam and Eve,and that talking snake up the apple tree for fuck sake John smoke some dope man you,ll see better days,do better things,the son was ill the other night so we called out the doctor,after an examination he turned to us and said"I think you should call a priest" "OH" cried the wife"is he going to die?" "no he,s constipated"replied the doctor"but half an hour with a priest should loosen him up nicely"those fuckers are just about fit to laugh at nothing more,p.s John Mickeymouse aint real either,

  3. Why is The Pensive Quill giving a platform to this nonsense?

    Regardless, the vast majority of religious-minded people in Ireland accept that evolution is the only valid theory on the development of human life.

  4. Genesis! stark raving nonsense like Noah and the flood. What sort of a 'good god' would set to drown every man , woman and child on earth apart from Noah, and destroy all the animals apart from the few pairs of beasts mentioned in the bible (which leave out most of the vast range of animals on earth today). Isn't it in Genesis where we see Abraham taking his son to murder him to appease this bestial bloodthirsty god, a god so bestial that he destroyed Sodom, saving only Lot, a man of an ugly, low nature, almost as low as Abraham himself who persuaded a Pharaoh to marry his , Abraham's, wife pretending she was his sister and tried the same dirty trick on another ruler later on. Surely we are not to look to Geneis for anything apart from horror and disgust?

    Get in the sack John

  6. and Jesud said, "SUFFER ONTO ME LITTLE CHILDREN", thats why so many children have been, and, still are to this very minute, BEING ABUSED", Now, evolution is a money making myth, how many religions do we need?.

    if we were all made in Gods image, I presume he ment the colour of our blood, not the colour of our skin.
    But, Were did God come from?; I got expelled from Christian Brothers because i saw a so called Brother interfering with a pupil; I gave him a back hander, i told my parents, they told me i must have been seeing things!!!!, indoctronated?.
    BUT my Mother was a protestant turned Cahtolic, she was more a catholic than those so called catholics, she never missed Novena's. NOW, whats my beliefs?.
    The answer is written in the bible, "King Shall Fight Against King; Nation Shall Fight Against Nation" wtf, thats nature, and never ending.
    so, this is a question for all readers, Why is this written in the bible?.
    My answer is, the Bible was written by MAN for MAN, never ending shite.
    If jesus was the son of GOD, and, Not Joseph, Then, He was not from this planet, But, food for thought,"Fishes and Loaves" something is missing, so what is it.


  7. John thinks that Christians should stand up and be counted in the fight against evolutionists. I think they should sit down and ask themselves what is the flipping point of a perfect deity creating a few billion imperfect beings, sticking them on a giant rock with disease, disasters and all manner of temptations; and then when the grand experiment is over, throwing those that failed into a torture chamber for eternity. I mean, that's basically what Christians are being asked to swallow, isn't it?

  8. Aye thanks Marty- just what we need a bin lid who now seems to support stormont- what is he a DR of this john coulder- weird science or weird religion-its a daft old world sometimes-you would wonder why God give everyone a free mind-he must take some laughs at times-

  9. From what I can see Mickeyboy the whole shebang up in Stormont are bin lids,a complete waste of time ,space and money..bit like dr Johns latest masterpiece.mind you looking at the antics of some of those in the big house, one could be forgiven for thinking that they do stretch Darwins theory more than a tad.P.G Tips monkeys could have done the job for a fraction of the cost and given us all a good laugh.

  10. The wind up Merchant of Belfast strikes again.

    “The rot in Irish Christianity has got to stop somewhere. The fight-back should start this week with a new Irish Christian Crusade? That's the real battle for the planet of the apes!”

    The above is not a question and the latter is an agreement that we are part of the existing primate species divided into six subgroups: lemurs, lorises, tarsiers, New World monkeys, Old World monkeys, apes and “humans.”

    However, I think the good Dr. is heavily influenced by the Hollywood fiction of the planet of the apes. This makes as much sense as his last concern for Maggie the blockbuster wee statue-grabbing stunt.

    I have to laugh at the “let’s get med evil on science” after all what exactly did the crusades accomplish. For some reason the old song by Sparks (I think) this town ain’t big enough for the both of us should be the anthem for the new crusaders. Replace town with universe.
    Dr. Coulter fails to mention as to what branch of creationism he agrees with as there are many forms of creationist thought and it is not just a modern Christian theory.
    The Epic of Gilgamesh is a wee bit older than the Bible and Abraham might be guilty of plagiarism.
    The Dr. should stick to fearing god and not science why would he or any other fanatic be so deeply concerned with the erosion of Christianity when it has the all omnipotent force guiding it surely their concern is misplaced or they are not so resolute in their own beliefs.

  11. Yer right Tain bo a cara. the bold John would need to fear his god ,he is one mean evil bastard,and he is supposed to be the good guy ffs..

  12. Marty,

    It’s marching season, which always brings out the best in Northern Irish Christians.
    I think the loopy Dr. should take a stand, show up at the Ardoyne interface climb on top of a peeler wagon, and deliver his crusader message. I wonder if the good Irish Christians would deliver a good old-fashioned biblical stoning for his blasphemy. Perhaps he is unaware of the sectarian law that would tell him Catholics are not fit to sit on the Throne.
    I think he should consider uniting Christians on common issues as the way the Tories are going there will not be any bananas for us apes.
    I will say he does provide a certain amount of side splitting laughter in his rantings.

  13. Dr Coulter needs to be ashamed of himself. In this day and age?

  14. Tain Bo

    "It’s marching season, which always brings out the best in Northern Irish Christians.
    I think the loopy Dr. should take a stand, show up at the Ardoyne interface"

    Sure didn't the other mad Dr ; satan himself try that, Martyboy's friend, Dr Lucifer Ian Paisley.
    how many bananas do we need, and, didn't yer man himself ,MLA Gerry Kelly try to stop the youth of Ardoyne from protesting against those so called bigoted heathen christians banging on their lambegs to intimidate the protesters, and, what happened, those sitting on a peaceful protest on the crumlin road were beaten and arrested by the British police, ie, PSNI/RUC, whom Yer man himeself, MLA Gerry Kelly being on the policing board, who many lives do these MLA's have?

  15. BKeane,

    That was funny. He was brilliant.


    The god of the Old Testament has to be a bloodthirsty megalomaniacal monster. I think that is how Hitchens or Dawkins described it.


    I think you got Christianity in one.


    The colour of our blood rather than the colour of our skin – well put

  16. Itsjust macker,

    my mistake, I was using Dr. Coulter’s term “Irish Christians” loosely given that sectarianism is still a major problem.
    I just find his ranting amusing on one side it is for god and Ulster on the other it’s god save Ireland and now the Dr wants a crusade against science.

    “I'm not advocating street riots, but instead taking a pledge to mark Christ's Resurrection by ensuring that Creation Studies are firmlyplanted in school religious education and science lessons.”

    Dr. Coulter seems to ignore the fact we observe Easter and does not seem to mind that the religious holidays are commercial an acceptable profit-making machine that religious institutions have no bother enabling.

    I used the touchy Ardoyne march as an example of Christians at work, which the Dr. ignores and instead demands a pledge, which is suggestive of the Ulster Covenant line instead of Ulster says no, God says no.

    History would teach us that many modern problems are based in the old world school of thought and whose god is the one true god.
    There is nothing wrong about teaching religion alongside evolution there is something wrong with fanatical religious anger as the sub-text of Dr Coulter’s post would suggest.

    Big Ian certainly motivated his followers with his sectarian beliefs one of the more notable “Irish Christians” I doubt he would be onboard with Coulter’s call for a united Irish Christian crusade.
    It amounts to religious insanity ignoring the obvious religious strife that is not taught in the classroom but on the streets.

  17. Tain Bo.

    No Problem, i am the type of person who ; "Says it as it is", i understood your complete post, at times i may delve of the subject and get my point of view across, But, Still stay within the minor limits of the original post. Like most of those posting on the PQ, memories are never going to go away, be them sad or happy, from 1969 i have few happy memories, But, I think of those comrades executated as spies on the words of the real spies, that makes me so sad, and, very bitter within, and some are still walking our streets to this very day.
    Now im sure you and others will understand my point of view at breaking of from the main subject.
    May our Lord Jesus Christ Have Mercy on their souls. I would be honoured to pull the trigger on those traitors. That is Gospel.

  18. Itsjustmacker,

    you are not off topic the subject invites the politics of religion and in my opinion Dr. Coulter’s post is ripe with political overtones.
    It is simple to mask fanatical thought under the peaceful sounding word “crusade.”
    The crusades where as political as they were religious though what better way to get the masses onboard than the cry “god wills, it.”

    The 1690 religious fanatics use the same guise a religious right to march that has less to do with religion and more to do with politics.
    I oppose any controversial marches as far as I am concerned the marchers should gather in Carrickfergus on June 14 and take the long dander to the river Boyne.
    If it was no bother for King Billy then his loyal followers should have no problem hoofing it to their holy war victory site and if they are enthusiastic they could keep on marching all the way back to Holland.

    Apart from certain flashpoints marches I don’t think anyone is too bothered about the marches.