Bishop Knows Best

Gerry Adams and his brothers and sisters are to be applauded for making a public statement acknowledging that their father, Gerry senior, was a child abuser. This is a dark shadow hanging over many families and the courage of the Adams family in speaking out may help to bring this subject into the open where it can be dealt with. As Adams told RTE, there is a "culture of concealment" around child abuse. That being said, the release of this information should not be allowed to detract from the very serious issues raised by the case of Liam Adams, Gerry's brother, which had broken a few days earlier on UTV ... Gerry Adams' account of his dealings with his brother doesn't bear scrutiny and leaves more questions than it answers. – Liam Clarke

Sinn Fein boss Gerry Adams can hardly be faulted for calling on Taoiseach Enda Kenny to ‘instigate an inquiry into the sexual abuse of patients in the Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.’ It is what most elected representatives would do and if not it is what they all should do.

Arguing that he had some understanding of the issue he reiterated earlier claims that ‘my father was a sexual abuser. So I have some sense of the anguish and the pain that these citizens are going through.’

But the sense he has is akin to that of the bishops. Unbecoming for him this was a problem that reappeared rather than disappeared. He played Russian roulette with communities in many parts of Ireland by allowing a man he believed to be a child rapist to continue functioning as a party activist. He permitted the man about whom he harboured the most serious of doubts to be trafficked from place to place. He did nothing to inform people of what exactly his party was springing into their midst. This afforded a man, felt by the Sinn Fein leader to be a serious sexual offender, both protection against scrutiny and access to those who may have been vulnerable.

There are of course those who don’t believe a word he says about his father such is their scepticism for his self-serving discourse. They feel that the late father is a smoke screen, who with no means to answer back (the way the Provos love all their critics to be), was conveniently created to fog the Sinn Fein president’s own role in the events pertaining to the cover up of the serious sexual assault on Aine Tyrell.

It would be an act of unalloyed cynicism if the story about the father was manufactured solely for the purpose of soliciting public sympathy and redirecting the focus of inquiry. While he is more than capable of it, the story as self serving fiction is not one I buy into. True, I would not have believed the allegations against the father either were it not for the fact that some of the details had been disclosed to me some years earlier by a neighbour in West Belfast. No way of knowing then one way or the other, it was something I was not inclined to repeat.

Gerry Adams senior probably was an abuser, but one whose abuse was concealed from community and mourners alike when he was given a republican funeral. While the allegations against him were hardly bogus their public disclosure was hardly genuine. Cover for a cover up.

But who are we to question the Bishop of Louth?


  1. am

    If i remember correctly, the Gerry fella would not allow the tricolour to be draped over his late fathers coffin, so i would not call it a republican funeral, allthough the top provies were present, i am in no way sticking up for him, i thought a slight correction would be in order, no offence ment. As for the child abuse, I would be more than worried if this has been hidden for so long, people are not that naive, as for the Liam fella, well the writing is on the wall. As you say, you were told about this by a family from west Belfast years ago. Is this the Brit disinformation being used by Adams, like all the other disinformation he fed to the rank and file and to the general public, a true book could be written about Gerry on its own, it would be well worth a read, and, i have not purchased one of his books.

  2. Gerry I Havegoneawayyaknow,can be rightly accused of being a facilitator,he like his mates the bishops gave sexual predators free reign to carry on with their sexual abuse and just like the bishops he to is a lying bastard.

  3. Mackers,
    It must be the worst affliction that a family has to deal with.
    No words could ever sum up this type of betrayal.
    And worse than that, in a climate where the church has been exposed over and over as active participants and concealers of this type of crime, statistics ahows as they always have that children are more likely to be abused in their own home both sexually and physically than anywhere else.
    Adams played a blinder in relation to the sex abuse allegations.
    Like yourself Mackers I belief the story of his father's abuse.
    I don't think he made that up but I do think he stored it and then revealed it to put himself in better light.
    Hypocrite as he is, he was quite happy to have his brother Liam openly working with the youth in Clonard and the Blackie centre.
    He was also quite happy and unquestioning about the fact his brother was given an employment clearance by the police.

  4. Itsjustmacker,

    absolutely no problem with the correction. But are you sure? My memory is somewhat different. I checked quickly and came up with this:

    Gerry Adams reveals family's abuse by his father

  5. Itsjustmacker a cara I remember the funeral of Adams snr,and there was a tricolour on the coffin, mind you the national flag has been besmirched by so many so often by those who claim loyality to it,touts and sexual predators have been buried with it draped over their coffins,its maybe time to find a more appropriate colours to give our allegiance to, might I suggest the flag of 1798.

  6. just read the guardain article again and gerry saying that his father died a lonely death then ask yourself why did his daughter get an extension where her father stayed until he was put in a home,before he passed away,,another lie by the bold gerry..

  7. He is probably here to take over from the one in Pomeroy Anthony,you know the one who likes pics of naked men,(I,ll pose if the price is right, jaysuss if he has enough dosh I,ll wear a pair of wellies)or indeed he could be here as a new qsf spokesman on morals and truth,the last one has been moved on to human rights advisor to the Chinese govt,,,

  8. AM and Marty

    I watched that interview, but;

    I stand corrected, i mistook his words of, "I didnt Want a tricolour over his cofin, he besmirched it"

    sorry lads.

  9. No problem Itsjustmacker,Gerry I,vegoneawayyaknow,being the crafty fucker he is would ha known that no flag on his da,s coffin would raise eyebrows,so he did what he does best,cover up and lie...

  10. AM there are tricolours draped over the coffins of paedophiles every day in Ireland - To paraphrase Monty Python- 'what did Irish republicanism ever do for Ireland?'. Post 1922 Ireland was a playground for the Catholic Church, aided by its political leaders who were nothing but the Churches messengers. Irish Republicanism did nothing to enhance the rights of its citizens, to the contrary it stifled them, particularly women's rights. Ireland has a high tolerance for abusers and sadly Adams presence in the Dail, despite his handling of his brother's case is indicative of this, he's not the only one however, as I said above the country is full of them, and given that most Irish leaders claim to be republican the laws of probability dictate that tricolours are a commmon feature on many a coffin. The Irish need to begin to look at themselves - the Brits allow them to avoid this but they that old record is wearing thin.

  11. Isn't it strange the way Liam Adams has vanished from the world? Does anyone know if he is out on bail? Inside on remand? Seen anything lately about his case, where it's at and how it's progressing? Surely it isn't being kept quiet on purpose?, no, that would never happen.... sure why would it?

  12. @jim..laims been out on bail these past few months, should make an interestering trail laims been left to fend for himself regards his familly.

  13. Thank you Sparky, I didn't know that.

  14. might be wrong but i think gerr 'a' said at the time he personally had no knowledge or recollection of his dads antics in the house. Now when it suits he has personal experience??? cameleon??????????

    Launch of Eirigi,s Stop &Search card,addressed by Brendan MacCionnaith and Thurs 26th April Conway Mill. please pass on...

  16. Nuala,

    If a priest was covering up for his brother working in these centres that provide access to children there would be some hue and cry. Compared against everything he has done over the years against republicanism in pursuit of his own career this one stains most. It is very revealing about the character of the man.


    As Pomeroy shows the crime is often in the cover up

  17. Or as Nuala would say Anthony ,"if they had kept covered up then yer man wouldnt have ended up in the shit" loved to have been a fly on the wall when that computer presentation was opened up in Pomeroy, 3 hail Marys and 2 our fathers aint gonna get you out of this one father.or as you used to say"mea culpa mea culpa" you werent fuckin kidding...