There is a funny cafe scene in The Departed where Boston gang boss Frank Costello, played by Jack Nicholson, is embroiled in an exchange with some Catholic clergy. Costello dismisses them with the words ‘have a nice day, cocksuckers’ and saunters off nonchalantly. At other points his references to pederasts join the dots for any still wondering what he might have meant. Yet Catholic holy men are not alone in having the put down thrown their way. 

‘Literally cock-sucking Jews’ is not the sort of copy line that would normally make me sit up and pay attention. When I first came across it on The Caudal Lure, a blog written by the scientist Pete Darwin, I sort of twitched my nose as if it has been assailed by a bad smell. Some anti-Semite drawing on the thoughts of Joseph Goebbels, venting their spleen against Jewish people? Then I read the opening line:

You’d think that in any context a man putting his mouth over a baby’s penis and sucking would be seen as outrageous by each and every person with sound mind, right? Wrong. The below image is of one of the most disgusting religious practices I can think of aside from female circumcision and child brides.

This comment was followed by a photo of a Jewish mohel doing the dirty deed. Amazingly the police weren’t called and no one looked as if they were about to wade in with a jemmy bar and prise the assailant away from the child. This element of society seemed to have lost its moral compass.

The name of the perverse assault described in the Caudal Lure is Metzitzah B’peh. It is:

a circumcision ritual practiced by some religious adherents whereby the male child is circumcised in front of an audience containing its family, and then has the remaining blood sucked from its penis by a Jewish practitioner.

Over the years there have been reported cases of children contracting sexually transmitted diseases after having been assaulted in such a lecherous manner. Christopher Hitchens slammed the practice in his book God Is Not Great, flagging up that some children had died as a result of these assaults. Child fatalities resulting from such practices in a city as technologically advanced as New York defies reason and throws up imagery from the dark ages.

I wonder what these perps put on their CVs. ‘Experienced cock sucker’ might get them a job in some department at Stormont but it must certainly raise eyebrows elsewhere.

Now before the Catholics start shaking their incense and splashing their holy water in my direction, I am not trying to undermine their religion by informing priests of what perks are on the go if they switch to some strain of Judaism. It is not easy to become a Jew. There is a lot of screening involved. Unlike other religions they are a bit fussy about who they take in.

It just seems that Metzitzah B’peh is a practice worth drawing attention to because of the way it gives licence to religion to brutalise and, by the standards of modern democracy, sexually assault children. Religions seem to believe that they should be protected in a way that golf clubs should not be. Try thinking of the public outcry that would well up were Shandon Park Golf Club to announce that it would organise a spot of kiddie fiddling as part of celebrations in respect of a European victory in the Ryder Cup and would even pay the vicar to perform the deed. ‘It is the club tradition’ would appear a weak defence in court.

When I read that in February 2005, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said the city would never regulate Metzitzah B’Peh, I delved a bit deeper into the history of the issue there.  It seems that those favouring the vile practice have blackmailed and bullied local officials into not doing more from a health perspective to enlighten people of its dangers, a minimalist approach given that it should be banned outright. At one point, according to a writer sympathetic to the ritual they made ‘a virtual declaration of war’ to ensure that the city authorities kept their distance. The same writer however went on to defend a mohel who carried it out as ‘a heroic figure who, at great personal sacrifice, has devoted his life to bringing Jewish children and adults into the covenant of /Avraham//Avinu/.’ In the secular world he should be described as a child rapist and put on the sex offender’s register for life. As part of their campaign many Orthodox Jews threatened to wear yellow star armbands in a bid to liken the authorities to the Nazis. The idea was dropped on PR grounds: probably because wiser counsel discerned that endangering children, made one more akin to the Nazis than introducing child protection measures.  

While some medical professionals and others within the Jewish community wanted the practice banned altogether many belonging to the Orthodox strand opposed any regulation of the Dark Ages procedure on the grounds that it was purely religious and that if there were concerns over health rabbinic leaders and not the secular authorities should deal with them. If Sharia Law was to suggest something similar there would be an anti-Islamic purge.

At the time, Niall Stanage, drawing on New York Times reportage of the brouhaha commented.

that Orthodox leaders at a recent meeting had made four demands of city health authorities. One was that the commissioner should resign. The second was that the city should stop its current attempts to educate the Orthodox community about the dangers of Metzitza b’peh. The third was that it should stop investigating possible cases of herpes. And the fourth was that it should stop investigating any mohel suspected of transmitting the disease.

Although  Mayor Blooomberg claimed ‘it is not the government’s business to tell people how to practice their religion,’  it most certainly should be the government’s responsibility to ensure that religion is not practiced on anybody else and that no child can be sexually assaulted or brutalised by clerics who can subsequently claim, and be afforded, immunity on religious grounds.

Niall Stanage aptly summed up the problem as resulting from the:

kind of thinking that unites religious fanatics of all persuasions. They rail against scrutiny, inquiry, even rational thought itself. Their message: Don’t ask questions. We are right because G-d says so. No civil authority should bow before such nutty fundamentalism. Nor should it try to broker a compromise.


  1. For fuck sake the sooner these assaults on our intelligence called religion are history the sooner we ,i.e, humankind can move on in a positive mode, we are well past the time of flat earth and fairies,these pervs have a open invitation to abuse children,like those in the other churches here,one big paedo ring the whole fuckin lot. Two priests were at a bucking bronco contest...the first lasts only thirty seconds..the second lasts over five minutes and walks away with the prize money.the first priest says "I dont know how you did that"the second replied "one of my alter boys is an epileptic"

  2. Marty,

    you have struck gold with the jokes this past while back!

    It is amazing that this type of thing should be allowed in this day and age

  3. Anthony if the reports that 14 kids were stoned to death over a life style choice in clothing is true, then surely the argument to ban all this outdated nonsense grows stronger by the day,

  4. Marty,

    problem is people need to be free to believe what they want. They can't be allowed to practice what they want. If the Iraqi story is true it is preposterous. The world is better off without religion.

  5. I was just pondering on the perversion called Metzitzah B,peh,now what crossed my mind was how did this start, can you picture a tent in the desert a long long time ago, some old perv is abusing a child when in walks its parents,"What the fuck are you at" yells the father reaching for a very sharp dagger,"wow easy now " says the creep"God sent me a message through a talking camel that he wants special people like me to suck young boys tools""Oh thats ok then"says the father" "theres lots of young boys in this camp will I fetch them?" "YEEESSS PLLeaaase grins the perv God will be pleased"..

  6. If its ok to stone kids to death in Iraq for some religious belief,I want to burn Maggie Thatcher and Mary McAleese at the stake for being witches.

  7. Marty,

    I would say that is pretty much how it started. Some sexual assault that they turned into a religious ritual

  8. It is a sickening practice and the Jewish faith is not alone in practicing it. It is a form of torture or inhumane treatment.

    Religion tends to create perverse religious leaders who in turn sexualise religion. If God made man in his image why do religious psycho's feel they must perfect God's flaws?? Is that no blasphemy??

  9. Anthony.
    That is the most sickest thing i have ever heard in my whole life, it smells of "Sadistic Pornograpcic Rape of a minor". wtf is going on in this world today?.
    On your last post ; "This is Gonna Be a Little Harder Than We Thought"; I corrected Marty On The , David and Goliath, (Re Samson), and he thought i was of a religous persuasion
    Well Marty, I do not have an ounce of religion in my body, The reason i knew was, "I seen both Movies, Sampson and Delilah, and, David and Goliath, But, Getting back to the point of your excellent nd informative Post. I believe that all we have been taught throughout our catholic education, ie, smacked into us by so called men in womens attire, i think i believe in the devil, and, that he or she is in our heads, But , "Nowhere else in this universe", as for God, if its drilled into you from birth and through your primary and secondry education, then those who believe will eventually wear the appropiate Female attire to hide behind , to further their grotesque sexual satanic acts on young Males, also Females, My advice to all Religous People, Go get a fucking bucket and toss yourself off, Because, Thats all they all are, irrespective of their religion, Filthy degenerate sick bastards. So now we have, Cock Suckers, Suicide bombers, shirt lifters, etc,etc, all in the name of each of the religions. But, wait a minute, The so called great Books of the main religions was written by, No other than, Man for Man. get every written ,so called Holy book and burn the fucking lot, with those who comit the atrocities against children. Never let your child become an alter boy. In our so called Holy Book, "The Bible", it states, "And Jesus Said, Sufer Onto Me Little Children", fucking sick People, Jewish included.

  10. Itsjustmacker,

    It is this insatiable need for them to practice their religion on others that is dangerous. It is about power and control over others. Not being a book burner of any type I have to object to your view that all the holy books should be torched. I merely vowed years ago to use the bible for anything but reading. Have stuck to it since.

  11. It has been a long held belief of mine that all religions groups have been founded to help man with his perversions. The Catholic Church is probably better known because of world wide publicity of serious sexual acts on kids. Control and power are the main reasons why man gets to practise his deeds on kids and this applies across the board Governments are also guilty of facilitating in the practise of religious freaks, because of the power these perverts have over people who actually believe them, the same people are voters, and so the vicious circle goes on and on. I have always been mystified as to why Hitler was so hell bent on elimanting the Jews, maybe he was after all a human rights activist

  12. Boyne Rover,

    I guesss you are being facetious about Hitler. Yet even in terms of 'the Jews' this issue serves to underline that they like many other 'groups' are made up of a diverse range of opinions. Some Orthodox backed this vile practice but many Jewish people opposed it on a variety of grounds. There are quite a few secular Jews in the world. There are also religious Jews who oppose the practice on health grounds.

  13. Anthony.

    I also have read the bible, from start to end, I found it to be condradictory to say the least, its funny when we are on a downer and say some silly things like, God Help Me , or , something of that nature, I believe that Religion is the route of all evil.
    I was in no way attempting to put anyone of their religion or Reading the bible.
    I hope you and everyone else enjoy reading your bible.

  14. Itsjustmacker,

    I only said I wouldn't burn the bible. I never said I read it. I would no more burn it than I would burn a Ludlum novel. I have never read it from start to finish and will never do so. So don't worry, I was fine with your comment. Just said I would dissent from bible burning

  15. Its no wonder those who read the bible are sexual deviants,theres so much begatting in it,kind of religous fanatics playboy if you ask me, as for burning it,itsjustmacker dont you know shit doesnt burn a cara,

  16. Marty

    I was on 'the boards' once and was reading the bible when I got to this one line "Then Zebedee appeared." That took me by surprise and I rolled around laughing for a long time. My religious vision was of a great big tomatoe on a spring had just entered the bible --that one still cracks me up.

  17. Tiarna,

    I read a wack of it on the boards in 78. But the same year on the blanket a BOV woman came round and she asked if we had any requests and I said 'books.' She told me I had the bible which I told her I would never read and would rather smoke or use for toilet roll. The look of Christian hatred on her face said it all. And I never read the thing after that.

  18. LOL Anthony I love the magic roundabout a cara been on it many a time lol love the comment about Zebedee

  19. And they call themselves civilised, ffs.and you can bet anything you like this bastard will never face a court of law,as should the childs parents,

  20. Marty,

    the parents are being conned and want to be conned. They actually want to take party in the con. The Mohel says I'll assault your child and pretend it is religion and the family say we'll pretend it is religion too.

  21. It is grotesque stuff but when one has a snapshot of how non Jews are perceived Talmud teachings wise one gets the bigger picture. More atrocities can only follow and be perpetrated on the innocent offspring (minors) of both Jew and non Jew. In the Talmud children are perceived as sexual beings. There is a fair amount of sanctioning in the Talmud of sexual activity with minors... Too hideous to put here but here is a sample of other stuff in the teachings of the Talmud. (A Gentile is a non Jew)These views are Zionism personified when it comes to the Palestinians...
    Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.
    Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.
    Abodah Zarah 22a-22b . Gentiles prefer sex with cows.
    The blurring of perversion with so called religion is as old as mankind...
    I personally used to think it was all about the Pope & Catholicism but the madness permeates all religions. There was a Buddhist monk raping minors some years ago and so on... Religion is definitely about power, control and ultimately denigration onto the subjects who are taught a human being is wiser than them & has a hotline to God...
    There is no hotline to sanity with that mentality. I believe in God for sure but definitely never religion nor religious leaders.
    What Tiarna wrote is deadon right

  22. Saint?MaryHedgehog,
    There seems to be a fair amount of sanctioning of sexual abuse in all religions via the institutions that propagate these religions. You are absolutely right about the madness permeating all religions. But your comments on the Talmud are instructive.

    As for the topic under discussion here, it is my view that in the distant past some cleric was caught raping a child and came up with the excuse that god told him to do it. Then it became a tradition. Who other than a molester would ever have conceived of such a vile practice?

  23. What has 200 balls and fucks perverts
    MY SHOTGUN....