Chris Bray: Because They Are Icky, Your Honor

Boston College has filed a docketing statement -- two days after the court's deadline, 'cause they're right on top of this one -- in its Belfast Project appeal (see below, if you have lots of time on your hands). The sad thing here is that the First Circuit's docketing statement form is a total snooze -- compare it to the form from the Ninth Circuit, which requires a brief description of the "Principal Issues to be Raised on Appeal." Clearly, the First Circuit is not thinking about my needs.

But there's one very mildly interesting addition, a "supplemental" declaration typed on a separate page and stuck into the middle of the court's form: "Appeals from the denial of a motion to intervene in this action, and from a separate action relating to the same subject matter that was dismissed, are pending in this Court in Nos. 11-2511 and 12-1159 (consolidated as No. 11-2511). No abeyance of any of the appeals or consolidation is warranted."

Translation: Don't lump us in with those fuckers, 'cause we wanna go this one alone.


  1. Anthony,

    Do you know how much above some of our heads this is?

    I went to Chris' original post. I still have no idea what it's about.

  2. Rory,

    basically BC trying to curry favour with the government and telling the court that they are keeping us at arms length