This & That 𐃉 Take 6

Luck of the Draw
 Hard to believe that Liverpool got good results against each of the Manchester teams, knocking both out of the major English domestic cup competitions. Had the results gone Manchester’s way, there may have been a serious loss of confidence in Kenny Dalglish’s ability to resurrect his team’s fortunes. For now the Benitez/Hodgson road has been spared him but for how long? Beating Wolves 3-0 is ok only because Liverpool must have been expecting a draw. Which is just what they got at Anfield on Monday night when Harry Rednapp’s Spurs taxed them, resulting in a scoreless game.

Liverpool travel to Manchester United this weekend. As much as the focus should be on the feet more attention might be on the hands – whether there is a shake between Patrice Evra and Luiz Suarez. Liverpool’s Uruguayan international is just back from an extended suspension which he received for racially abusing Evra. Rather than court controversy Liverpool might play Suarez as a sub. That way the pre-match ritual shaking of hands between both teams will be avoided. United will hardly spare their blushes by placing Evra on the subs’ bench. Why should they? It would be like telling him to go to the back of the bus.  

Calling For Release

Raymond McCartney of Sinn Fein has called for the release of Marian Price and Martin Corey currently detained without trial in Maghaberry prison. McCartney said :

Both Martin Corry and Marian Price are being held following the revoking of their license by the British secretary of state. This is unacceptable. If there is evidence against someone it should be presented and tested in a court of law.

It is the sort of thing John Hume used to say when we were in jail. McCartney should know better. Before he embraced the politics of Hume he shared the perspective of Price and Corey. He knows the tribunal he seeks to have them brought before is a British court of law where those in the dock would be denied the benefit of a jury. Raymond McCartney was himself tried in such a court, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Many years later long after the horse had bolted, and he had since been released, he won his case. Small consolation. Why would he, given his experience, think being tried in a British juryless court a good thing?𐃉

Fawlty Powers

This is what the British tax payer forks out their hard earned dosh for: so that some ambitious prick of a rookie cop eager to prove himself can be allowed to chase himself up and down alleyways, along streets, around corners. Like a dog chasing its own tail. Perhaps he should become a police Alsatian. He could even ask to be his own handler.

Imagine this PC Plod walking into a police station in a semi contorted state with his hand on the back of his own neck, telling himself  ‘it’s a fair cop guv.’


  1. Keeping stump about L/pool v UTD.
    I am waiting for Raymond Mc Cartney to call on the psni/ruc to reopen the Jeffrey Agate murder investigation, and for anyone with information to come foward,as they say in qsf its what we do! still waiting on a response from either mla or mp Paul Maskey re Marian Price ,but I,m not that foolish to be holding my breath.
    FAWLTY POWERS.....Bit like SB CHASING loyalists...

  2. Lets all pray now that the National Secular Society are successful in their efforts to have prayers banned from council meetings,they have already won a test case in Devon,

  3. Liverpool got beat 2-1. Not at all surprised.

    Prayers should be like your genitals - do want you want with them in private but you can't wave them around in public. Prayers at a council meeting - starting to sound like Belfast City Hall used to be

    This maths sequence can predict your favourite film.....mine was Oliver Twist..not sure how it works but it does!! try it...
    Pick a number between 1-9
    multiply by 3
    add 3 to that number
    multiply again by 3
    add the 2 digits together
    3 Oliver Twist
    4 Starwars
    5 Forrest Gump
    6 Saving Private Ryan
    7 Jaws
    8 Grease
    9 The joy of sex with goats and leather clad lady boys.
    10 Mary Poppins

  5. Caught a piece on tv this morning with Flash Mc Veighon on the panel, I swear that if I had closed my eyes I could never have guessed which member of qsf was on the box,they all now sound exactly the same,same tone of voice,excatly the same script micro groups non representative blah blah ,talking about singing from the same hymn sheet,they have all cloned into micro images of the bearded one the women included,

  6. Rumour has it there,s a green and white banner flying over Ibrox,on closer inspection it reads,ASDA opening here soon, I accidentally swallowed some scrabble squares earlier,going for a dump could spell trouble..

  7. Marrty,

    slagging off poor Rangers! But if they go down will Scottish football ever interest anybody ever again?

  8. RANGERS FC official 2012 album tracklist;
    1..borrow borrow (we will borrow millions)
    2..god pay the queen
    3..the cry was no reminders
    4..the cash my father owed
    5..penny blockade
    6..simply in debt remortgaged derry,s walls
    Breaking news....The Scottish Sun has admitted hacking the chairman of Rangers fc Craig Whytes phone..They put £10 credit in it.
    if you go down to Ibrox today your sure of a big suprise,if you go down to Ibrox today you,ll never believe your eyes,cause super Ally has no cash soon no place to sing the sash,todays the day the teddy bears have their pitched nicked,,

  9. I see on the news today that Mc Guinness and his mate Robinson have told the world that they both have hearing problems ,f##k you think that they were on enough wages and expenses without adding the dla to their increasing bank accounts, maybe thats why they havent heard the people tell them to F##K OFF.

  10. VOICES
    You are cordially invited to the launch of VOICES-a new support group for republican women ex pow,s and their families.
    The event will take place on Sat 25th Feb 2012 from 1.0-5.0p.m in:
    Food,refreshments and a range of complimentary therapies will be provided free of charge....

  11. My wife came home from work to find me sitting watching the football,"I,ve decided that I,m leaving you,all you do is talk about football,you think of nothing else" she then said "I,m also seeing someone else the truth be told" "really" I replied "what team does he support".

  12. In todays Vatican Times aka the Irish News pg 8;
    Mc Guinness spent 303k euro on presidential bid, now correct me if I,m wrong here but didnt Martyboy stand as an independent and his campaign donations amounted to 4,348 euro and he is entitled to claim back 200k euro because he reached the quota,now I,m no mathematician but I reckon that leaves a shortfall of 98,652k euro now for a man from the Bogside on an industrial wage thats a whole lot of debt,now I wonder where this failed candidate will get the money to pay of his creditors maybe the Northern bank could help him out here,

  13. Martyboy Mc Guinness says he has a small ringing noise in his right ear,I suggest he get in contact with MI5 maybe a wee anal bug gone astray

  14. Celtic have asked the SPL to get the trophy back from Rangers before the f##kers take it to cashconverters...

  15. Just heard that qsf supports the celebrations for the queens jubilee in Belfast ,now am I wrong but doesnt qsf claim to be republican ?must be wrong!and heres me thinking they were only loyal to the half crown....

  16. The mate and his wife were on holiday in Jerusalem ,when the wife fell of her perch, the local undertaker said to him "it will cost you £5k to buy a casket here and fly your wife home plus burial expenses at the other end, or for £500 I could bury her here,save you a lot of money,"F##k that"said the mate "book the plane""but sir" said the undertaker "surely it would be much cheaper to bury your wife here" "it surely would "said the mate "but a long time ago here someone was buried and 3 days later they were alive again I,m taking no f##king chances"

  17. a man from the Bogside on an industrial wage

    What is an industrial wage? I know the minimum wage is £6.31..Living wage is £7.65. Why don't SF MLA's take the minimum wage like the people who they claim to represent earn(lead from example etc)..? They'll still have their trapping of power, free lunches, expenses for petrol, clothes ....