Chris Bray: Imagine a Rope, and Perceive It Around Your Wrists

From the same news story that I discussed yesterday:

    "While Boston College clearly informed the project director that confidentiality could be guaranteed only to the extent that American law allows, [Moloney] and one of his interviewers have chosen to attack the University in the media for complying with the government subpoenas," the letter to students abroad read.

Language is a remarkable tool, and allows dishonest users to evade meaning as they appear to create it. The choice presented to Boston College was not simply complying with the subpoenas or not complying with the subpoenas.


  1. Thats the best news yet Anthony at least other Irish /Americans have now got involved in this,it must bring at least a crumb of comfort that yourself and Ed are not fighting this almost alone a cara.

  2. Marty,

    Irish American organisations have been pushing the issue from the start. BC tried to keep its own efforts legal and avoid the political route. That way it could fold in the quietest of circumstances and expect us to go silently into the night. If BC had its own way the archive would be in belfast by now. What is keeping it on the right side of the Atlantic is our own efforts. And by our I mean myself, Ed, our legal team and the Irish American bodies. Carrie made great strides while out there