Marian Price Needs You

Tonight The Pensive Quill features a piece from the former republican prisoner Alec McCrory protesting the ongoing imprisonment of Marian Price.

It is encouraging to note the growing interest in Marian Price even if it has been slow to materialise. She was recently transferred to Hydebank prison hospital due to concerns over her health. Eight months of solitary incarceration has led to deterioration in her mental and physical condition, so much so, that her family and friends were becoming increasingly worried for her well-being. It is a question of conjecture whether this move will benefit her or not.

What we can be certain of is that Marian will continue to suffer whilst she remains imprisoned. The burden of her predicament weighs heavily on the shoulders every minute of every day. The separation from her family is particularly painful for a woman of her age: As we grow older time becomes more precious. This whole experience has deprived her of so much in terms of her fundamental entitlements as a human being. Freedom empowers us to enjoy the fullness of life which is why the loss of liberty is so debilitating. Only those who have spent time in prison can fully grasp the enormity of this.

Marian Price has had her freedom removed by the unjust decision of a British government minister without so much as an explanation. Her right to due process has been set aside on a spurious pretext. A crucial document that could secure her release has been lost or destroyed according to Owen Paterson. Where else would you get it? So where does this leave her? At the mercy of a government that views her as a present threat to the state because of her political beliefs. And herein is the real reason for revoking her license.

Never mind the bullshitting of the politicians, Marian Price is a political hostage, plain and simple. She is an example of those who dissent from British rule can expect for their sins. The cost of being a principled, articulate republican has always been high and, in the case of Marian Price, she has paid well over the odds. Left alone the British government will continue to hold Marian for as long as is possible. Without real political pressure being brought to bear Owen Paterson will not be in any hurry to release her.

What is required here is a vociferous public campaign and lobbying strategy to win this woman’s freedom. We did it for Brendan Lillis last year in respect of his licence, let us do the same for Marian now. We have it in our power to get this proud Irishwoman out of jail and back to her family.

Show your support for Marian Price. Join the campaign for her immediate release. Stand against this injustice and help bring her home.


  1. Once again Alec brilliantly articulates the whole insidious campaign aganist Marian Price. He also pricks our consciences over her being held a political hostage and how we can help secure her release.

  2. Whatever one thinks of MP's views a reasonable assessment of her plight would be that what she is currently being put through is either extremely disproportionate or completely unjust.

  3. tiarna
    think you sum it all up perfectly.

  4. Marian, like Colin Duffy, has become a hated figure of the state apparatus. She is in this invidious position due to the simple fact of her opposition to the current political arrangements. Thirty-five years ago Marian, her sister Dolours and, junior British micro minster Gerry Kelly, fought a life battle to be allowed to sever out their prison sentence in the north rather than in Britain. After a gruelling hunger strike lasting 200 days - she was subjected to the brutal procedure of force feeding for 167 days - Marian was released on medical grounds having developed anorexia nervosa resulting from her hunger strike. Some time later she received the Royal pardon which was delivered to her home by two civil servants. This pardon effectively set aside her licence meaning she could not be returned to prison. Alas, this crucial document is reported lost or destroyed, a totally cynical ploy in my humble opinion. This record, if it could be found, would see Marian released. How frustrating that must be for her legal representatives and family circle.
    Each and every one of us has a duty to protest the continuing imprisonment of this thoroughly decent, proud woman. The British government has no justifiable reason for holding her in circumstances that pose a serious threat to both her mental and physical well-being. However. Owen Patterson well not be minded to set her free unless he comes under real and meaninful political pressure.

    How dare Owen Patterson? Who does he think he is to deny this woman her freedom? And more importantly, what are going to do about it? We can not afford to wait until Marian becomes ill. Action is required now.

  5. Alec,

    I think what this case shows is that the GFA and the negotiations were something of a Trojan Horse that allowed the Brits to sit amongst their opponents until the right moment and then when the time was right they emerged and imposed their writ.

    In this sense the GFA has to be seen as part of long term British state strategy which had as its aim the defeat of radical republicanism. The IRA, to quote Danny Morrison, surrendered, and the Brits carry on much as before pitching their activity to the level of the perceived threat.

    Whether the Brits worked out the minutiae of each move is doubtful but what a victory it has proven to be for them.

    The people who saw it coming and said so were those who were hounded while Paisley and co were feted. Sad outcome

  6. Alec correctly calls for people to join the campaign to force the British government to release Marian, but he has not mentioned a link to this campaign. It might help get people involved if it were posted up.


  7. Organised Rage, I didn't post a link because on does not exist yet. It is still early days in the efforts to build a public platform but people are working on it now. There is a public meeting in Belfast early March following on from a very successful one in Derry last month, so wheels are beginning to turn.I will keep the site informed of all developments.

  8. How true. It is not so much what you did then as it is who you support now. Gerry Kelly, who shot a warder in the head while attempting to escape Long Kesh gets a free pass while those who did far less but reject the Shinners treachery are incarcerated.

  9. Eire1996.

    how true your words are, I have a reference manual, its called ;"Secret History Of The I.R.A.", by Ed Moloney, the information within his book is astonishing, to say the least, The deceit by Adams/Mc Guinness and their Think Tank was a disgrace to Republicans, they Lied and hoodwinked themselves to the top Echelon within the Army Council, and made sure those who opposed them were ousted, But what gets me so,so Mad, is, He still denies he was ever in the RA, ffs, He could'nt hit a barn door with a shotgun ,its obvious the brits have a stick up each of their backsides and are pulling their strings, as far as i am concerned, Those so called republicans sitting in the Orange throne in stormont should be were Marian and the rest of republican prisoners are being illegally incarcerated, and, Im still trying to fathom who the real spies were (ARE).
    Free Marian Price and all P.O.W.s.