Cartoon by Brian Mór
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On the Stump

Cartoon by Brian Mór
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  1. Brian,

    how you keep up the volume of output amazes me

  2. 'Great Irish Heroes' heard recenly that Gerry wrote a forward to a book and failed to mention Billy MC Kee amongst his contemporary heroes.
    Apparently he named all the 'old brigade' in Belfast during the 'troubles' and left out MC Kee.
    Lapse of memory maybe?

  3. Nuala,

    I inadvertently answered you on the wrong post! What is the book?

  4. Mackers,
    Billy told me a friend had brought the book to him and let him read the foreword and to let him see that he had been ommitted.
    I will find out the name!

  5. Nuala,

    maybe Billy will be regarded as a murderer and Big Gerry would never have had anything to do with murderers. I will not be surprised if they end up calling Bobby Sands a criminal.

  6. Mackers,
    we all have the criminal tag.
    You go for and job and you have to explain your conviction.
    The same with any type of insurance and visas.
    We had a friend who had a cruise interrupted last year and he was subsequently sent home.
    I think Bobby will remain sacrosanct for a few years yet, they have build their little empire on his sacrifice.

  7. Nuala,

    principle will hardly stop them smearing Bobby! That much is clear by now

  8. Bobby Sands,thats the trade mark of PSF PLC is it not acara?I agree with Nuala the company will hardly ditch its prize asset.

  9. getting into the USA would be impossible, unless you are SF judas heading for capital hill.

  10. Mackers,
    the book has been recently released by Sinn Fein in Tyrone.
    It covers republican history and other relevant historical facts in that area.
    It also deals with the re-grouping of the IRA in Belfast in the late sixties and amazingly leaves McKees name out of the group.

    Change of subject, went to the Blanket/Armagh reunion last night.
    There were rumours that you might show!
    I think you would have been well impressed, the night was run as a total rememberance venue which was brilliant.
    Seamus Kearney gave a very poignant and memorable speech.

  11. Nuala,

    it sounds like the old Stalinist airbrushing of people out of history. Stalin used to do it as a matter of course.

    I had no intention of going to the do as I mistakeningly felt it would turn into something like the Dark's funeral and end up hijacked by the Master or somebody of like mind. Now that I have heard reports of it I am sorry that I did not go. Glad it turned out well for you.

  12. Mackers,
    Seamus Kearney kept his word, they never got a foothold in the proceedings.
    The Dark's tribute got the cheer of the evening which was brilliant.

  13. Nuala,

    good for Seamus. I am glad he never let them grab the thing. His co organiser didn't stand up to them when they moved to intimidate him over the Richard O'Rawe narrative and that made me think there could be a debacle. I am not being judgemental as I understand the pressur ethey put himunder but it did not give me confidence. Seamus assured me it would be fair but I remained unpersuaded. Happy to say I was wrong. Good to see the Dark's contribution was acknowledged so well.

    And for that weasel to label him a tout!

  14. Mackers,
    it would have done your heart good, I know it meant a lot to the Hughes family.
    The tide of opinion is turning slowly but surely away from them and that was very evident on the night.
    Apparently, Seamus Kearney was told to keep the Dark's contribution to a minimal which he did not, the hall practically erupted when they mentioned his name. People were on their feet cheering and clapping, it was a long time coming but so good to witness. The last time I was there the Dark was totally left out of Spike Murray's recollection of Cage 11.
    The Weasel occupies an entire different zone from people like yourselves, you have trod a hard and lonely road and now it looks as if people are finally realising you were right.
    There will never be a time when a roof is nearly lifted of in his honour. People might kick a few doors in to escape his boorish company, but he will never be remembered like that.

  15. On the Stump

    More the pity I missed it. It’s very heartening to know that the Dark’s memory was well greeted. No chance of him standing shoulder to shoulder with the PSNI. Imagine having the gall to write that as if it was some sort of republican thing.

    When did Spike do a recollection of Cage 11? He has no experience of it as he was never in it.