Brendan Lillis Press Release

The Pensive Quill carries a press release issued on behalf of Brendan Lillis who is currently seriously ill in Maghaberry Prison

Brendan Lillis is currently a prisoner in Maghaberry Prison where he is serving a sentence for explosive offences in 1976. Brendan suffers from the condition ankylosing spondylitis and has been confined to bed for the best part of the past two years.

Brendan Lillis is no threat to anybody. Brendan Lillis is dying and has been abandoned by an entire political system which is more interested in making statements about his condition than in applying their political power to remedy the situation.

We call for the immediate release of Brendan Lillis to his partner Roisin so that whatever time Brendan has left on this earth be spent with his immediate family.

Brendan Lillis can not walk; he can not get up from his bed. He is incapacitated, and he is being left alone to die in a prison cell. We have seen enough of our people die in prison cells and find the manner in which Brendan is being treated as an obscenity.

A hunger strike in support of Brendan Lillis will commence this Thursday 21st July at the site of the old Andersonstown Barracks, Belfast. Roisin Lynch, partner of Brendan Lillis will be joined by old comrades of Brendan’s from the Blanket protest days and other former prisoners and concerned individuals. The action is designed to highlight Brendan’s case and the lack of any movement in securing his release from the politicians who know Brendan and knew him as a Blanketman.

Time is fast running out for Brendan Lillis and he should be released immediately.

We call on all people concerned with this grave injustice to come along on Thursday, Friday or Saturday and register your support for a sick and dying man being held hostage by a vindictive and punitive regime.

More information:

roisin allsop tel: 07543800824

gerard hodgins 07549663246


  1. The Duleek Independent Republicans are also determined to raise the issue.

    URGENT PROTEST DROGHEDA WEDNESDAY 20TH JULY - RELEASE BRENDAN LILLIS IMMEDIATELY Duleek Independent Republicans will hold an urgent protest this wednesday evening on the bridge of peace in Drogheda at 7p.m. calling for the immediate release of Brendan Lillis from Maghaberry Gaol. We appeal to all republicans/groups to attend and show your support for Brendan who is seriously ill and could have as little as ten days to live regardless of political beliefs. Please bring along posters and banners highlighting Brendan's case. We ask you to forward this to your friends.

  2. Roisin, Brendan's partner, was on Radio Foyle today and made a very strong case. Raymond McCartney, an old jail comrade of Brendan, was on too and he made the right noises. Interestingly, he called for the release of Marian Price and Martin Corey. With more shoulders to the wheel this thing might be turned around.

  3. Mackers,
    Someone much higher up needs to speak. Raymond Mc Cartney has spoken on the issue before as has Pat Sheehan and Paul Butler.
    This needs to come from McGuinness or someone who has power.

  4. Good to hear Raymond speaking up. More ex prisoners with a 'profile' should step up to the plate. The 'newbie' SF/MLA's are not aware of the issue.

  5. Nuala,

    All voices are welcome. Raymond speaking can be a toe in the door by campaigners for BL or it can serve as a stalling tactic. But you make a good point. Even then it would be pointless if it is a one off statement. And they fear going after Ford because it highlights the abysmal failure they have delivered and tarted up as success. For a republican campaign, the outcome was truly abysmal.

  6. Mackers,
    I was reading on another page where Simon stated that, McGuinness was overuled by Robinson in relation to offering the prisoners a compromise. Did McGuinness not state last year that the first and his deputy had equal powers.
    For all Sinn Fein's mandates& North/ South boasts, they seem to be severely constrained in any decision making process.

  7. Fionnuala- One thing jars about the triple veto at Stormont. Both a majority of nationalism and unionism have an equal veto. Both Sinn Fein and the DUP hold this veto through their numbers.

    But Unionism prefers the status quo more so than Nationalism. This means that the party who wants the most change can't get it because the DUP vetoes the legislation that would enable this.

    Sinn Fein uses the veto less as there is more opportunity for change with new legislation and other decisions. Retrograde steps are all they stop.

  8. Simon,

    good that you are drawing attention to these procedures. Even where the veto is no longer defined as the consent principle by SF it can be seen by your description of it as an effective blocking mechanism on behalf of unionism.

  9. This situation is sad, cruel and sick beyond belief, I can't even read the article I'm so angry about it.

    How the f*** does Stormont "Justice" minister Ford sleep at night?


  10. Rory,

    true, yet all so foreseeable. This is what was left behind when the pass was sold

  11. Yeah Rory and to think Ford was a social worker ,makes me wonder! away down to Andytown for another white line picket,hopefully the message is getting out.